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Feather Tattoo Ideas  and The Symbolism Of The Feather Tattoo. . .  
The feather tattoo idea represents a pure soul. A pure soul can be described as an innocent soul or a soul with a childlike attitude. This definition goes back to ancient Egypt where the soul was weighed against the weight of a feather. The Egyptian god Anubis would escort the soul from life into the underworld where he or she would face the judges of the underworld, Isis, Osiris, and Hathor. If the soul was heavier than the feather, that soul would be devoured by a leviathan. If it was found worthy in the afterlife, it was granted access to the eternal realms.

Feather Tattoo Ideas ~
Feather Tattoo Designs and Symbolic Meaning

feather tattoo whimsical stylized
feather tattoo idea for eye of peacock feather
varitey of tattoo ideas for feather - vintage designs

all designs believed to be in the public domain

Feather Tattoo Meaning ~
Innocence, Joyful Heart, Remembering Who We Truly Are. . .

A pure soul is something that takes discipline to arrive at. We are all born with a pure soul. We are born innocent and childlike with a joyful heart, but the world quickly changes who we are with their opinions, advice, and demands on us. We begin to lose the true sense of who we are, or who we once were as the influence of others takes hold. We have to unlearn what we were brainwashed to think and return to our true nature. That is something that takes time and perseverance, but somehow we have to remember who we are.

Innocence as an aspect of the feather tattoo meaning:  Innocence is the state of being honest with ourselves about what we truly feel. This is something that takes practice, it doesn't happen all at once. We have developed layers of misconceptions over the years and just because you practice the art of innocence one day, doesn't mean that you will return to your true self immediately. It takes time to peel back all the layers of lies that we have believed about ourselves, and to truly begin to trust in our own heart and soul.

Symbolism of the Feather Tattoo Carries the Presence of Angels in the Midst. . .

Feather tattoo symbolism is an example of a childlike nature. A child is "light"-hearted, as light as a feather. It is this childlike nature that is the essence of everyone's inner child. The inner child is always there and is the reason we are motivated in the things that we do. Everything that we do is motivated by the inner child. So, if your inner child has to fight through a thousand misconceptions and traumas, that is what is going to manifest in your life. Your inner child is crying out for freedom and has to eventually return to its true lighthearted nature in order to thrive.  The symbolism of a feather tattoo idea is also a reminder that angels are in the midst, and are ready and willing to help you, all you need do is ask.

Feather Tattoo Ideas ~ Symbolic of the Journey for a Pure Soul. . .

The feather tattoo teaches us that a pure soul is worth all the gold and silver in the world. To arrive at that pure soul is the goal of life. A pure soul means that you have arrived and maintained the state of your inner child with integrity. But how do you arrive at that inner child? It is once you have made contact with your inner child that you begin to unravel the layers that are blinding you from seeing the beauty of who you truly are! Once you make contact with your inner child, the journey begins. You start to see yourself in a different light. You begin to accept yourself for who you are.

The feather tattoo idea symbolizes the arrival at your pure soul. It is a journey to arrive at a pure soul, and it is a discipline to maintain. People will oppose you because they sense a pure soul within you and will want to challenge you simply out of envy. But you must hold on to your pure souls identity. It took you a lifetime to arrive at a pure soul, and no one should ever discourage you from having your child like heart again. Once you've attained a child like heart, you will feel joy that cannot be compared with anything else. Do not be deceived by those who would seek to lead you astray.

Guest post by tattoo artist Reiden

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