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This page reveals the answers to your Spirit Animal Quiz... 
Once you know which Spirit Animals are yours, you can
begin to see your life challenges in new ways, knowing that your animals are there to guide you, to help you in ways that you need the most.

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Spirit Animal Quiz - Universe of Symbolism | What is my spirit animal quiz

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  Your answers to the Spirit Animal Quiz will determine:






Please note that you can have more than one life journey animal, and most likely do.  

Native Americans teach that you have 9 life journey totem animals, they will appear for you at different times, they are given to you at birth.  Some Totem Animals are more prominent in your life.  The animals that you answered in this section are your Life Journey Totem  Animals.

Primary Life Journey Animals are the animal that you named at least 3x

Secondary Life Journey Animals are animals that you named only once or twice 

Your Life Journey Animals are with you at all times.

Secondary life journey animals, are not as prominent and will come in and out of your life as needed.  


Your journey animal is the animal that you named at least 3x

Journey animals come to you to help you with things that are not the specialties of your Life Journey Animals.  

A journey animal appears for you for a time... a time to help you get through a very difficult or challenging time.  A journey animal can most definitely be of great help to you at these times if you understand that it has come to help you and you take the initiative to ask for guidance and "assume" the power traits of the journey animal, in fact this is when it can be the most helpful... when you embody the spirit of the animal.  You can do this by meditation.  This is something that I do very frequently with my journey animal.  A guided meditation will be offered in the near future to help you with this amazingly powerful shamanic process.

You can also summon a Journey animal if you know it's medicine powers to help you with a situation, that's why it's so very important to know the attributes and powers of the Spirit Animals and Totems


Your message animal is the animal that you named at least 2x

A message animal appears for you to give you  a message... a hint and a clue as to where it's most beneficial to focus your thoughts and goals.  

You can also summon a message animal to bring you a sign about something.... asking a question of the Message Anima, and asking the Message Animal to bring a sign.  When the Animal appears for you, you then know that the time is right to proceed with your request.  It could happen in hours, or it could take weeks...  alas you must wait for the sign...   knowing it will come.   You must be patient and not rush wanting to receive your sign.  A Message animal will never bring a sign when you are feeling desperate or demanding.  If the Message Animal does not come to you within a reasonable amount of time (more than 3 weeks) then the message is that the time is not right for your request, and you must accept this in full understanding of the divine nature of timing in the Universe. 


Your Shadow Animal will be in at least 3 of your answers

Shadow animals are here to challenge you, even if you don't want it, and especially if you don't want it!   Shadow animals test you over and over again until you learn to take them head on.  You do this by challenging the fears that they represent.  You will know these fears when you know the strengths and traits of the Shadow Animal, these will be areas of weakness and fear for you.  These are the  traits and powers you need to learn and embody to get beyond the challenges and fears you are facing right now.  What we fear most, we avoid the most...and, what we resist persists.   It seems the more we want the challenges to go away the bigger the challenge gets.  Until we can find what is needed inside to face and overcome the challenge.  Shadow Animal is here to help you to do just that.   Learn to step into the powers of the Shadow Animal and become empowered with totem energies.   When you have owned your power, then you will be free of the fear or the challenge, and you will be confident that if another similar challenge arises, you will have the knowledge and tools necessary to deal with it... with supreme confidence.

Now that you've taken the quiz, spend some time learning about your Spirit Animals (see the links below).  Also, take closer observation of the animals when they appear on TV, on social media etc.   Journal about your insights and intuitions that the Spirit Animal quiz revealed to you.  Meditate with your Spirit Animals and their totem powers.  Learn about the innate qualities of the animals on websites like National Geographic (see links to the right).  

Feel free to return to take the test as often as you like to learn about your Journey animals, your Message animals and your shadow animals, as new circumstances and new challenges arise.  


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