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Message from Spirit for June 17 thru June 25

Spirit says:  Changes and Revelations 

This week is a big week for soul level revelations that can bring many changes.  Spirit shows me that what your innate self is seeking most is peace.  Where you find peace you find fulfillment.  These revelations spark changes in your perceptions, your choices and your intentions.  As you begin to align to inner peace, the path of unfolding your life purpose becomes self evident. 
   ♥ ~ Presley Love ~ ♥

Native American Animal Symbols pg 2...   The list continues for the symbols and meanings of Native American Animal Totems, and Native American Animal Medicine... featuring the animals from letters D through O. 

Learn about the power of Healing Symbols:

A few hundred years ago millions of Native Americans lived and thrived in North and South America, living a life with a symbiotic relationship with the world, with a reverence for all life, believing all life had lessons to teach and all life came from Great Spirit. 

Native Americans lived a life of mindfully watching nature for clues and signs, moving with the changing of the seasons, following instincts and memories about where abundant resources for sustenance and survival might be, taking cues and watching closely to the lessons from the animal and plant spirit guides.

This page features  Native American Animal Totem Meanings  D thru  O
Deer. . .  Dog. . .   Donkey. . .  Elk. . .  Fawn. . .  Fox. . .  Goat. . .  Goose. . . Gopher. . .  Groundhog. . .  Hare. . .  Horse. . .  Jaguar. . .   Leopard. . . Llama. . .  Lynx. . .  Mole. . .  Moose. . .  Mountain Lion. . .  Mouse. . .  Mule. . .  Otter. . .  Owl. . . 

The Myth and Mysticism of  Native American Animal Symbols 

Each animal is surrounded by a rich history of myth, meaning and legend, the symbolism brings forth messages that are intrinsically accurate to your current challenge...  It's really quite astounding how the messages and meanings of the animal spirits can seem to know precisely what you are going through and the guidance and assistance that you need.   

native american animal totems
native american symbols

Native American Totem Animals;  Google images

The Whispers of the Native American Animal Symbols

Assistance from the Native American Animal Symbols or animal spirit guides can show up in a dream, or you will notice that a particular animal continues to make itself known to you.  For instance you might see a picture of an Owl almost everywhere you look.

This very thing happened to me about a year ago, the Owl appeared so many times to me - several times a day for many weeks, it was a very uncanny feeling because at the time everything was going somewhat smoothly in my life.  Ahhhh, but it was a foretelling of needing to pay close attention to my inner guidance system because I was about to enter a very difficult season in my life, one that could only be navigated successfully by listening to the whispers from Great Spirit, coming to me in many forms, including the Native American animal symbols like the Owl that was bringing me the omen to be prepared to use and trust my intuition like never before.  

During this time I learned to trust the guidance and assistance from the Native American animal symbols more than I ever have, it is now a relationship that feels as real and palpable as any other, and I have a knowing that these spirit animals will always be there for me.  During my most difficult moments I could feel the energy of the animals come to my side, to walk with me.  They were sharing their energies of strength and power with me.  I could feel their breath and hear their footsteps, and I could feel as they lightly brushed aside me.  These animals would also appear in my dreams, showing me what steps to take.  This imbued a sense of confidence that I have no words for.  It was a knowing that I was not alone, and that I was being guided, supreme feelings of peace filled me when the animal spirits arrived for me.  I attribute all of this to the many years of meditation and visualization that I have practiced where I have been opened to a realm that is beyond what we can see or feel with our 5 senses.  In shamanic practice meditation and visualization is known as vision questing, and dream time, it is a portal to open us to the energies of power animals and all mystical spirits that are available to us.

Getting to know the spirit animals and the Native American animal symbols and medicines begins with observing the animals and finding beauty in their uniqueness and individual attributes. Observe them in nature, or by watching nature programs or books about the animals or websites such as National Geographic.

In doing this you will grow to have an awe inspiring appreciation of them, from this point on a new world opens to you, a world filled with ancient wisdom and mystery, this is a magical place... this is the place that will captivate your soul and fill you with a lust for exploration and discovery.  This is the journey into the Spirit realm from whence all animal symbols, archetypes and messages come forth... This is the eternal gate. 

Native American Animal Symbols and Medicine - "D thru O"

Deer   .....   Gentle, Loveliness

Dog   .....  Loyalty,  Family

Donkey ~ Burro    .....   Helpful

Elk  .....  Bravery,  Competitor

Fawn  ..... Innocent,  Let Earth Protect You

Fox   .....  Cunning, Entertaining, Trickery

Goat   .....  Friendly, Precocious

Goose  ..... Fidelity, Commitment

Gopher   .....  Search

Groundhog   .....  Foretelling of Fortune

Hare  .....  Alertness

Horse   .....  Freedom,  Journey,  6th Sense

Jaguar  ......  Heightened Instincts,  Focus

Leopard   ......  Stealthy,  Deliver Justice

Llama   .....  Warmth,  Steady,  Centered

Lynx  .....  Secret Knowings

Mole  .....  Lack of  Foresight

Moose   .....  Prideful,  Attack

Mountain Lion  .....  Perfect Timing, Claim your power

Mouse  .....  Busy,  Stay Hidden

Mule   .....  Worker

Otter   .....  Playfulness

Owl ....  Wise

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