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What the color of your aura symbolizes

Aura Color Meaning & Aura Definition ...  

The aura is a signature of energy, feelings and mood.  It is a wave of vibrations, an energy field expressed in color and sound that emanates from inside and surrounds the body of a person, plant, animal etc.   

Aura Color Meaning & Aura Definition Your thoughts, moods, and feelings determine the colors that your aura radiates. Therefore, your aura reveals intimate details about you. . .

 What creates the color of an Aura?

The aura is a beacon for expressing the true feelings of mind, body and spirit.

Absolutely every living thing has an aura, a frequency that is a language all to itself.  The aura holds the truth of how you are feeling.

The light of the aura encircles a body in the shape of an egg, having a luminous misty quality,  it extends a few inches around the body.

Different areas of the body will emanate different colors, depending on how the individual is feeling or the health of the body. 

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Exploring What the Aura is 

The aura is the color energy that emits from and surrounds the body.  The auric emanation is comprised of the seven distinct waves of light, like that of a rainbow.  When thinking of an aura you can think of a rainbow and all of the colors that are possible... cool lavenders, hot pinks, mellow yellows,  these descriptions act as symbols for how the colors affect us.  Cool, Hot, and Mellow are all expressions of how something makes us feel, giving these words a symbolic quality that everyone can relate to, and picture in their mind.   With the array of the 7 colors, infinite color possibilities open up to us, all coming from the seven waves of light from the visible spectrum.  

aura colors meaning and description

Aura Description:  The energetic halo of color energy that is emitted by all living things, based on emotion and thoughts.

red aura description and color meaning, what a red aura symbolizes, symbols for a red aura include passion, aggression, zest for life. . .

Red Aura Meanings... 

Red aura color meaning represents primal life force energies, primordial power, furnishes sustenance for the physical body ~ A red aura is the aura of physical matter, and the physical world,  those with a red aura are ambitious and passionate, and dynamic with highly charged energy, enjoying adventure and physical satisfaction, with a warrior like quality. 

orange aura description and color meaning, what an orange aura symbolizes, symbols for an orange aura include vitality, abundance, generosity. . .

Orange Aura Meanings...  

Creates the glow of physical attraction and desire, exudes energies of abundance and invitation ~ A orange aura is the aura of relationship, and joyful exchange of energy, those with a orange aura seem to effortlessly manifest love, resources, energy and wealth, and are described as outgoing, supportive and friendly.

Blue aura definition and color meaning, what a blue aura symbolizes, symbols for a blue aura includes truth that is spoken and unspoken, communication, and a talent for reading the tarot. . .

Blue Aura Meaning... 

 Blue aura meaning is inspired and inspiring,  attuned to truth that is spoken and unspoken ~  A blue aura is the aura of communication, using the gift of word and song, those with a blue aura have natural gifts as speakers, and talents as musical and voice artists.  Those with a blue aura are also talented at the art of reading tarot or other oracles.

What determines the colors of someones aura?  

Your thoughts, moods and feelings determine the colors that your aura radiates.   Therefore, your aura reveals intimate details of your character, your innate nature, your mental ability, physical health or ailments, and your spiritual development.

The colors of the aura can be bright and vibrant or cloudy, this is all depending on how one feels, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  The aura will change colors as the feelings and moods change.

An optimist's aura will look vastly different than a pessimist's aura.

The seven planes and colors of the aura

Like the seven waves of color from which all color that we can see originates, there are seven planes of the aura from which all aspects of being emanate.  Like the current of an ocean these planes  undulate in constant movement flowing into and out of each other.   The aura is a dance of feeling, and the projection of a state of mind.  The planes of the aura are strikingly similar to the qualities and states of the Chakras.

The first 3 planes of the aura are the physical and emotional planes, the 4th plane is a bridge to the spiritual planes.

1.  Red - Physical - Etheric Plane
2.  Orange - Astral Plane
3.  Yellow - Lower Mental Plane
4.  Green - Higher Mental Plane
5.  Blue - Spiritual - Causal Plane
6.  Indigo - Intuitive Plane
7.  Violet-  Divine or Absolute Plane

We are sepentary beings... evolving along seven planes.  Understanding of the seven fold aura is a treasure map of the inner self, and a guide post to the development of our soul.

The definitions and aspects of the aura color meaning

Just like the 7 waves of color, and the 7 planes of the aura, there are 7 aspects to color as well.
Each color has 7 aspects to it;

1.  Supplies
2.  Vitalizes
3.  Animates
4.  Heals
5.  Inspires
6.  Enlightens
7.  Fulfills

More Aura Colors ~&~ Understanding Your Aura Color 

Yellow Aura Meaning...  Cosmic connections, awakening inner self, activating outer empowerment  ~  A yellow aura is the aura of a leader, with a strong sense of self and purpose, those with a yellow aura are described as confident, successful, motivated and determined ~ making excellent entrepreneurs and managers.

Green Aura Meaning...   Green aura color meaning encompasses healing, life giving - life affirming energies, radiant love, unconditional love energy ~ A green aura is the aura of a gifted healer, those with a green aura are described as being gentle, patient, compassionate, good with nature, animals and gardening

Indigo Aura Meaning...  Clairvoyant energies, psychic elements, synergy, cosmic flow ~  An Indigo aura is a mystic and a visionary making contact with universal knowledge, having precognition, the gift of second sight to advise others.  Those with an Indigo aura are gifted intuitives,  oracles, and mediums. 

Violet Aura Meaning...  Violet aura color meaning is the gateway to Cosmic consciousness,  mystical encounters, spiritual transcendence, infinite possibility  ~  traveling at the speed of Spirit, with thoughts of Divine nature, bringing original ideas and insights, with the essence of the highest magic, those with a Violet aura have the greatest good of all in all they think, do and say, believing that anything is possible, described as highly spiritual these individuals are primed to be shamans, spiritual guides and teachers of the mystical arts.

What the colors of your aura mean to you

If colors of the aura are bright and lustrous these energies are strong, if these colors are weak or slight these energies need focused attention and spiritual work, such as meditation and tools for adjusting thought and perspective.

When blue is in harmony with red and yellow, there is a balance of peace and well being in mind, body and soul.
From this trinity of colors, the secondary colors arise;

Orange ...   red with yellow
Green...  yellow with blue
Indigo...  orange, blue, green, purple
Violet...  red and blue

And all other colors can be created from these colors.

Gemstones and crystals carry the vibration of the color rays they hold, and are excellent tools for working with the aura and energy healing. 

Aura Color Meaning & Activating the Aura

Beginning with the basics, you now know a little bit about the aura and how it works,and you can begin to engage in aura color meditations and affirmations to help you create the energies needed for specific endeavors:

We "feel action/passion" in red -   ACTIVITY
We "think, visualize" in blue -       WISDOM
We "will/ find power" in yellow -  WILL

Red, blue and yellow are the primary colors, all other colors that we can see are a combination of these three colors, I still find this to be truly amazing.   You can engage these colors in color or aura meditation, by consciously choosing to wear these colors, or by any number of ways - let your intuition guide you here to whats most effective for you. 

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