About Universe of Symbolism

Created by Presley Love

Wanna ~be Chef  ;)

Hello Beloveds,

Welcome to Universe of Symbolism, I'm Presley Love the creator of this site. My goal is to provide inspiration and hope through my writing, art and healing programs featured on this site.

I believe that the Universe hears our thoughts and dreams, and answers them -- in timing that we don't usually have patience for or understand.  But whatever we focus our energy on the Universe responds to.  The deeper our connection to Spirit the faster the Universe responds and delivers.  I know this to be true by my own experience.  I have experienced doubting and I have experienced faith... the Universe responds to faith, it never responds to doubts and fears.

I was inspired to start this website because I have a deep relationship with animals and nature,  I've been fascinated with animals in particular my whole life.  As a little girl I would spend hours and hours reading about the animals in the Encyclopedia at my best friends house across the street.   I wanted to know everything about the animals, and I scoured and devoured the pages.  Then 20 years ago I met someone who spoke of the Native American symbolism of animals whenever we encountered an animal in nature.  With this, my love of exploring the nature of animals was reawakened and my fascination grew even more.   

To my surprise, my relationship with the animals grew even more when I began doing energy healing and readings a few years ago.  Animals would appear without being called in my meditations with powerful messages for my clients when doing the readings.  As time went on I felt totally drawn, perhaps even called to share the mystical messages from the animals with the world, and alas Universe of Symbolism was born.  I now share my intuited messages on all topics, on any give day I write about what ever it is that seems to be reaching out to me to share it's message, and it is a never ending journey.   And it's one that makes my heart soar.

My pages are filled with traditional meanings blended with the intuitive interpretations I receive as I write.  It is these intuitive interpretations that will surprise and delight you.  I lovingly call these little messages Divine Whispers.  These whispers tap you into your inner heart all so effortlessly, bringing rich meaning to your spirit and soul. 

For 22 years I've written poetry and just like the messages on these pages, the poetry and pages seem to write themselves, as if Spirit is doing the writing and I am just taking dictation.   The messages from Spirit found on these pages are meant to bring you in touch with a deeper personal meaning to inspire you in the way your heart needs most, you will feel as if it is was written just for you. ahhh, that is the power of Spirit.

I decided to create a website and then I taught myself how to build one.  I read a few books, did online research and blended all of what I had learned.  And, I'm still learning, the internet is always changing and growing, and so must a website. Soooo if you see changes on the site, I'm just adapting to whats necessary and keeping it as fresh and inspiring  as I can.  Unfortunately I've had to remove most of the thumbnail pictures on many of my pages, because too many pictures - even tiny ones apparently are too much for servers to handle and they slow the loading of a page to a crawl.  Good news, is that the pages do load much more quickly now.  Hopefully in the near future the servers will be able to handle the pictures again while maintaining speed. 

Before this site came about I was an artist and muralist, so in addition to writing the articles for this site,  I'm excited to announce that I am developing and creating symbolic and spiritual art to the site one day soon. Everything always takes so much longer than what it seems in our imagination!!  But I am diligently working if even at a snails pace, on art projects and products that compliment the nature of this site, and I do believe that you'll love, enjoy and support them, at least I hope you will.

A bit about my history and who I am. . .

I am a glowing and proud mama of a beautiful daughter. . . for many years she was my "purpose", and now that she's grown I've spread my wings to discover myself, my dreams and passions once again.

I have the sweetest little family of pets; Cocoa a truly adorable Cocker Spaniel, black and tan, and 3 kitties (15 years old now) from the same litter. . .  Lovebug who is so aptly named just wants to cuddle and be held, then there's Sassafras ~ or Sassy and wow does he deserve his name he's soooo sassy, and there is the cutest little black one "Blackberry" who is just so sweet and dainty, and whenever I do readings she senses it and she comes up to me to sit with me for the entire time!   I have a deck of oracle cards that has a cat on one that looks identical to her, with the same aura too.  Oh I love the mystery of these things.  I've had many pets who have now passed, and I am blessed to have had each of them in my life.  They are the sweetest blessings, and the love is so pure and true ~ ahhh I love them all.  We also have 2 divinely gorgeous aquariums with fish that seem to want to chat.  They follow me (from one end of the tank to the other) as we move about the rooms, and when I talk to them they are so responsive.  The most responsive and personable are the Red Cichlid Parrots  "Tinkerbell & Butch", and the Angel Fish "Shadow and Sparkle".   Tinkerbell and Butch are most definitely love mates as well as Shadow and Sparkle ;)

A regular life until I was 19.  When I had a near death motorcycle accident that changed my life.  It opened the doors of mystical occurences, psychic abilities and an uncanny intuition was awakened, and it resulted in a miraculous healing from the accident as the doctors told me that I would need about 7 plastic surgeries on my face, including skin grafts..  In hearing the news I began meditating 24/7 and my face was miraculously healed ~ the doctors were mystified.   For 2 years following this I was on a devoted spiritual path, and everything in me and about me was changing.  I then got married at 21, and suddenly I was struck by a mystery illness when we moved to the Gulf Coast, 3 weeks after getting married.  I had been nary sick a day in my life up to this point. 

