Meaning of Values

Meaning of Values. . . 

Have you wondered what your values truly are? 

Do you ponder the symbolism of what is most dear to you? 

Values are just that, they are the things in life that are most valuable, meaningful and important to you. 

Everyone has different values, and values can change greatly over time, depending on your life circumstances. 

I've collected a list of values to help you assess your current values. 

Looking at your current values while looking at the list of options may be one of those aha moments that help you put your life's priorities in order and balance. 

I've found the list to be super helpful in getting crystal clear about what I want most from my life as well as what I will support. 

This list contains around 500 different values  ~Enjoy.

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Taking stock of Personal Values

The term values is tossed around, but how much time do we reflect on what our own values truly are? 

Taking stock of the meaning of values is great for someone of any age, but particularly in times of major life changes such as beginning college, getting married, having a child, or getting a divorce. 

Our values shift as our life changes. 

Doing this assessment really helps you to know yourself, and to be true to yourself. 

Begin with your top ten core values, then you can add helper values to give the core values greater strength and endurance. 

Keep the list of your values in your journal, and refer to them from time to time. 

We all aspire to be greater than we are now, knowing your values is key to personal evolution.

If you want to up your success or achieve your goals, having the right values can be your hidden magic.

personal values

Roy E Disney summed up the power of the meaning of values perfectly
♡~♡ art by yours truly... Presley Love ♡~♡

List of Personal Values A ~ Z

Including a quick reference to the definition and symbolic meaning of values

    Abundance ~:~ Having more than enough

    Acceptance ~:~ To be without resistance, to be            open

    Accessibility ~:~ Able to be reached

    Accomplishment ~:~ Successful completion of            something

    Accountability ~:~ To accept responsibility

    Accuracy ~:~ To be free of error, exacting

    Achievement ~:~ Having accomplished a goal

    Acknowledgement ~:~  Recognition of an act or          accomplishment
    Activeness ~:~ To be engaged in something

    Adaptability ~:~ To change with ease

    Adoration ~:~ Strong feelings of love or friendship

    Adroitness ~:~ Skill, cleverness, resourcefulness

    Advancement ~:~ To move forward

    Adventure ~:~ Remarkable experience

    Affection ~:~ Warm loving nature and gentle touch

    Affluence ~:~ Abundant supply of riches

    Aggressiveness ~:~ Driving forceful energy

    Agility ~:~ To move, act or think quickly

    Alertness ~:~ Quick to perceive

    Altruism ~:~ Unselfish desire to help others

    Amazement ~:~ To be open to wonder and awe

    Ambition ~:~ Desire to be successful, powerful,          wealthy, or famous

    Amusement ~:~ To be entertained

    Anticipation ~:~  To wait with excitement in                    expectancy

    Appreciation ~:~ To show gratitude and thanks

    Approachability ~:~ Easy to talk to or engage with

    Approval ~:~ Acceptance of a person or idea

    Art ~:~ Expression of creativity

    Articulacy ~:~ To be concise and clear

    Artistry ~:~ Use of Creative abilities

    Assertiveness ~:~ Directness

    Assurance ~:~ To be certain or confident of                  something

    Attentiveness ~:~ To give your attention to

    Attractiveness ~:~  Having feature, appearance or      quality that others like

    Audacity ~:~ Confident or daring, bold perhaps             rude

    Availability ~:~ The quality of being available

    Awareness ~:~ Perceiving what is around you in          the world

    Awe ~:~ State of sublime or sacred wonder

    Balance ~:~ Equilibrium and steadiness of
    contrasting ideas or things

    Beauty ~:~ Loveliness of a person or place, or              heart

    Being the best ~:~ Achieving the top rank

    Belonging ~:~ Feeling welcome and at home

    Benevolence ~:~ Kind Generous Helpful

    Bliss ~:~ Complete happiness

    Boldness ~:~ Confident, unafraid

    Bravery ~:~ Courageous

    Brilliance ~:~ Exceptional Mind

    Buoyancy ~:~ To remain happy, calm and strong           in difficulty

    Calmness ~:~ Quiet and peaceful

    Camaraderie ~:~ Spirit of friendship and                        cooperation

    Candor ~:~ Honesty

    Capability ~:~ Ability to do something

    Care ~:~ Interest in well-being and concern

    Carefulness ~:~ Said, made or done with care

    Celebrity ~:~ Being famous or celebrated

    Certainty ~:~ Having no doubt

    Challenge ~:~ To go beyond comfort to grow

Meaning of Values   [ 1 ] | [ 2 ] | [ 3 ] [ 4 ]                                this page is inspired by Steve Pavlina 

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