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Archangel Raguel Duties, Powers, Symbolism and Meaning. . .   The angel Raguel is the angel of fairness, harmony, justice and the counter of these traits; vengeance. Raguel is one of the Archangels.   The meaning of his name is "Friend of God". Raguel punishes those who continue to reject God. There is a very close relationship between Raguel and God. They share in a platonic intimacy that is the model for all platonic love, and is the best example of unconditional love.

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Archangel Raguel Duties, Powers ~&~ Responsibilites

Raguel Duties and Powers:
Fairness, Justice, Harmony, Balance

Raguel Responsibilities:
To bring balance in all situations, to restore harmony where there is discord, to help bridge understanding in difficult misunderstandings and conflicts.  To bring vengeance and penance when the guilty deny responsibility

Angel of Justice - Raguel

Angelic Duties and Responsibilities of Raguel. . .

As the angel of fairness Raguel mediates between people. If someone takes unfair advantage of another, Raguel makes sure that  the one that was taken advantage of receives their heavenly reward. As an angel of harmony Raguel seeks to create harmony between people and situations, always influencing humans to seek a peaceful resolution to their differences. He also seeks to harmonize chaotic situations for the good of all those involved.

Raguel aids in Justice. . .

Raguel is also the angel of vengeance and justice. He avenges humans for wrongdoing suffered at the hands of evil people and he avenges God against those who continually rebel against Him. He is an angel of justice and a litigator of universal law. He brings justice to those who are faithful to the truth and fights against those who seek to bury the truth in lies.

The issue of vengeance and justice can take many forms. Raguel can bring vengeance in very small ways or very dramatic ways. The same goes for justice. He is the angel of "poetic justice" and he brings it in ways that are inspiring to those who seek justice in their lives.

Summoning Meditation for Angel Raguel

If you were to summon Archangel Raguel you would summon him from the south. For this summoning you will need the following: A dried leaf, a cup of water, a picture of a snake, 17 pennies, and a glass bowl. You will need to find a private place outside, facing south for your ceremonial summoning, or if its to cold or to hot outside, simply find the south facing area of your home.

Make a circle with your pennies about a foot and a half across. Take the glass bowl and set it in the middle of the pennies. Pour the water into the bowl. Place the picture of the snake and the leaf into the bowl. Then say the name Raguel 7 times, and repeat the following time "Raguel, friend of God, come and be a friend to me". Repeat this phrase 3 times. Raguel will come to you in a weeks time in the form of a new friendship, or the renewal of an old friendship.

Receiving Help and Direction from Archangel Raguel. . .

As an angel of fairness and harmony Raguel brings hope to those who have lost hope. As life can be difficult, God delivers a fair spirit to those in need through Raguel. If you were treated unfairly at work or in a personal relationship, Raguel will bring good tidings to you in many ways to make sure that you are being treated fairly. As far as harmony in your life, Raguel can fill your life with it and balance an otherwise chaotic existence. Remember that when you are summoning Raguel to ask for these attributes specifically. Being specific allows him to answer your prayers more efficiently.

Archangel Raguel can also be a very stern Angel as some angels are. He is an angel of vengeance and justice and carries out this command with a flaming sword. There may be a man that has caused suffering all of his life. He may have rebelled against God and kept others from having faith in God. This is the kind of person that Raguel would deliver justice against. Many might suffer at that mans hands, but part of justice is mercy for those who have suffered. Raguel would deliver justice in the form of mercy to those who suffer at the hands of those who do evil to others.

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