For 2o years I attended doctor after doctor with my chronic illness, it was a mystery illness, as the doctors could not determine a diagnosis or treatment, telling me that it was most likely something I was just going to have to live with.   Then in 1998 I got so ill that I was incapacitated, I was now confined to bed 95% of the time, with the same symptoms of the mystery illness, just at a debilitating level.

I returned to meditation ~ whence I was "told" by my spirit guides to move to the desert to be healed.  In meditation it was revealed to me that I had become ill due to toxic mold exposure, and my body required the desert to heal.  I moved to the desert, and I quickly began to recover, so much so that I thought that I could move back home to the rainforest of the Pacific NW.  Within 3 months of moving I began to get ill again.  But I wanted to be there, this was home to me, and where my now college aged daughter was living.  Then there came a time that I had to admit that the climate was doing me in.  So once again I moved, only I didn't move all the way to the desert. . . I moved to an area that still has winters, and as soon as winter hit, I was down for the count once again.  You can see that I've been a bit stubborn, not wanting to follow the instructions of going to the desert.  This is the high desert after all, isn't this good enough God?! 

Summers are great, very little signs of my health problems, but when November rolls around. . . yikes ~ I'm back in bed sometimes almost 24/7.  Well, now I'm planning on moving back to the real desert once again, hopefully soon, and I know that it is in the desert that I must stay ~ so that I may live.

Over the years, during all of this I created my own healing process, one that reveals the nature of the illness and what the body and spirit need for recovery, I'm now developing this to share with all of you.  It really is an extraordinary process, if you stay true to the instruction given to you by Spirit ~ don't resist it like I did!  

For fun I love everything outdoors!  biking, swimming, hiking, rafting, road trips.  I am a *free spirit*, a bit fierce, and love to make food and make my friends laugh!!!  Also, I love to cook and always make up my own recipes ~ I was cooking most meals for the family since I was about 12..  I am ideas person, I have so many ideas it's crazy, it would take as many lifetimes to fulfill each of the ideas that I have.  I keep notebooks upon notebooks of all of my ideas.  Sometimes Spirit "speaks" to me, and when this happens I sit with my notebooks and take dictation, sometimes this goes on for a very long time --- weeks and even months, until I ask Spirit to give me a little break ;)  Did I mention that I love to shop ~ for anything!  And I adore art festivals and music festivals.  I'm a bit of a bohemian, yet I love Nordstrom and sports cars too.  However, the ride I drive everyday is a rough and rugged Jeep. . . and I love her!   When I go out in the snow with "Thunder", I joyously call it Jeep-mobiling!  I am very playful and I love the playful side of life and try to pull it out of everyone I encounter.  However, when I write, another side of me comes out, a soulful and sacred slow-moving spirit emerges, and I fall into a healing blissful energy that renews me and connects me deeper to Spirit.

Before this website and becoming an entrepreneur, I had several "careers",  Waitress, model, fitness trainer, advertising, property management, commercial interior design, professional artist, and then spiritual counseling. . .and they were each fun while they lasted!   I was always looking for something new to try!  Very hard to reign me in and get me committed to anything, but now I just run the website, and create art and I'm fully committed and all in!   I play hookey from work alot, just because I want to enjoy my life as much as possible.  I have a sweet little zen garden and I could sit out there alll dang day long ;)  and sometimes I do ~  LOL!

I'm going to miss my zen garden when I move, but I'm drinking it in as much as possible while I have it. It was just a bare spot when I moved in and now it's a little piece of heaven.

On my spiritual journey I've become very private, spening most of my days alone.   Most people don't understand ~ at all ~ but I spend alot of my time now in deep wakeful meditation, sensing the energies of nature and all of her glorious displays of abundance and expression.  I love spending time alone, communing with Spirit.  Even when I'm at play, I'm in meditation.  My website is now an extension of me, it is a part of me, I can't stay away for long.  Spirit is always right at my side when I work, and it's an amazing feeling that feels "heavenly".  I'm at peace when I sit to write and do my art, and nothing could be finer. 

Now back to the bizzy stuff.

For those of you who know me from my affirmation/meditation/healing website and FB page, please know that I do have plans to publish a book in the future, once this website is fully plumped up with all I can give it.  I've never committed to anything as much as to this website (except for being a mom which I totally revel in) I love it, it's a part of me and it's always in my heart and mind.  I love every moment spent writing and building this site.  I hope that in hearing my story others can find hope that there's always a way, and to never ever ever give up on what you need (your health, money, etc) and what you feel called to do (something that fills you with purpose), even if it's something as simple and beautiful as planting flowers in your garden and watering them with love.  I believe in miracles, big and small...

It is my hearts desire that you will truly enjoy and benefit from this site.

With Love and Blessings, Presley