Bird Spirit Animals

Bird Spirit Animals . . .

To be free to fly, to soar. . .

to ride the winds

Spirit Animals of the air, so incredibly beautiful with their wings spread wide, catching the breeze feeling complete freedom. 

From the birds that we see everyday to the birds that are so rare that they are only found on tiny little islands, each bird carries treasures in what they represent, and how they can help teach us. 

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Arctic Tern:  

Blackbird   "mystery"

Bluebird  "angels are near"

Blue Jay  "authority"

Canary  "illumination"

Cardinal   "empowerment"






Condor  "inner vision"

Crane    "longevity"

Crow  "messenger"

Cuckoo Bird:  

Dove:   see the Dove Tattoo ideas

Duck  "fortune & luck"

Eagle  "victory & freedom"


Fairy Tern:  

Falcon   "opportunity"





Goose "golden treasure"



Hawk   "new trails"


Hummingbird "joyful"

Larkspur -

Loon -

Magpie "opportunity"

Mockingbird  "soul songs"

Ostrich  "authority of a Queen"

Owl   "wisdom"

Parrot  "word & color magic"

Peacock  "proud"

Penguin "indomitable"

Quail  "grounding"

Raven "mystic magic"

Robin "new beginnings"


Swallow  "a promise to return"

Swan  "elegance"

Thunderbird  "forces of nature"

White Peacock "purity"

Woodpecker "persistence"

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A bit more about Bird Spirit Animals: 

Just like the birds, we all have the desire to fly... to lift off of the ground at will, to soar to great heights, and we wonder in awe at what that kind of freedom would be like. 

Just to imagine it fills the soul with a freedom like no other. 

Some of us fly in our dreams, I do and it's a phenomenal experience, traversing great distances in mere moments with no obstacles.   

Freedom is a common thread among bird meanings. 

However, not all birds have the ability to fly, like the Penguin, but the Penguin does have the ability to swim under water and here they perform a beautiful elegant dance unlike any other bird. 

Just like us, birds each have a specialty, and these specialties contribute to their symbolic meanings.

Enjoy your exploration of Bird spirit animals and their totem medicine.  I have a few pages dedicated to birds, as well as separate pages for individual pages listed below.

Birds of Prey - coming soon
Birds of Paradise - coming soon
Native American Bird Symbolism

From the delicate and dainty bluebird of happiness to the most daring of birds of prey, bird spirit animals always have something new to teach us.

A sweet little photo collection of a few  beautiful bird spirit animals 
that share the world we live in

swan with babiesSwan mother and babies
falcon bird meaningFalcon
hummingbird spirit animalhummingbird

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Further Bird Symbolism & Meanings 

the magnificent signs and symbols of birds 

Birds represent having the wings of possibilities, freedom of flight, precision and timing, perspective, vision and individuality.  

Each bird is unique and breathtaking in it's beauty, and each bird presents us with legend and lore that can gently and mystically teach us about ourselves.  

The spirit of the bird

The history and experiences of all birds throughout time come together as one in spirit form, in energy and essence. 

Each type of bird having unique perspectives, personalities and gifts. 

Birds we are told are very old, descendants of dinosaurs and being so old as a collective can teach us sacred lessons of being in touch and in tune with nature, adapting to changing climates, and enduring massive earth changes. 

The birds have stories of the rise and fall of civilizations to pass down, so that we may learn to live in harmony with earth, each other and all of her beings.

For eons people have collected feathers from birds and used them for fanciful head-dress, in elaborate ceremonies and sacred rituals. 

To find a feather of a bird has always brought great meaning and perhaps a sign of personal significance or a foretelling of a future event. 

Horus, the Egyptian God was adorned in exquisite plumage, his association to the powers of the sky were legendary. 

Bird Spirit Animals generously offer their wisdom and guidance for those who desire to seek it out. 

Your bird animal spirit  will come to you if you but call for it. 

Whatever your situation, it will give you guidance to help you find your freedom and show you the path to be true to yourself , this is the blessing of the bird spirit animals.

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