Mermaid Symbolism and Meaning
Goddess of the Sea

Mermaid Symbolism and Meaning. . .  "Since the first times that men have ventured into the seas and oceans, there have been tales, fables and stories of mermaids.  The stories began as men far from land or familiar ports spotted mermaids in the sea or on a rocky outcropping.   Their beauty and song lured the men in closer, calling to them to come and make merriment and find a love so sweet it feels forbidden".

Mermaid Mythology, Legend and Lore
The Symbols ~&~ Powers of a Mermaid

Seduction, Allure, Flirtation

Beauty, Charm, Divine Feminine Essence

Provocative, Spell-Binding

Ocean, Sea Shells, Long Hair, Another Place and Time

Magical, Shape-shifting, Atlantis

mermaid; Frederic Lord Leighton

This beautiful painting by Frederic Lord Leighton suggests the evocative nature of the relationship between man and mermaid

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Mermaid Symbolism and Meaning:

Aspects of  Higher Consciousness

What do mermaids represent?   

Some legends say that the mermaid is a being from the lost land and time of Atlantis.  The mythology of mermaid symbolism and meaning tells us that the mermaid was able to shape-shift back and forth from human to mermaid form. 

This suggests that the mermaid who has come from Atlantis is of a peaceful and much higher vibration.  Living in the sea of intuitive energies.  Being surrounded by higher consciousness and attunement to authenticity, knowing your life purpose and seeking the greatest expression of self.

Other mythology speaks to the idea that the mermaid is the Goddess of the Sea, Aphrodite of the oceanic realm.

Crystal energies and knowledge are deeply connected to mermaid symbolism and meaning, and their ties to Atlantis.

To have connection to the sacred mermaid, is to have Goddess energies, is to have intuitive abilities, is to be a healer of the heart and of the ocean.

Mermaid has the ability to connect us to our sacred self, and to our sacred callings, gifts and blessings. 

If you are attuned to the Mermaid and feel her spirit in you,  find a way to joyfully share your calling and blessings with the world.  Your healing energy expands farther than you know.  Connect to the ocean to recharge, you can do this in many ways if you cannot go the ocean; listen to the ocean on audio, find beautiful ocean pictures to display everywhere around you, find, collect or draw mermaid art or figurines... I'm sure you can find 1001 ways to connect to the mermaid with your heart and imagination.

The Myth and Power of Mermaid
Symbolism and Meaning

Christopher Columbus reported seeing mermaids at sea on his voyage to the new world...

Of course it seems only natural that the men would want to partake of the invitation of the beautiful mistresses of the sea.  The legends goes that the men quite quickly fell in love with the charms and the beauty of the mermaids, but were faced with an incomprehensible decision -- to be with the mermaid would mean he would have to go with her into the deep watery world where he would be with her forever, never to return to the life he had once known before.

The mermaids were renowned for their feminine essence, to be the epitome of a female beauty.  In form and feature she was the most beautiful and provocative creature in female form.   Her long beautiful hair, her voluptuous curves, her sensual energy, she was truly irresistible.  Yet, she was unattainable, untouchable, unconquerable because she is so strong in who she is, she can never be tamed, all of which just seemed to make her all the more desirable.  Men desired her, but the mermaid also brought out their deepest fears.  It was a battle of desire and fear, keeping thoughts and images of her their fantasy... and in her grasp.  

A man desires more and more what he cannot possess, making the mermaid more and more appealing, more and more desirable.  This gives the mermaid the greatest power over men, and the men love her and fear her at the same time, knowing that her influence over them will grow.  But her appeal never wanes, it grows stronger still.

She is of a different world, a watery world where intuition mystically flows with the tides.  She is tune with the rhythms of subtle energies flowing in these waters and she can perceive the heart and intention of a man, all of this adds to her mystery, her allure and her seductive power.  To be with her a man must give up everything he knows, the ways of his ego and he must trust her completely.  He must be the guardian and protector of her spirit, so that she can perceive the intuitive messages on their path.  This is the vulnerability of a sacred relationship between man and mermaid or man and woman alike.

The men captivated by the mermaid reach a point where they must make a decision, one to follow the love and let their heart become vulnerable, and to live fully in her love and the attraction she holds over him, or the other decision to walk away and keep her only as a memory, of a distant long-ago love. 

Each must make their decision and not look back. 

Mermaid symbolism and meaning ~ and choices about love

As we've touched upon, the meaning of a mermaid conveys the power of choices about love. Does one follow love or is there something else of an obligation or a calling that one must answer to?  Many times love is about timing, and it is magic when the time is right for both.  But we must respect that if the timing is not right to walk away and be at peace with it, letting go with love.  We can never know if the tides of time will bring us back to someone but we must trust the ways of the Universe in these things.  

Sometimes love can be so powerful, it's blinding in it's force.  We must learn to see through the lens of higher consciousness to know if something is good for us, we must listen to sacred intuition in these matters.  If we are being guided away from a relationship, we must understand that it is for our own good, it is divine guidance that is making this call.   We are being protected from things we cannot see, because our attraction is so strong and we think we can find a way to work it all out.  Sometimes the Universe is saying, this is the best way out, to bring the least amount of heartache to all involved.  Be grateful for the experience and the rush of love and let it go.

Mermaid symbolism and meaning teaches that your intuition will speak to you of these things, but ultimately it is up to you.  Do not make these decisions in haste.

The spiritual meaning of the Mermaid revolves around the Divine Feminine eneriges, and true power of the female spirit.

Mermaid Symbolism and Meaning ~ by Presley Love      

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Mermaid Symbolism and Meaning reminds us to
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