Reptile and Amphibian Spirit Animals

Reptile and Amphibian Spirit Animals. . .  The great wonder of the reptile world is that these creatures are amongst the oldest living life forms on Earth.  Their ancestors shared the planet with dinosaurs, millions of years ago.  For those with reptiles as spirit animals or totems this is symbolically very meaningful.  You desire to understand the ancient ways and ancient life that once inhabited the world.  You want to know what the world was like before we arrived.  Clues to the ancient past are everywhere, and you may be someone who loves archaeology and studies of ancient Earth ~ your soul is moved when you attune to your totems, grounded in peace, balance and the great mystery of life cycles. 

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Reptile and Amphibian Spirit Animals featured on this site include

Lizards & Snakes

Turtles & Tortoises

Alligators and Crocodiles

Some of the most popular reptile totems are Alligator, Cobra, Crocodile, Lizard, Komodo Dragon, Gecko, Chameleon, Snake, Frog, Toad, Tadpole, Python, Boa Constrictor, Rattle Snake, Turtle, Tortoise, Sea Turtle.  Below are links to the individual pages I've created so far.

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Reptile Totems have the true spirit of being a Sun Worshiper!

The Animal Magic of Reptile and Amphibian Spirit Animals

Each type of spirit animal (land, water, air, insect or reptile each have common qualities to the species).  Reptiles are all about finding and luxuriating in warmth, their bodies require it.  If you have an animal totem, you are sure to thrive in an arid environment, you most definitely need clean air and wide open spaces where you can get away for renewal and regeneration.  A quiet retreat or a wild day on a dusty trail on a hot day is what your mind, body and spirit yearn for. 

Just like you, reptiles respond to the glory of the heat.  Reptiles are cold blooded and require warming up in dry spot where they can absorb the healing energies of the sun, alas it is safe to say that the reptiles are the truest form of sun-worshipers. 

Having lived for millions of years as a species, it's safe to say that reptiles and amphibian spirit animals know a thing or two about survival and adaptability.  The interesting thing is that these amazing creatures haven't changed much over the millions of years, they still look much the same as they did so long ago.

Shamans have long had great reverence for these mystical beings of the Earth, having rattles made from snakes, using found turtle or tortoise shells in their sacred ceremonies and rituals. 

Signs and Clues of Reptile Symbolism being important to YOU

Those with affinities for the reptiles and amphibians are rather sensitive to the physical environment as well as people, it would be beneficial to keep this at the forefront of your mind if you want to feel energized and empowered. 

Reptiles are loners for the most part,  so you will need a great amount of alone time, just time to be quiet and to nurture your inner spirit is necessary for your well being.

Many reptiles lay eggs and the eggs and youngsters are left to their own devices to survive, their instincts for survival kicking in the moment they crack the shell open.  Those with reptile and amphibian totems will find that they thrive when they find a way to do their own thing.  You may have a great longing for working for yourself or having your own business, you will have great instincts for the survival and duration of making it happen.  Just as the reptiles survived and flourished for so very long, you will know how to survive the lean years and will relish the time when you can bask in the sun of success.  Reptiles and amphibian spirit animals are symbolic of earthly success when being bold enough and tough enough to take on the adventure.

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