Symbolic Meaning of Fox

Symbolic Meaning of Fox...    "Fox symbolism holds the magic of pure luck and brings the energies of mischief and opportunity, Fox totem loves to play reminding you to make time to play ~ forgetting your worries".

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 Fox Totem... Delivering Pure Luck... The surprising Fox symbolism is pure luck, if you want sheer luck in your venture or conquest... Fox magic is most definitely the totem spirit animal you want to call on! And... if you've been very lucky ... Fox has been with you on your adventures! Fox is a playful sprite, nimble, quick in a flash you see him and in another flash he is gone ~ adding to his magical allure. Another meaning for Fox is that he is oh so charming in his mischievous ways, you can't help but find him quite entertaining, and he seems to know it full well, he finds great pleasure in entertaining you, it's all part of his well laid plans to trick you or take your loot! 

Fox Spirit Medicine...

Fox brings the gifts of : cleverness, agility, play

Fox brings the energies of : mischief, magic, opportunity

Fox brings the magic of : charm, curiosity, luck

fox totem
red fox totem

 Exploring the Symbolic Meaning of Fox...  

The symbol of the Fox is considered very lucky, but is it luck or is it skill to plan out just what you want in the most opportune way and strike at the very best time? Something for you to ponder in your thoughts about the symbolic meaning of Fox.

Fox spirit guide is a fascinating archetype power animal... being both very keen in all that he does and balancing it beautifully with the love to have fun while working!

Further symbolism of the Fox conveys that he is a trickster, he can distract you with play and folly and just when you're not looking ~ run off with with your prize... faster than you can say "where's my ........"?

Because the Fox totem animal is so very clever and quick he is renowned for magic ~ he has a Svengali effect, enchanting you with his ways. All of this makes Fox the supreme opportunist!

Fox power animal simply adores being mischievous, he delights in it, he reminds you of an adolescent just getting a taste of independence and showing you who's in charge, all the time testing your wits and your boundaries.

Fox spirit animal brings spiritual meaning of playtime...

Fox loves to romp through the fields and the snow, he reminds us to enjoy our life and to play in the outdoors as much as possible. While not hunting, the Fox is adventuring and ever so curious ~ thoroughly enjoying his day.


Fox is also very an extremely beautiful totem spirit animal...

with a very gorgeous coat, sporting a debonair demeanor and dashing good looks therefore Fox totem wants to remind us to be beautiful and stylish, celebrating our Foxy~ ness. Anytime someone gives you a compliment of how gorgeous you look... yeah ~ give a nod to your Fox totem!

The Japanese name for Fox is Kitsune ~ the symbolic meaning of this word is good fortune!

Fox... mischievously lucky!

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