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Magic Color Correspondences . . . 
Each color in the spectrum has a specific vibration and energy, these energies and vibrations are referred to as correspondences when speaking of magic.  Each color corresponds to the influences it taps into by nature, without trying.  Just as every color makes you feel a certain way.   **This page includes a full list of color correspondences for magical purposes.**  

 ~ The Magic Meaning of Colors

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The Magic Meaning of Colors & Using Color Magic 

Each and every color is filled with a force field of energy, and conveys an energetic meaning.  Each of these colors corresponds to a magical essence or meaning, which are known as magic color correspondences in the magic community ~ or magick as it is commonly referred to distinguishing it from magic tricks.  Understanding how colors can be used to influence a situation supercharges your magic, and only you have to know how you are using color to help you.

For the purposes of conspiring with the magic of the Universe, we can use colors to greatly enhance and influence our magic.  

To use color magic first determine what type of magic you want to do, such as blessing ceremonies, magic spells, enchantments, charms, rituals, divination, sacred ceremonies or any combination of these, and then choose the color or colors you feel best represent your intentions or desires. 

Also important are the colors of crystals and gemstones

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Magic Color Correspondences List

Magic Correspondence for the color PINK: 
Pink is used to conjure or influence the magic of romance, softness of being, to bestow peace, femininity and feminine charms, to bring an aura of subtlety, and to heal emotions, to suggest heartfelt care and innocence.  Hot pink used in magic spells can be used to invite the energies of flirtation, chemistry and law of attraction.  For blessing a new born baby girl... soft baby pink is the perfect color.  You might like my Pink Mist Reiki Healing 

Pink Power Animal:  Chameleon

Magic Correspondence for the color GOLD:
Gold in magic conjures the radiant energies of the Sun, the Sun brings wealth, health and healing.  Gold is the magic color correspondence for spells for success, and in spiritual matters Gold represents the higher or highest self.

Gold Power Animal:  Lion

Magic Correspondence for the color SILVER:  
The magic of silver corresponds to "coins" and money and intuitive influences of the Moon.  Use silver in your spells for money and powers of intuition.  The full silvery moon can also be used to influence lovers to open their hearts and minds to love, and possibilities of love.  Silver is great to bind the love of soulmates, true loves and twin flames... and to attract the same.

Silver Power Animal:  Fox

Magic Correspondence for the color WHITE:
The magic of white can be used for purification, summoning divine "light", telepathy ~ light speed communication, the energy of lightening.  White is also used for summoning blessings, angels, and spirituality.  White is powerful in rituals and ceremonies for grace, and forgiveness.  White can also be used to invoke white hot energies to quickly erase a mistake.

White Power Animal:  White Peacock

Magic Correspondence for the color RED:   
Red color magic is used to invoke the energies of fire and passion.  Red is also used to represent flame and to burn something away.  Red is a powerful color to stop something, and is excellent for stopping something unjust like a wrongful lawsuit, or to stop the advances of an unwanted suitor.  Red invites the energies of Mars, and can be used in magic for "wars" of energies and intentions.

Red Power Animal:  Robin Bird

Magic Correspondence for the color ORANGE:
Orange is the color for doing magic work with abundance spells, to bring or draw heat or warmth to a situation or to a relationship.  Orange invokes the energies of invitation, welcoming, comfort and acceptance.  To raise your self esteem use the color Orange in your spells.  Orange oil or essence is also a powerful aromatherapy for cleansing the air, and invites new refreshing uplifting energies.  Orange is the perfect magic color correspondence to enhance motivation and activity. 

Orange Power Animal:  Butterfly

Magic Correspondence for the color YELLOW
Use Yellow color magic for blessing new homes.  Yellow conjures the spirits of happiness and balance,  Yellow is the color to be used for contacting spirit guides.  The color Yellow is also used for spells for safe travel and safe return, it has been used countless time in the ritual of tying a yellow ribbon around a tree until someone returns from war.  Lemon oils or essences can cleanse your thoughts and bring clarity of mind.

