Giraffe Symbolism & Meaning
shoot for the moon and land among the stars

Today's Message from Spirit  3.24.17

Sparks of the Divine  Darlings remember ... we are each and every one of us limitless, a spark of the Divine.   You are made a stardust, a mystical and magical aspect of all creation.    Dream, Wish, Believe, Achieve and know that in all that you do you are conspiring with the Universe ~ Presley Love

Giraffe Symbolism. . .  Giraffe is an elegant and graceful spirit animal, the long lean legs symbolizing  4 pillars of excellence in life, or perhaps the four agreements as taught by don Miguel Ruiz.   With keen and gentle intention the Giraffe reaches for the most tender leaves on the tree, the symbolic meaning of this is of seeking the best in life, reaching for the most satisfying morsels.  This could also be a way of treating yourself, and pampering the needs that soothe and enrich the soul. 

Giraffe Meaning

Giraffe meaning encompasses the far reaching aura of the Giraffe.  Giraffe has great mystical powers as it draws us in with awe and wonder.  The regal neck reaching high as if reaching for the stars, as it slowly raises it's head it is a rising star in the field of infinite diversity of life. 

The call of the Giraffe is to rise above the crowd, to trust your instincts.  Just as the Giraffe can see far into the horizon as it is the tallest of all animals, the Giraffe invites you to do the same. To have the vision to see that what you do today and the movements you make creates your tomorrows.  Look into the horizon to see what to focus on, and where to put your attention, move slowly and deliberately.   The Giraffe is always aware of danger that may not be visible.  Just as Giraffe, you too must learn discernment in your movements, careful to avoid danger and ambush by those who may want to bring you down.  Use your focus to strengthen your natural intuition and instincts about choosing the twists and turns on your path.  Learn to keep watch at all times to protect your interests and the interests of those in your inner circle. 

Giraffes natural ability of foresight allows them to see things coming from a distance, this gift allows the Giraffe the ability to calculate danger and opportunity alike, and how to respond to each and every situation, a most powerful gift indeed. 

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Giraffe Symbolism & Spirit Animal Medicine

Giraffe Totem Powers

Mother,  Water,  Observation
Giraffe Spiritual Meaning
Gracefulness, Body language, Spiritual Ideals
Giraffe Animal Magic
Foresight,  Vision,  Intuition

Giraffe Symbolism and Spiritual Powers

The Giraffe spirit animal is a totem of spiritual ideas.  Reaching, reaching, reaching the Giraffe is symbolic of always stretching one's spiritual muscles. 

The Giraffe has a finely tuned sense of foresight.  The horns on its head exemplify it's intuitive nature, the horns being natural antenna into the spirit realm.  The Giraffe actually has 3 horns one of which is directly in the center of it's head... the crown chakra.  This enables Giraffe with the mystical gift of foresight, giving it the ability to see far into the distant horizon. 

The Giraffe power animal has amazing perception, with the ability of perceiving untruths and deception.

Spiritual meaning of the Giraffe teaches the importance of not being defined by someone else's expectations.  You are unique and have unique perspectives and insights, these are to be honored, these are gifts from Spirit.

One of Giraffes great powers is quiet observation.  Giraffe invites you to go deep into nature and quietly observe, observe all that is around you and observe the messages that come into your heart.  In quiet observation and contemplation epiphanies will rise from the depths meeting you just where you're at, acting as a compass for the next step towards your dream or goal. 

The Giraffe is highly attuned to water, for this is where it is most vulnerable.  Water is also filled with the energies of intuition, and the precious resource of water lends it's power f insight and vision for the Giraffe.   Water is filled with life giving energies, it can nourish in more ways than one, water cleanses the spirit of toxic energies and thoughts.  Take time to nurture yourself in water, bring moving water into your environment. 

Giraffe symbolism reflects upon the graceful movement and energies it carries so beautifully.  To tap into this grace and elegance, Giraffe spirit animal calls to you to spend time doing yoga and tai chi, not only will this build supple beauty the Giraffe has it will connect you to your core power, the energy of your solar plexus chakra.

Ever so gracefully the Giraffe communicates with body language, aware of it's every movement, this self awareness brings a humble and stately presence.  Being aware of your body, and it's movements builds self esteem and helps to connect the mind-body-spirit as one cohesive unit. 

The elegance and stance of the Giraffe teaches the very important spiritual lesson to hold yourself with great dignity, head held high and strong, yet humble, knowing who you are and what you have to offer the world.

Giraffe thrives in a social environment, but it is the mother ~ baby connection that is the strongest, Giraffe is a powerful and beautiful symbol and totem for new mothers. 

Giraffe symbolism is a strong indication that change is on the horizon.  The colors of the Giraffe indicate a strong connection to Mother Earth and Spirit.

If Giraffe is your power animal, you have great aspirations, reach for the stars and know that your gifts will take you on the journey of a lifetime, stand strong and be true to you, honoring what is most important to you.

Another spirit animal with the gift of foresight is the raven.

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A beautiful totem for a new mother,
the Giraffe's closest relationship is between mother and child

Giraffe Symbolism... Sleek, Supple and Elegantly Charming

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