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Today's Message from Spirit 3.26.17 

One With All  Today I see that you are connecting to the Divine in new ways. This is your healing, this is your true power this is the force that will guide you through every storm. This is your mantra:  Operating on intuition ~ my life is now flowing with so much more ease ..... drifting downstream ~ breathing in the moments of ... now ... feeling connected to everything simultaneously .... I am one with all ... ~ Presley Love

Crystal Meanings. . . 

“In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life-principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is none the less a living being” -Nikola Telsa  Crystals hold the history of our world, and encapsulate eons of crystalline information, knowledge and wisdom.   If we can tap into the energies within the crystals, we can be guided by the divine nature that is waiting to be discovered. 

 A comprehensive list of crystals with spiritual meanings, magical attributes and healing energies

Pick up a handful of crystals and feel the tingling sensations pulsating ... 
it's pure magic

Spiritual Meaning of Crystals . . .

Crystals are breathtakingly beautiful and capture our full attention and imagination, as we wonder how they were created and where they came from... how long it took and what the processes and conditions were that formulated these captivating treasures.  

Imagine going into an enormous crystal cave,  where crystals tower and it seems that the wisdom of cosmic consciousness comes alive all around you.  It is here that your intuition awakens like never before, opening doors of knowledge and answering questions to the deepest questions that have been with you since you can remember, the questions of what it all means, and what we are here for. 

Learn about the power of Healing Symbols:

The Healing Spirit & Divine Nature of Crystals

Within each and every crystal or gemstone is a vibrational essence, a unique frequency of energy.  Crystals interact with our own unique energetic frequency.   These frequencies within the crystals and gemstones emanate certain qualities that have been interpreted and assigned meaning for thousands of years, and have been used in healing and rituals by our ancient ancestors.    

With many crystals you can hold them in your hand and feel the tingle and movement of energies emanating from within.  Once you experience this, you can't help but know that there's something of a divine nature within each and every stone, and of course you want to know more about them.  That's where crystal meanings come into play. 

Myths and Legends of Crystal Meanings

Throughout the ages, crystals have been used for healing, magic, divination, spiritual purposes, adornments, jewelry and trade.    

Many crystal meanings and legends come from the stories of Atlantis and Lemuria.  It is told through stories that have passed down through the ages, that these wonderous cultures used crystals to power their cities, advanced technologies and travel.   Atlanteans also worked with crystals to open the gateways of enlightenment and ascension, perhaps even to other dimensions.

As with all energies and essences, the messages and help from the crystals will always be unique to the individual.  A crystal will always meet you where you are and guide you to what is helpful to you at this time, opening you to new layers of awareness and being.   As beings of spiritual energy, crystals always lovingly radiate the message of Namaste'.

Crystal Meanings List...  A ~ L

 ≈♥≈ Amber  ≈♥≈ 
The meaning and healing energies of the Amber gemstone is Calm and Balance  ≈♥≈ Metaphysically and spiritually, Amber is known as the "seeing stone" ≈♥≈  The magic of the Amber crystal is the power of "clairaudience" 

≈♥≈ Amethyst  ≈♥≈
The Amethyst crystal is known for Spirituality, healing of the Spirit  ≈♥≈ Amethyst is used Transcend & Awaken to higher aspects of self   ≈♥≈ The magic of Amethyst gemstone is opening the gate to other realms of higher wisdom

≈♥≈  Aquamarine  ≈♥≈ 
The healing qualities of the the Aquamarine crystal are symbols of  Infusing Love and Light ≈♥≈ another meaning for the Aquamarine is Goddess energy  ≈♥≈ The spirit energy of the Aquamarine is that it is the stone of Mystics ≈♥≈   The magic of the Aquamarine crystal is "psychic vision"

≈♥≈  Aventurine  ≈♥≈ 
Aventurine crystal symbolism is known for it's magical properties and it's ability of bringing healing Serenity ≈♥≈  The  spiritual meaning of the Aventurine stone has the mystical energy of being a "touchstone" ≈♥≈  The magical aspect of Aventurine is "clairsentience"

≈♥≈  Azurite  ≈♥≈
The Azurite has the mystic healing energies of cosmic forces, to help you believe in yourself,  another property of Azurite is "letting go", it is also known to be an excellent aid in creating change, or opening oneself to creativity 
≈♥≈  The magic of the Azurite crystal is astral or dimensional travel

