Chameleon Symbolism  ~&~
The Enchanted Magic of the Chameleon

Chameleon Symbolism &  Animal Totem Meaning . . .  

The spirit animal essence of the Chameleon  displays a rare ability to see and perceive the intentions of others Chameleon is the totem animal of adaptation, the magic of invisibility and cloaking, of knowing when to make the move and having the utmost sublime patience.

Chameleon Totem Powers . . .   

Chameleon spirit animal has a remarkable ability of adaptation, for when it desires, it changes color to blend in with it's surroundings, giving it an amazing gift of animal medicine; cloaking. 

Another trait of the Chameleon is it's undaunting patience. 

Moving slow and methodical this little lizard moves as if it's best laid plans have already been calculated to the finer points of perfection.

Chameleon Symbolism
& Spirit Animal Medicine

Adaptation, Patience, Calculating

Cloaking, Color Magic, Aura, Chakras

Shape-shifting energies, Vibrations, Perception

The Power of Knowing, All Seeing Eye

Chameleon Symbolism ~ Spirit Animal Totem Medicine

The skin of the Chameleon shimmers and dances in a beautiful display of color splash, radiating a glow of the enjoyment of the moment ~ a perfect sublime moment

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The Sublime Magic of Chameleon Symbolism

The Chameleon lives in the enchanted tropical forests of South America, warm humid climates and an abundant array of life occupying every square inch in this sublimely magical land. 

Danger lurks everywhere deep in the forest, thus the need for concealment at every opportunity.  

If you feel the need for concealment at this time, the message from the Chameleon could be telling you that you must be careful, someone may want to take advantage of your inability to perceive their darker intentions... trust your intuition on this and lay low, observe and use caution  and stealth moving forward. 

Other spirit animals good for stealth are the Tiger or the Lion.

Color is center point to Chameleon symbolism.  From leaf green to magenta the Chameleon can shift it's appearance in mere moments. 

This is powerful magic ~ shamanic magic, indeed it is the basic power of shape-shifting. 

Color follows mood and temperament, it conveys how we feel, it creates our aura and our intention.

Everything we feel is reflected in color, and transversely colors effect how we feel. 

The colors of the chakras are also important, if the colors are brilliant the energy of the chakra is flowing and moving well, if the color is drab the chakras need cleansing and re-balancing. 

The Chameleon appears in your life to ask you how are you feeling? 

What colors are you reflecting in your moods?

What do your colors look like? 

Do you spend a lot of time cloaking how you feel. . . and is it draining you?

Chameleon spirit animal brings tools to help you learn how to change your colors to raise your vibration. 

To attune to the magic of the Chameleon, you can wear colors that represent the mood or action you desire.

To enhance this attunement to the Chameleon , get clear on what your desires are, do a simple yet methodical shamanic magic ritual by writing out your desires and needs in a circumstance. 

It would be wise to understand color correspondences, to attain full benefit of your sacred ritual.

To raise your vibration is to bring you into a higher state of being, and when in a higher state of being, you attract to you things and circumstances of a higher vibration. 

Chameleon animal medicine has the power to shift your vibration, and once attuned to higher vibrations new realities appear on the horizon. 

Higher vibrations can be accessed through positive words and actions and demeanor, and after practice will become second nature.

Chameleon Spirit Animal and the Power of Knowing

Chameleon is a very methodical creature, he is always looking for the best route to attain his goal. 

To accomplish this same power of centering, imagine that the best steps will be presented before you as you move forward with your goal, in this state of "knowing", many things become clear that were once hazy and unclear.

Chameleon teaches us that there is no need to move hastily. 

Chameleon moves at the same slow pace of the tortoise, yet it is very clear on it's objectives, and the lesson shows you how much can be accomplished with slow and steady progress, alas it can be noted that Chameleon symbolism teaches the same lesson as the tortoise and the hare.

Another remarkable gift of the Chameleon is it's ability to sit completely still, yet it's eyes can move independently and see in all directions, it can see you coming and going. 

On a deeper symbolic level this denotes the ability to see and perceive the intentions of others. 

In complete stillness the power of observation becomes clear. 

Chameleon animal medicine teaches you to be still and observe, only then can you comprehend the nature and intention of others. 

Take your time to know the true colors of others, this is the ancient and sacred wisdom offered by Chameleon spirit animal. 

Chameleon Symbolism begs us to ponder this adage of Shakespeare: 
to be or not to be. . .  that is the question.

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Chameleon ~ The Magical Shapeshifter

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