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Healing Symbols on the way for you
November 21, 2017
Hello Darling!

Healing Symbols for Mind~Body~Spirit are on the Way

Hello again! You do know that you're on my mind all the time right?!!

Oh I know it's been forever, I've just been in the background giving myself some much needed sanctuary time, and of course lots of writing and creating art which is so healing for the soul and spirit. Anyway, I've been working on a big project for almost 3 years and finally it's almost ready to introduce to the world! More on that in a bit.

We've been busy making changes to the site to create a better experience for YOU my gorgeous ones! And one day soon we're getting a big beautiful new sleek site design, squeeee!

So my sweethearts, here's whats new on the site,

***** "Messages From the Universe", this is a message at the top of each page, these little messages are reminiscent of the posts I used to make on Facebook almost every day. These messages are meant to remind you of who you are ( beautiful and divine ), because sometimes we get some bumps on the knees and just need a little tlc. I've received super positive feedback about these messages and over the next few months I'll be making these messages available as prints on watercolor, super excited about this.

Here's the one I just posted today:

The Universe Whispered. . . Once Upon a Time You Knew it to be So Children see magic all around them, why is that so? Because they come from a knowing place, a place where anything is possible, and no dream is too big, or too grand or too fancy. They come from a place where magic is whispered in the winds gently gracing the leaves. They come from a place where a snowflake is a doorway to a whole new world. For just a moment close your eyes and remember. . . ah yes, there it is little dreamer, remember this place, for this is where you make it so. <3

Also being created are some gorgeously sweet watercolor Spirit Animal Prints, and I do think you're going to like them *winks.

But the super big announcement is that my Healing Symbols & LOA programs that so many of you have signed up for will be being released soon, ooahhh I'm so excited about this! Soooo many of you have written in to ask when it will be ready, and I'm hoping for a Jan launch debut. This baby took aaaalot of time creating, with like 1000 rewrites and re-creations! Just when it seemed like it would never be ready, now I can say that it's definitely on the way :) I'm creating a new website just for these programs program so that's what I'm working on now. .. all the techy stuff.

****** New info will be up soon on the site about getting started with the Healing Program, so stay tuned for that if you've been waiting, and thank you for your patience!

Also sweetpeas I receive quite a few inquiries asking if I have a book, wellll no not at this time, it may be a project I consider in the future, but that will have to wait until I hire an assistant to help me with that. Just last week in fact a NY publisher contacted me and ask me to consider writing a book, and as much as I wanted to say YESSS I just don't have enough hours in the day - right now - because I want to give my undivided attention to launching and attending to the Healing Program, this is going to take most of my time at least for the next few months. but I'm keeping the door open, we'll see what Spirit has in store. But I was giddy to see an email from a big name publisher ~ I was elated and flattered just at the invitation. I just had to tell you, because you're my tribe :)

OMG, before I forget just a few days ago very late at night there was a skunk at my door, rustling in the bushes, oh it was beyond adorable, but I was clever. . . I watched from the window, lol!

Okay little panda bears, I'm off to do some more work for the launch, or maybe a nap! But before I go I want to share this for you, a gift from my heart to your heart; a message from Caterpillar, emerging from the coccoon.

Psst, you can print this up as a bookmark or bookmark sized oracle card, I'll be sending you more of these so you can have a collection oxox

to print just right click and hit save as, then you can find it in your files and print it up.

Sending Love & Blessings,



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