Flower Symbolism & Flower Meanings pg 3

Flower Symbolism the mystical magical meanings of flowers...  pg 3  Flowers tell a story of mystery with their beauty, some are elegant, some are cute, some are full and lush, imagine walking though a field of flowers, each and every flower unique and beautiful in it's own way, different hues dancing in the light of the sun. 

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Get familiar with the symbolic meaning of flowers by making a simple arrangement... 

This page features the symbols and meanings of flowers from  M through P. Arranging flowers is an excellent way to play with color, to find the colors that compliment each other, blending large flowers with small, arriving at a beautiful bouquet you're proud to display.  I find arranging flowers to be a very peaceful and relaxing ritual.  And simple vases like mason jars are all the rage right now, just yesterday I was at the flower store and saw sweet little arrangements in mason jars, decorated with raffia... ohhh the love.

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Flower Symbolism List for Flowers beginning with  "M"

narcissus flower meaning
orchid flower meaning
peony flower meaning

Magnolia Flower...
A breath-taking beauty, the meaning of the Magnolia flower is the grand splendor of freedom, an old fashioned romance and enduring true love ~ a mystical love that lasts throughout time and space, perhaps meeting the love from another lifetime, and another place.  Magnolia corresponds to the heart and 3rd eye chakras.

Marigold Flower...
The Marigold flower is a beautiful symbol of the energies that connect us to the earth and our primal energies to survive and thrive with a firey passion to own our power, to know thyself and know what we are capable of, and having the drive to complete our visions.  Marigold flower is in harmony withe the root chakra.

Mistletoe Flower...
The Mistletoe flower is symbolic of flirtation, celebrating the winter solstice and the invitation of snow.  A kiss under the mistletoe can be the beginning of a whole new romance, and it can symbolize revealing a secret crush.  Mistletoe is in tune with the heart chakra.

 Moonflower ...
Moonflower seems to glow just like a full moon, it holds the meaning of the mysteries of the intuition and the mystical movement of the stars and moon, a symbol of delicate femininity. Moonflower corresponds to the crown chakra.

Morning Glory Flower...
The Morning Glory flower opens to celebrate the sunrise, it is a symbol of taking in the radiant warmth and healing energies of the sun.   Morning glory is akin to the 3rd eye chakra.

flower symbolism

Flowers in their grandeur

Flower Symbolism List for Flowers beginning with  "N"

Narcissus Flower...
The Narcissus flower bestows the symbols and blessings of talent, perhaps a hidden or unexplored talent, yet a talent that will delight the heart and fill the soulThe Narcissus is a symbol of  belief in yourself.  Saying "yes I believe".  Narcissus flower blends the power of the crown and solar plexus chakras.

Nasturtium Flower...
The meaning of the Nasturtium is loyalty and is a symbol for overflowing abundance.  Be loyal to yourself and those you give your word to and you will be rewarded in many ways.  Giving this flower says I am loyal to you, I value you and the abundance of blessings you bring to my life.  Nasturtium flower corresponds to the sacral chakra.

Flower Symbolism List for Flowers beginning with  "O"

Orchid Flower...
The Orchid flower has a very sensual essence and meaning, it suggests I desire you. Orchid is a symbol of desire, it also symbolizes confidence in love and the opportunity for timeless romance.  The orchid flower blends the heart and sacral chakras.

Orange Blossom Flower...
The Orange blossom flower is symbolic of festivity and weddings, the aroma of the sweet orange drifts on the breeze, encouraging one to cleanse the spirit and partake of celebration and appreciate the beauty of love blossoming.    Orange blossom is of the crown chakra.

Oleander Flower...
Oleander flower is a symbol of beguiling seduction, bewitching spellbinding love and crushes.  Another layer of meaning is to leave the past in the past and enjoy what you have in front of you.  Oleander flower corresponds to the heart chakra.

Flower Symbolism List for Flowers beginning with  "P"

Pansy Flower...
The Pansy flower is most definitely a symbol of fairies and elves and magical realms.  Look closely at the Pansy and see the face and body of a fairie.  Pansy brings the meaning that magic is all around you, all you have to do is have your eyes and heart open to see.  Pansy flower combines the crown, 3rd eye and solar plexus chakras.

Passion Flower...
The name speaks for itself with the Passion flower, passion in every sense of the word, symbolizing opening yourself completely to explore the innermost passions of your heart.  It can also mean passion in a lust for life, or a lust for love, or a lover.   Passion flower blends the crown and sacral chakras.

Peach Blossom Flower...
The Peach Blossom flower symbolizes the sweetness of life, loving life and being captivated or challenged with finding sweetness in your world.  Peach blossom is of the heart chakra.

Peony Flower...
The Peony flower symbolism represents  good fortune and prosperity.  Good fortune and prosperity is unfolding for you.  Your good fortune is a blessing that is reflected back at you for the good you bestow on others, and asks the question: how can you be of service or blessing to others.    Peony flower is of the sacral and heart chakras.

Periwinkle Flower...
The Periwinkle flower symbolizes benevolence, gifts from the heart and charms that delight the spirit.  Periwinkle also speaks to honor the freedom to be yourself, and allow those you love to do the same.  Periwinkle flower is in tune with the crown chakra.

Petunia Flower ...
Friendship and well being are the enduring symbols of the Petunia flower, with as many colors as the rainbow, a bed of these little beauties is like a magic carpet bringing the meaning of blessings between friends.  Petunia flower is in harmony withe the sacral and heart chakras.

Phlox Flower...
Phlox flower symbolizes innocence and purity of the the heart.  There is an invitation for honesty and openness with the exchange of the Phlox flowers.   Phlox flower is harmonious with the crown chakra.

Poinsettia Flower...
The Poinsettia flower has the meaning of good tidings and merriment, it is symbolic of the Christmas Yule season, bringing blessings to all.  Poinsettia is in tune with the root chakra.

Poppy Flower...
Poppy flower symbolizes riches and abundance, it is also a symbol of being grounded in your prosperity, having enough to share and bringing feelings of security and overall well-being.  Poppy flower ignites your root chakra.

Primrose Flower...
The Primrose flower symbolism is that of patience, kindness and gentleness.  The Primrose also brings the meaning of belonging, and nurturing.   Primrose combines the solar plexus and heart chakras.

Protea Flower...
The beautiful and exotic Protea flower is a symbol of curiosity and change.  Protea brings the meaning to explore your dreams and wishes, and changes in your journey with the curiosity and wonder of a child.  Protea flower works with the 3rd eye chakra.

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