Falcon Symbolism
  Opportunity is near, and I am prepared

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Spirit says: It's perfectly ok to set your own pace 

It's perfectly ok that you don't go at everyone else's pace . . .  It's perfectly ok that you don't get everything done in one fell sweep . . .  We all learn in different ways, at differing paces, it's perfectly ok if you need to do something again and again before it sticks . . .  Be gentle on yourself, enjoy the process and know we'll all get there in our own way♥ ~ Presley Love ~ ♥

Falcon Symbolism . . .   Falcon is the preeminent symbol of speed, vision, and loyalty.  The Falcon can be an amazing ally in helping you surmise and attain your goals for the future.  I'm speaking in terms of foresight, as the vision is so acute it is uncanny --- as to see into the future.

Falcon power animal interpretations and symbolism revolves around "speed".

The falcon is the fastest animal on Earth, that is the Peregrine Falcon. It has been clocked at 245 miles per hour when it goes into a dive. Thus the connotation with speed. Speed can take many forms, but all forms of speed are necessary at times. The most important time that speed is necessary is in an emergency situation. When someones life is at stake, speed is of the essence. The falcon uses speed to provide food for itself, thus it is necessary to be quicker than its prey.

Falcon Meaning

Speed of thought is yet another aspect of falcon meaning. Many times in life there will be no time at all to think things through when swift action needs to be taken. One quick precise thought will need to be carried through, like the falcon knowing when it needs to strike. Speed of thought can also be necessary at critical points in your life.  As an example in looking for a job, a smart and clever answer to the bosses questions serves to impress. 

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Falcon Symbolism

Opportunity,   Speed,    Swift Motion,    Foresight,    Forethought,    Focus

A trusted ally, A messenger on a mission,  Brings aid in extraordinary ways

Precision,   Service,    Determination,   Vision of Victory

These are the primary Symbols of the Falcon

Exceptional Vintage Falcon Tat Idea

A beautiful vintage sketch of the Peregrine Falcon,
A Tigers Eye Crystal would be the perfect gem to work with in summoning the Spirit & Powers held in Falcon Symbolism

Falcon  Symbolism ~&~ Swift, Efficient Motion. . . 

In today's quick paced society it seems that speed is a most valuable commodity. Everyone wants you to be faster, but still be efficient. The ability to be fast and efficient in the workplace will make the difference between who gets hired and who gets fired. That's just the facts of the world we live in now. It appears that this simple change in the modern world of the value of speed, is what is setting people apart and determining who gets promoted and who doesn't.

Falcon symbolism brings the powers of forethought and foresight in managing the speed of your family life. If you have a family, you understand what this means. Its always about rushing the kids to get dressed and prepared for school or some other engagement.  But in this case, speed of forethought may be more of what is important. I'm talking about having the forethought to think about how long its going to take you to accomplish things with your family. Thinking ahead will save time in the future and speed things up for you. The falcon knows that it is the speed it uses before the strike, that is the secret of its success.

Elements of Opportunity:    Falcon Symbolism ~&~ Meaning. . .

Falcon can also represent opportunity and the speed necessary to take advantage of an opportunity. Many times we miss opportunities because we failed to move on them fast enough. A quick opportunity can turn into incredible gains for you. Use the perfect vision of the falcon to be always "watching" for opportunities in the same way that the falcon searches the Earth below.

Since falcon  symbolism means "speed to take advantage of opportunities", it should be a subject that we look at more closely. Opportunities in life do not come every day, although they are always near. The main quality of a successful entrepreneur is that they are always watching for opportunities, even as the falcon scours the Earth beneath it. If you truly want to be successful, a watchful eye is needed. You need to develop an eye for opportunities, but you also need to be ready to take advantage of them! There is no point in seeing an advantage if you don't follow through with it.  The best opportunities follow preparation.

Falcon spirit animal meaning also symbolizes the "laying hold of" the opportunity, much like the falcon lays hold of its prey. This is not only the case with events that have only to do with self centered opportunities, but with the chance to help someone else. Most people believe in Karma. The chance to help someone is an "attitude" that should always be on your mind. This develops your karma in a positive way which will always come back to you tenfold. Eventually, you will become known by business associates as a person that is beneficial to do business with because you treat you clients well. Go out of your way to help others, it is a divine opportunity with many blessings to be bestowed on you.    

Falcons are so symbolic of their focus and determination that they are the team mascot for NFL Atlanta Falcons.  Chosen for their many attributes including precision of quick and powerful forward motion while simultaneously having the vision of victory in hand.  
Falcon Symbolism ~ by Presley Love

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Falcon Symbolism:  The best Opportunities follow Preparation

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