Hummingbird Meaning & Symbolism
Appearing out of no where ~ bringing joy

Message from Spirit for this week

Spirit says:  Follow Your Own Heart
Follow your own bliss, follow your own path, beat your own drum, follow what lights you up, follow what makes you sing, follow what makes you soar, follow what brings you happiness, follow the dreams that speak to your soul. . .
 follow your own heart 
 ~Presley Love~♥

Hummingbird Meaning...    "Appearing out of no where the Hummingbird springs joy in the heart, and there is magic in the air in this moment of fleeting serendipity.  Iridescent colors shimmering in the breeze, she pauses mid air to to drink in the sweet nectar that the flower so generously provides her.  Hummingbird is a symbol of all things good". 

Hummingbird Symbolism

The sweet little bird of joy, ever so dainty and beautiful, the Hummingbird symbolizes great courage, determination, flexibility and adaptability.  This little beauty is only a few ounces in weight, yet has the courage of a lion.   Indeed size is of no consequence, Hummingbird is a totem of fearlessness, and represents lightness of being.

Hummingbird so eloquently reminds me of Elton Johns song "Tiny Dancer", and I can't help but be in awe of this bejeweled tiny dancer in every way.  

 Hummingbird Spirit Animal Medicine

Hummingbird totem powers of:  
  Great Courage, Protecting Boundaries, Fearlessness

Hummingbird  spirit animal symbols:  
Joy, Lightness of Being
, Enthusiasm

Hummingbird animal magic attributes:  
, Love,  Spiritual Journeys

Hummingbird teaches the meaning of spiritual journeys

Hummingbird ~ symbol of love and fearlessness

Hummingbird Meaning and Love Symbols

With her beautiful allure, captivating and beguiling, Hummingbird is an enchantress, a vixen of seduction calling you to follow.  In this pursuit, Hummingbird is the perfect totem to use in your spells of charm and love.  Keeping pictures or figurines of the Hummingbird power animal will invite the energies of love and romance into your world, this is a  powerful totem or talisman of love to be sure!

Hummingbird; Symbol of Endurance, Flexibility & Adaptability

Taking a 3,000 mile journey each way during it's migration from Central America up into North America, as far as Alaska it faces many daunting challenges.  Some Hummingbirds fly over 500 miles of open water spanning the Gulf of Mexico on their migration.  Hummingbird spirit animal is a powerful symbol of endurance.

One of the most fascinating things about the Hummingbird is that on it's migration it returns to the very same gardens year after year, and it is most territorial, it boldly claims the gardens it visits as it's own, and allows no trespassers.   The Hummingbird will launch an all out aerial attack on any intruder, as the nectar in the garden is the needed sustenance for the journey.   In this way Hummingbird symbolizes the respect of territories, protecting  and enforcing your boundaries, the need to be feisty if needed to protect your boundaries and what is yours.  

With their wings beating incredibly rapidly, Hummingbirds have incredible energy but at the same time burn a lot of juice, needing frequent refueling

Spiritual Essence of Hummingbird Meaning

The Spiritual meaning of the Hummingbird spirit animal symbolizes preparation and attention to details.  The need to be prepared for your journeys, attend to the small details,  take your energy into consideration and don't over extend yourself, take frequent breaks to nourish yourself.   This message from the Hummingbird extends to the spiritual path as well.  The journey of Spirit will take you far... into new realms, here you will face challenges of new ideas and boundaries of the mind, your new ways of being may be challenged by others, this is when you will have to defend the territories of your new beliefs.

The Challenges of Hummingbird Meaning

Hummingbird meaning reminds us that there are times when we have to make a difficult journey to get to the destination of our goal, there will be obstacles, symbolizing the need for endurance and perseverance.  Hummingbird challenges you to say "yes I can", and believe it will be done. 

Another challenge from the Hummingbird spirit guide can also be a signal that you are not experiencing enough joy in your life, look to simple ways in which you can begin increasing your joy. 

The Special Magic of Hummingbird Spirit Animal

The Special Magic of the Hummingbird is movement...  the motion of the Hummingbirds wings creates the infinity symbol.  Hummingbird can stop on a dime in mid flight,  can fly backwards and from side to side. Hummingbird is a symbolic ambassador of this special magic; meaning that with skillful maneuvering, and the magic of believing anything is possible. 

You were born to have a rich juicy experience, big daring adventures and love beyond expectation, call upon the Hummingbird totem animal in joy and enthusiasm for the energy and blessings of these charms.

Hummingbird Meaning... the Essence of Joy and Enthusiasm

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