Snake Symbolism & Meaning
legendary symbol of transformation & rebirth

Snake Symbolism. . .    The snake is a legendary totem symbolizing transformation of energy from lower vibrations to higher aspects of mind, body and spirit.  Snake sheds it's skin in a ritual representing rebirth and new beginnings.  With an ability to leave the old skin behind, Snake represents a fascinating metamorphosis. 

Snake Meaning. . .

Snake is a very self aware being, carrying many healing energies and meanings dealing with perception of the physical realm. 

Snakes ability to perceive it's surrounding through vibration or heat signatures are it's greatest hidden powers. 

Vibrations carrying hidden messages permeating through all of time and space, in sensing these vibrations we can use the vibrations as compasses helping us to find our direction. 

Snake slithers across the earth sensing the vibrations or heat beneath it, translating the energy of other living creatures to determine its direction, deciding if it wants to pursue or avoid an encounter.

Like the snake, if we tap into this realm of vibrations we too can sense what to avoid or pursue. 

Snake is a sun worshipper, as Snake requires a lifelong relationship with the Sun.  There is an eternal bond between the Snake and the Sun.  The Sun generously gives its healing and sustaining warmth to the Snake, and the Snake transforms that energy into the energy of light - the energy of healing for others. 

In sacred ritual the snake to finds a place to absorb the heat of the sun and allows its body to be a vessel of healing energy for itself and others. The Sun is so vital to the Snake that without the Sun the Snake will not survive.

It is this gift to take the energy of the Sun and change it into something else that gives the Snake the magic of transmutation. 

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Snake Symbolism... Totem Medicine & Powers

Snake symbols:   Transformation, Healing, Stimulation

Snake Spirit Animal Totem Powers:   Perception, Vibration, Light Energy

Snake Magic:   Awakening Kundalini,  Transmutation

snake spirit animal
snake totem medicine

Snake Symbolism and the Powers of Healing. . .

Snake has been a longstanding symbol of healing, represented by two snakes or serpents spiraling around the staff of Asclepius, who is the Greek God of healing... this staff is a symbol of medical and healing intuition bringing forth first hand knowledge of diagnosis and healing directly from nature.

The Snake's symbolism and association with healing begins perhaps with Moses.  As the story goes, in the old testament the Israelites  were plagued by a mysterious illness,  Moses came to the people,  lifted up his staff with a golden serpent spiraling around it, and anyone who looked at the serpent on the staff was instantly healed.

Snake symbolism is also linked to the powers and energy of Gold, the gold of wealth and royalty and the golden light of divine healing.  The golden energy emanating from the Snake on Moses staff, is the golden energy that has been channeled to the snake from the Sun.  As the snake meditates upon the golden light, it receives the abundant and overflowing miraculous healing energies.

The healing energy that Snake carries is mystically powerful and profound, and is a common totem for healers.

Snake Spirit Animal and Powers of Perception . . .

Because of it's keen perception Snake is in control of it's entire environment.  Snake is aware of all things surrounding it, it is aware of the smallest movements and scents.  Snake is adapting to every change it perceives, with heightened self awareness, knowing where to move to hide, or to launch an attack on it's prey. 

The power of the Snake is to remain in control at all times.  Snake is in perfect control to achieve it's goal of catching it's prey or hiding from predators.  Snake spirit animal is mindful of the best tactic.  It is through combining the skills of perception, self awareness and control that Snake spirit animal is a formidable opponent. 

Snake Symbolism and the Totem Medicine of Stimulation...

Because the snake has so much control of its physical body, it knows how to stimulate movement in the muscles that give it motion. It writhes along the ground and through the trees in full body contact with its surroundings. It receives stimulation from the contact it makes with other physical objects and tends to massage the earth with its undulating muscle motion.

In this way, the snake teaches us to be sensory, and receive from our environment. It also tells us to interact with our surroundings at a deeper level, and become aware of the stimulation inherent in the world around us.

Snake Symbolism Teaches Us Transformation. . .

The snake goes through an extraordinary transformation when it sheds its skin. It even goes partially blind because it eyes get clouded over with old skin as well. In this sense, the process of transformation is like a rebirth. The old dies away, and the snake is transformed once again!

This is the symbolism of snakes transformation. To allow old things that are not working for you to die away and wither is one of the various lessons of the snake. If you have habits that are not good for you, or are hurting someone else, it is better for them to be "shed" like the old skin of the snake, so that the new came come into existence.

Snake is a Spirit Guide to Develop Sensory Abilities. . .

The snake is a very sensory creature. He writhes throughout his environment "feeling" everything around him. Even when he is sensing the ground beneath him through his skin, he "smells" and tastes the air to identify anything in his surroundings. He also feels the heat signatures from all things near him.

Snake is constantly evaluating the world with his tongue and body. He teaches us to be "mindful" of our world, and not to miss a thing. In the eyes of the snake, everything is significant, and he derives spiritual meaning from all that he perceives, even the slightest details.

In this way, we learn from the symbolism of the snake, that nothing is insignificant, and that everything has a purpose!

The Symbols and Powers of the Rattlesnake. . .

The Rattlesnake is a symbol of boundaries and danger, it fiercely defends it's position ~ offers a warning, those who do not heed the warning face the poison. 

Snake Symbolism and Native Americans. . .

Native Americans carried the rattles of the tail of a rattlesnake in their amulet bags to protect them from danger, the rattles carry a very powerful force of protective medicine.  Native American Snake symbolism beckons one to listen to the warnings of your surroundings and your intuitions to avoid danger.

          The snake, in sublime perception, teaches the mysteries of pondering and deep exploration of all things.

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