Yellow Power Animal:  Bee

Magic Correspondence for the color GREEN:
Green invokes the energies of growth, hope, and promise.  Use green to summon and connect to Mother Earth, the Goddess Gaia.  Green is the magic color to summon Venus and energies of love, or renewal of vows.  Green color magic also used for tranquility, health and healing.  The color green is very powerful in money spells.  You can also use Green the give a project the "green light", and to get someone to help you with something.  Wear something Green - yet subtle when seeking a raise or an investor.

Green Power Animal:  Frog

Magic Correspondence for the color BLUE:
Blue is the magic color for working with the elemental energies of the water and the sky, use Blue to invoke the ancient spirit of the seas of Atlantis. Used in spells the color Blue can summon the cleansing energy of water or a cool breeze that whispers messages that will offer you new clarity.  Blue can be used in blessings and ceremonies to bring the spirits of tranquility, serenity and an air of calm.  Blue opens the pathways for the truth to be spoken and revealed in your magic spells and rituals.

Blue Power Animal:  Peacock

Magic Correspondence for the color INDIGO:
Summon the energies of midnight and the power of the cosmos with the color Indigo. Indigo is the magic color correspondence of the Akashic Records and the inner mind, the vast subconscious where all memory and deeds have been recorded... use Indigo in your spell work to tap into the psychic and telepathic realm.  In the cosmos thought travels as quickly as you think it... and to anywhere in the Universe, this is the power of Indigo magic.

Indigo Power Animal:  Raven

  Magic Correspondence for the color VIOLET:
Violet and Purple are the magic colors corresponding to the realm of spiritual awareness and higher self.  Find your true life purpose and the life you were meant to live with Violet and Purple magic rituals and spell work.  With Violet and Purple you can invoke the energies of mystical empowerment and wisdom ~ receiving information from the realm of the Divine, as well as your eternal soul self; receive and understand your calling and gifts. 

Violet Power Animal:  Hummingbird

Magic Meaning of the color BROWN:
Brown is the rich magnificent color of Earth, everything on Earth returns to the Earth and is regenerated into a new life form.  Earth is the ground where all seeds are planted to be born of this rich compost.  When all colors are mixed together they become brown, just as all energies of life mix together when they return to the Earth and become soil.   Brown is the magic color for connecting with ancient Earth ancestors, and energies of knowing you are eternal life merely transforming and changing form.  Brown is the promise that all life forms live on forever... Brown invokes the spirit of regeneration and the blessed energy of being grounded, in knowing who you are and what your purpose it.  

Brown Power Animal:  Bear

 Magic Meaning of the color BLACK:
The color black is very powerful, in magic it is used for dispelling and removing negative influences or energies.  Black is the energy of the new moon, and can be used in accord with the new moon in ceremonies and rituals to remove what no longer serves you.  Black is used a cloak of darkness in magic, so as not be perceived in thought or form, to only be a shadow that goes undetected.  If you must keep important secrets, veil them with the color black to protect them from all to see or intuitively perceive.   

Black Power Animal:  Orca

Magic Meaning of the color GRAY:
The magic of the color gray/grey is neutrality.  This is the magic color correspondence to use when matters are not yet fully decided, while you are waiting on forming the details.  Gray is used in magic to convey the energy of dignity and respect.  Gray is also the color of stone, enduring and strong.  Invoke the color magic energy of the stones so that you may endure any troubling time, knowing that this moment in time will pass, and all will be well again.  River rock has only become smooth from the experience of endurance, acceptance and change.  

Gray Power Animal:  Wolf

What objects can you use for color magic?

Magic color correspondences work well with anything that is rich in color:  candles, flowers, crystals, gemstones, ribbons, yarn, fabric, paint swatches, and of course color oracle cards!

Well, you get the idea!  Magic is a personal thing so whatever you are drawn to at any particular time is the item that has the most charged energy to help you!  

Of course, you can also wear colors as part of your magic... a red dress, a gray suit, align with your spell or intention.

In addition you can use colored objects such as colored paperclips, colored folders, etc., 

Infuse the items with your intention and use these items to carry the  intention energy of your spell with you in business dealings, court appearances, legal suits, job interviews... all the while you are discreetly influencing the situation with the subtle yet powerful energies of colors and the intention you have given to the desired outcome of the situation... whatever it is.  

The next time you choose a color for anything, think of it's hidden powers and magic color correspondences.  ~by Presley Love

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