Signs of Ascension

Signs of Ascension - It's time.... to release and let go of dogma, your entire being is going through changes, this list helps to identify the signs and symptoms of ascension you may be experiencing. 

Signs of Ascension. . .     We are entering a new era, we are all evolving.  Your entire being is going through changes, these are the signs and symptoms of ascension …   I've created this list to help you to understand what is happening, and give you direction for your path of awakening and transformation.  You'll find some of the prominent signs and symptoms of Ascension you may already be experiencing.  The purpose of this list is to help you find clarity and relax as you awaken to the age and era of higher vibration and enlightened consciousness.

Signs of Ascension &  The Struggle to Find Your Authentic Self

Right now there is a power struggle happening between the emergence of the new ways and the birth of a new era.  It's uncomfortable, as most change is, and this is profound change.  The biggest proof I see of this emergence is on social media.  People from all over the globe are uniting in the desire to engage in spiritual ascension.

Taking this path brings on challenges, it will test you.  It will test if you are in alignment with the words you speak.   The path will be easier for you if you "walk your talk".  If you vascilate, bargain, or make special concessions that go against the rise of spirit that you speak of, it won't be pretty.

You may spend time in the "dark night of the soul", as you leave one aspect of self behind to find the new self.  This can be expected.  The dark night of the soul will last as long as you are not certain of who you truly are and what your new values represent.  You must determine the highest and best values for yourself and stay true to them.  The dark night of the soul will be discussed on another post.   Now, lets move forward onto the list ;)

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Signs of Ascension ~ the desire to know your own soul wil end all other desires "Rumi"

Rumi a mystical poet of love
who lived many hundreds of years ago
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Physical Symptoms of the Signs of Ascension

Your physical and emotional body aches as it goes through release and renewal

You feel unexplained tension and anxiety, and the only relief is meditation, meditative exercise (walking, yoga, tai chi …etc) or immersing yourself in water

Your body longs to be immersed in the healing energies of water… salt baths, swimming, jacuzzi tubs, or going to a natural spring

You feel the need to rest, to let your body assimilate to the inflow of higher vibrations

You have extreme sensitivities to light, heat, jarring music

You have increased sensitivity to foods, it’s as if the higher vibrations require higher energy healthy foods

You’re becoming very sensitive to noise, and you have a need for serene sounds and soulful music

You have a need heal through journaling and to experience messages coming through you in automatic writing, or channeled meditative writing

You desire to drink of fresh clean water, you sense the deeper healing energies in the taste of water

Awakening to New Energies ~&~ the Signs of Ascension


You have a feeling of the Divine energy flowing in everything

You experience feeling a connection to the collective field

You have a profound call to release and let go of dogma, and to follow the divine guidance you feel in your own heart

You have a strong desire use the power of thought and spoken word, and you desire to experiment with these powers

You may feel drawn to and experience the energies of fairies, spirit animals, unicorns and mermaids

You experience deep connection, communication and relationship with higher vibrational beings

Merging of Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit ~&~ The Signs of Ascension

You have a feeling of being called, and burning desire to fulfill a higher calling coming from your Spirit

You seek ways to bring balance to mind ~ body ~ spirit. . .  through meditation, sacred movement such as yoga, tai chi, sacred daily rituals etc.

You have the need for quiet time, reflection ~ just observing, and opening your awareness

You see the wisdom in crystals, spirit animals, and can find intuitive guidance in oracle cards, tarot, and other divination

You spend more and more time contemplating the nature and relationship to higher self, searching the soul

You find yourself asking for signs from the universe ~ knowing signs for your greatest good will be shown

You feel strongly, the necessity to meditate ~ in meditation you encounter planes of higher wisdom, and accelerated learning

You see the subtle messages in nature ~ the symbolism and messages that are always presenting themselves

Seeing synchronicity, serendipity as clues and messages

You are drawn to aromatherapy, crystals, numerology etc

You feel a kinship to the animal kingdom, connecting to animal spirits and guides

You have a desire to create a sacred space in your home

You want the energy of your home to be a sanctuary, a temple, you may want a special meditation room or garden

You focus on the positive possibilities despite all appearances

You find heartfelt purpose in all that you do

You feel best when your mind~body~spirit are in the present moment

You seek to be in the flow

You begin honoring your body as a temple

You feel a longing and a desire, in fact a need to be in nature

Signs of Ascension as The Mystical Reveals Itself to You

You have the feeling that your 6th sense is expanding

You are drawn to sacred energies sound, light and color therapy

You experience a deep sense of awe when looking at a tree, a mountain, an ocean, a star, a blade of grass ….

You experience feelings of sensing love~filled sentient beings on other planets, in other galaxies

You have a sense of knowing the infinite possibility in all things

You feel the intelligence in plants, rocks and in the wind

You have an interest in ancient wisdom, practices and culture

You have a feeling of connection to Atlantis, Lemuria, and the Pleiades

Your intuition is awakening, blossoming ~ advanced aspects of intuition begin to surface … telepathy, precognition, remote influence

Y0u know that you are being guided to your greatest good, and the greatest expression of your soul

Signs of Ascension ~&~ The Longing for a Deeper Purpose


Your strongest desire is to find deeper purpose

You want to live by being your complete authentic self

You know when it's time to just simply walk away in peace

You understand the deep meaning of following your own dreams, doing it only as you can

You enjoy being with self, spending time alone, becoming best friends with your higher self

Your desire to know higher self calls from deep within

You have a deep desire to see the planet healed

You desire to be of service

You are concerned about greater good of all

You contemplate the nature of subtle energies

You contemplate the nature of sacred geometry

You allow and encourage others to be themselves, pursue their own dreams and make their own discoveries

You have vivid and lucid dreams of life in the new golden age of higher consciousness

These are the signs of ascension, and the symptoms of ascension that I am experiencing, and others on the path that I know are personally experiencing. Many of you may be experiencing these signs of ascension and the symptoms of awakening to higher consciousness,  Please feel free to send this link to others.  By sharing, we help others to understand what they are going through, and let them know that they are not alone in the process.

You are a magnificent beautiful spirit on a quest for love, truth and freedom this is the journey of ascension to your original and divine self ~
enjoy the ride! 

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