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The Mystical Meanings of Flowers pg 4

Flower Symbolism and Mystical Meanings...Q - Z - page 4 of my flower meanings list; on this page you can explore the meanings and the language of flowers for your favorite flowers from letters Q thru Z,  queen annes lace, roses, statice, tulips, zinnia to name but a few... "flowers are nourishment and pleasure for the soul"  enjoy.

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Flowers in the garden are temporary, we have to enjoy them while we can... and I think that is why we have such a tender fondness and appreciation for flowers.  They are a reminder that everything is fleeting, and change is a constant.  Flowers subtly speak the intuitive message that we too must enjoy things while we can, while they are in front of us. 

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Flower Symbolism now features the chakras, numerology and crystals that enhance the meaning of flowers ~ enjoy

ranuculus flower meaning
pink rose
sweet pea

Flower Meaning List for Flowers beginning with "Q"

Queen Annes Lace Flower...
Queen Anne's Lace flower is a symbol of protection and catching dreams.  The white fluffy petals cascade like an umbrella bringing safety like the wings of an Angel, and spreading out like a dream catcher.  Meditate with this flower to bring the meaning of protecting you as follow your dreams, with Angels at your side.  Queen Annes Lace flower corresponds to the crown chakra.

Flower Symbolism Meaning List for Flowers beginning with "R"

Ranunculus Flower...
The Ranunculus symbolizes an everlasting embrace of love and commitment, and to hold something close to your heart, perhaps a meaningful secret, or a romantic rendezvous.  Ranunculus flower vibrates to the heart, sacral and solar plexus chakras.

Rhododendron Flower...
The Rhododendron is a symbol of riches and prosperity, of kissing your dreams with the energy of unwaivering enduring belief and faith.  Be patient and your wishes will bloom.  Rhododendron flower is aligned to the heart and crown chakras.

Rose Flower...
The ever beautiful rose is everlasting beauty and love, layers and layers of new beauty and love waiting to be revealed, it represents the special bond of lovers who are in love.  There are many roses with as many meanings, usually the color of the rose gives it it's special meaning.   Rose flower is attuned to the heart chakra.

Rose Bud Flower Meaning...
The Rosebud means anticipation, and the opening of the heart and spirit to treasured dreams and the fulfillment of desires.  Rosebuds are also a symbol of new love, and an invitation to friendship, courting and romance.  Rosebud flower is in harmony with the heart chakra.

Country Rose Flower...
The Country Rose is a symbol of being welcome and hospitable.  The Country Rose is also a symbol of being prolific, blooming over and over again, it brings a special meaning and reminder of finding new ways to express yourself.  Country rose flower is aligned to the heart and throat chakras.

Flower Symbolism Meaning List for Flowers beginning with "S"

Snapdragon Flower...
The Snapdragon is a symbol of secrets of magic, with many hidden pockets holding ancient lore and riddles to be solved.  Snapdragon is also a symbol of being bountiful and abundant.
Snapdragon corresponds to the kundalini awakening of all chakras.

Snowdrop Flower...
The whimsical Snowdrop flower is a symbol of new beginnings, and meaning of fairie maidens flitting about the garden, additional symbolism for this little beauty is to drink the milky nectar of the sweetness of life as spring brings awakens fresh ideas and new opportunities.  Snowdrop flower engages with the crown chakra.

Statice Flower...
The Statice flower will last and last as a dried flower, it is a symbol of a lush tranquility, and also has the meaning of endurance and the color purple represents royalty and dignity.  Statice flower is of the 3rd eye chakra.

Stock Flower...
Stock flower symbolism represents the meanings of sincerity and sensitivity.   Stock is also a symbol of quaint circumstance and serendipity.  Stock flower works with the crown chakra.

Sunflower Meaning...
The meaning of the Sunflower is to be a Sun Worshiper ~ The Sunflower reaches high stretching and bending to follow the path of the Sun.  Connect to the warm rays of the sun and breathe deep the energies that the Sun God has to offer... energies of wellness, of healing and eternal hope.  Sunflower flower symbolism is also a blessing of nourishment with a bounty of seeds to enjoy after a long warm summer, as the harvest season begins.
Sunflower is harmonious with the root and solar plexus chakras.

Sweet Pea Flower...
The flower symbolism of the Sweet Pea is provocative innocence, and innocent flirtation.  The Sweet Pea displays her sensuality, yet is so tender and sweet at the same time.  This gives meaning to the mystique of the feminine in her most true fashion.   Sweet pea flower is in correspondence to the 3rd eye chakra.

Sweet William Flowers...
Sweet William flowers hold the meaning of getting lost in a whole new world... a world of wonder and enchantment.  Come closer calls the wee little tuffets of flowers, come closer and sit for a spell, for I have many things to show you, the things of childlike awe.  Sweet William flowers are in tune with the inner heart chakra.

Flower Meaning List for Flowers beginning with "T"

Tulip Flower...
The symbolism of the Tulip flower says love me, love me... say that you'll love me, for I love you and only you.  Tulips are the meaning of love at first sight, and not letting your chance at love pass you by, as Tulips only bloom for the what seems a moment, it's a reminder to risk all for love.  Tulip flowers align the 7 chakras.

Flower Meaning List for Flowers beginning with "V"

Venus Fly Trap Flower...
The Venus Fly Trap is a beautiful symbol for preparation... preparation meets opportunity with the greatest of rewards.  Meaning, if you want something... make room for it in your life or in your home.  Wait patiently and at the right time the Universe will deliver your sweet delight!  Venus flytrap flower is in direct harmony with the root chakra.

Verbena Flower ...
The Verbena is a symbol of unforgotten romance, sweet enchanting memories of the heart.  This delicate little bundle of flowers can be a sign of rekindling of a romance from the past.  Verbena flower blends the powers of the heart and 3rd eye chakras.

Viola Flower...
The Viola says lets play already... symbolizing let's laugh and frolic in the garden.  The time is now to unleash the inner child and play in the garden.  Take some time play in the dirt, or on the swing, or just have a lazy afternoon watching for wee fae among the faces of the Violas.   Viola flowers are in tune with the 3rd eye and solar plexus chakras.

Violet Flower ...
The violet flower symbolism means that someone delights in your charms, you are worthy of affection and praise.  You are very adored, admired and appreciated.  It also is a symbol of the most potent chemistry between lovers.   Violet flowers are attuned to the crown and sacral chakras.

Flower Meaning List for Flowers beginning with "W"

Water Lily...
The Water Lily is a gorgeous symbol of rising above your struggles, being of great hope.  To know that you can do anything, to be of courage.  Align to the highest aspects of yourself and open yourself to the beauty that emanates from within and to receive the guidance from above.  Water Lily is harmonious with the crown chakra.

Flower Meaning List for Flowers beginning with "Z"

Zephyr Flower...
The Zephyr is a symbol of great expectations, to be enthralled with anticipation of what is yet to come, while enjoying the very moment that is before you.  Zephyr flower is attuned to the dreams of the heart chakra.

Zinnia Flower...
The meaning of  Zinnia flower symbolism is  the sentiment that you are in my thoughts, dear friend... you are always present in my thoughts and heart.  My blessings go with you in all that you do.  Zinnia flower is the power of the sacral and solar plexus chakras combined.

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