≈♥≈  Amazonite  ≈♥≈ 
Healing qualities of the Amazonite crystal are Peace 
≈♥≈  Creativity ≈♥≈  the spiritual representation of the Amazonite gemstone is known to be the "artists stone"  ≈♥≈  The magic of the Amazonite stone is to bring good luck  

 ≈♥≈ Black Obsidian  ≈♥≈
The Black Obsidian crystal is an excellent stone for healing and dispelling negative energies and influences 
≈♥≈ Metaphysical essence of Black Obsidian is grounding and attuning to the cosmos  ≈♥≈  The magic of the Black Obsidian is to create a veil of protection, creating a cloak through which others cannot penetrate

 ≈♥≈ Black Tourmaline  ≈♥≈
Black Tourmaline gemstone is a healers must have, it discharges negative influences evaporating tension and stress  
 ≈♥≈  Spiritually the Black Tourmaline raises vibrations and brings focus to scattered thoughts  ≈♥≈ The magic of this crystal is psychic protection during powerful ritual work 

 ≈♥≈ Bloodstone  ≈♥≈
The meaning and healing energies of the Bloodstone crystal is to be invigorating and stimulating to the flow of energy in the heart and can cleanse the blood 
≈♥≈ Spiritually it is a stone of cleansing and healing for mind ~ body ~ spirit  ≈♥≈ Magically the Bloodstone gem works with aligning energies and thoughts

≈♥≈  Blue Topaz ≈♥ ≈
The Blue Topaz crystal has the meaning of eternity
≈♥≈ For mystical healing the Blue Topaz is a purifier ≈♥≈ Magically the Blue Topaz stone taps one into a divine creative and artistic flow

≈♥≈  Beryl  ≈♥≈
The meaning for the Beryl crystal is exuberant energy, vitality and action 
≈♥≈ Metaphysical healing powers of the Beryl help with vision and breath work  ≈♥≈ The magic properties of the Beryl gemstone is to own the warrior goddess energy, and to be totally invincible

≈♥≈  Calcite  ≈♥≈
Calcite crystal carries the energies and meaning of enhancing memory, and is excellent for study 
≈♥≈  Spirit energies of the Calcite gemstone lifts and cleanses energy and vibration ≈♥≈  Magical aspects of the Calcite crystal are it's ability to bring clarity

≈♥≈  Carnelian ≈♥≈
The Carnelian crystal meaning represents and invites abundance 
≈♥≈  Spiritually the Carnelian stone brings healing energies of inner peace  ≈♥≈  Magically the Carnelian gem is a love stone

≈♥≈  Chrysocolla ≈♥≈
The meaning of Crysocolla crystal is beauty and love
≈♥≈  Chrysocolla restores harmony ≈♥≈  The magical aspects of the Chrysocolla gemstone are the energies of Venus

≈♥≈  Chrysoprase  ≈♥≈
The meaning of the Chrysoprase crystal are unconditional love 
≈♥≈  Spiritual healing with the Chrysoprase  aids in fertility  ≈♥≈  Magically the Chrysoprase amplifies attraction and libido

≈♥≈  Citrine  ≈♥≈
The Citrine crystal works with energies of prosperity and abundance 
≈♥≈  Citrine brings crystal clarity  ≈♥≈  The magical properties of the Citrine are removing the blocks to the hearts desire

≈♥≈  Coral  ≈♥≈
The meaning of the Coral - which is actually a mineral not a crystal - is the flow and harmony of emotions 
≈♥≈  Mystical aspects of the Coral help with depression  ≈♥≈  Magically the Coral invokes the energies of perpetual abundance

≈♥≈  Crocoite  ≈♥≈
The Crocoite stone meaning resonates with drawing out inner beauty 
≈♥≈  Crocite crystal restores creativity, and aids in making change ≈♥≈  Magical properties of the Crocoite open the doors to possibility

≈♥≈ Charoite  ≈♥≈

The crystal meaning of the Charoite engages higher wisdom  ≈♥≈  Spiritual healing energy of the Charoite is tranquility  ≈♥≈   Magic essence of Charoite works to access Akashic Records

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