Spirit Animal Quiz

Our Spirit Animal Quiz was developed for anyone hoping to know more about How to find your Spirit Animals.

This quiz helps you discover your Life Long Spirit Animals; companion Spirit Animals and Totem Animals, and will help you learn and recognize when your spirit animals are trying to contact you.

Spirit Animal Quiz 
Finding Your Spirit Animal

Universe of Symbolism is happy to present a quick but in-depth questionnaire that will readily reveal to you the spirit animals that are around you. 

The spirit animals that are around you are trying to make a meaningful connection with you.  

However, it's all up to you, it is you that must acknowledge your totem animals and spirit animals.    Its' all up to you to become aware of them and initiate a deeper relationship with them, as they are of Spirit, and like all things of Spirit, Spirit does not force itself upon you.  

Understanding Your Totem, Power & Spirit Animals

This questionnaire determines:

Your Life Long Spirit Animals and Totem Animals

Your Journey Spirit Animals

Your Message Spirit Animal Totems

Your Shadow Spirit Animal Totems.

Once you make contact with your Animal Guides you will feel your life opening to new levels of awareness.  You will find yourself looking at things quite differently.  It will be a very enriching experience, and you will feel the synergy between you and your Animal Guides.

After making contact with your Spirit Animals, they will be with you always. You will feel yourself getting to know them better and better and you'll begin understanding the lessons they have for you and why you need to connect to their specific powers.  

Your Life Long animals are commonly known as totem animals. assigned to you at birth.   Their primary purpose is to guide you to be your greatest self, knowing who you are and knowing your own strengths, acknowledging areas you need to work on, and ultimately guiding you to your life purpose - when you have stepped into your personal power. 

lion spirit animal
wolf spirit animal
butterfly spirit animal
horse spirit animal
fox spirit animal



Get a cup of tea, java or your favorite smoothie, relax in your favorite chair and then begin...

Enter your answers to the quiz in a journal because you will definitely want to reference these answers in the future.  

Answer these questions for the Spirit Animal quiz as quickly as possible, do not try to choose an animal...   let the animal appear on it's own.   If you are struggling and an animal is not appearing in your mind, just imagine being in a forest, at the water's edge or the jungle... relax and just allow the animal to emerge. 

There are no right or wrong answers when doing this Spirit Animal Quiz.  A totem animal can be an animal, a bird, a lizard, an insect, or fish and yes even a fantasy creature like a dragon or unicorn ... 


Section One:   Determining your Life Long Spirit Animal Guides....  

  • What animal were you drawn to as a child,  what animals did you collect - or want to collect or be near?
  • Quickly list a few animals that you feel strongly about...
  • What animals did you dream of as a child?
  • What animals do you see/notice in nature the most?
  • If you could have any animal as a pet.... what would it be?
  • What is your favorite animal now?
  • When going to the zoo, what animal did you want to see first?
  • Which animals do you encounter again and again, seeing them in books, tv, social media etc?
  • Close your eyes and let an animal come to you what animal(s) appears first? 
  • Do you have animal artwork or jewelry? .... If so what animals?
  • Do you want animal artwork or jewelry to express your bond with an animal?
  • If you could talk to an animal which animal would you choose?
  • What animal would you like to be?
  • Do you feel you have the qualities of the animal you would like to be?  What are those qualities?


Section Two:   Determining your Journey Spirit Animals

  • What animals do you dream of now?
  • What animals have you begun to notice lately?
  • What animal pops into your thoughts out of no where?
  • What animal(s) do you want to know more about?  If you ask this animal a question, what would it be?
  • Think of something that is a challenge in your life right now... then imagine an animal appearing in your midst, what animal is it?
  • Imagine you are ready to take a leap into a new venture, or a new relationship...  now, imagine an animal appearing for you,  what animal is it? 
  • Think about your current goals....  now imagine an animal coming to you, what animal appears? 


Section Three:   Determining Your Message Spirit Animals 

  • What animal has caught your attention most recently?
  • Imagine an animal bringing an important letter to you... What animal is it?    Now, ask it what message or lesson it has for you?
  • Think about something you need to complete now... a deadline or a task...  now imagine an animal coming to you.  What animal is it?
  • Imagine that you want a little creative inspiration, it could be something as simple as what to make for dinner...  what animal now appears for you? 


Section Four :   Determining Your Shadow Spirit Animals 

  • What animal frightens you most?
  • What frightening animal encounters have you had?
  • Have you ever been attacked by an animal?
  • Has an animal attacked/chased you in a dream?
  • Do you dreams of animals that scare you?  If so, what animals?
  • What animal scares you just at the sight of it?
  • Is there an animal that you must avoid even watching a movie? 

Now . . . it's time to find out which animals are calling you!! 

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