Flower Symbolism
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Flower Symbolism and Meanings...  pg 2 The captivating timeless allure of flowers continues"Flowers speak a beautiful timeless language, each having an ancient and spiritual meaning conveying messages beyond the spoken word... A gift of flowers can melt the heart and heal many a misunderstanding"

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Not only are flowers so delicately beautiful, they are a wonderful tool from Mother Nature to do your own psychic readings, it's a fun way for those of you just beginning to develop and understand your own intuition, and for the practiced or professional psychic - flowers lend a beautiful divination tool to work with and a natural extension to your *second sight*.  For more about this see  How to do a psychic reading with flower symbolism.

To give you a deeper view of the meaning of flowers I'm adding chakra and magical correspondences, numerology of each flower and crystal companions for the flowers are being added to all of the flower meanings ;)

Here on page two of my flower meanings you'll find the flowers beginning with the letters e thru l.  Not only are we captivated by the beauty of a flower, their sweet scents fill the room with their scintillating and intoxicating perfumes inviting one to come closer. 

Flowers can also be a powerful instrument in sacred ceremonies such as rituals as well as healing and magic, working with the color and meaning to invoke energies to bless the manifestation of our desires.

Flower symbolism is so very important when giving flowers as gifts...

Sometimes flowers are a gift to others and sometimes a gift to yourself, and I simply adore the idea of giving flowers to yourself, lots and lots of beautiful fragrant flowers.  Give yourself big bouquets of bright colorful flowers to create the vibe of happiness, or to turn your bedroom into a calming zen retreat try orchids and lilies.

Flower Symbolism now includes the complimentary chakras, numerology and crystals to enhance their meanings ~ enjoy

Flower Meanings List for Flowers beginning with  " F "

forget me not flower meaning
frangipani flower meaning
fuschia flower meaning
honeysuckle flower meaning
iris flower meaning

Forget Me Not Flower...
The story goes... when God was in the garden naming all of flowers, as all of the flowers had been named, one little flower piped up and said "forget me not!", and God said "that shall be your name... forget me not" ... I just adore this meaning of this darling flower and all it symbolizes.  Chakra for the Forget me Not is the throat chakra.

Frangipani Flower...
The meanings of Frangipani flower symbolism are the magic of a Secret Garden and having 5 petals resembling a star, it symbolizes celestial magic and holds a special message of the future.  Frangipani flower works with the heart and solar plexus chakras.

Freesia Flower...
The symbolic meaning of the delicate Freesia flower is Trust.  Your path is unfolding as it should, guided by the mysterious forces of the cosmos.  Trust in your inner guidance to lead you.  Freesia flower works with the 3rd eye chakra.

Fuschia Flower...
Fuschia flower symbolizes overflowing abundance.  Also meaning luscious and lovely an intoxicating beauty.  Spread your wings in glorious freedom, abundance is raining on your path.    Fuschia flower corresponds to the crown chakra.

Flower Meanings List for Flowers beginning with  "G"

Geranium Flower...
Geranium flower holds the meaning of coming together, having a sense of togetherness of mind, body and spirit.  Symbolizing cooperation and camaraderie, expansion of ideas, aligning to a greater purpose and focusing on the greater good for the whole.     Geranium flower works with the crown chakra.

Gladiolus Flower...
The Gladiolus are a ladder to the heavens, reaching... reaching with their resplendent colors creating a magnificent rainbow of perfumed color.  Gladiolus symbolize faith and constancy, never forgetting and never giving up, believing in great blessings.  Gladiolus flower works with the awakening and rising of kundalini - all chakras in sync.

Flower Symbolism List for Flowers beginning with  "H"

Heather Flower...
Heather flower symbolism is mystery and secret longings, secret loves and following the deep call of the heart.  Heather will inspire the fulfillment of secret passions, and unexpressed creativity awaiting to unfold, these are the mysteries that are calling from deep within.  Heather flower corresponds to the heart chakra.

Hibiscus Flower...
The flower symbolism for the Hibiscus flower is to be an outward expression of joy and happiness.  It is the dream realized in enjoying every step of the way, seeing beauty and finding a reason to celebrate the simplest of joys.  Hibiscus also symbolizes an invitation to vacation far, faraway.    Hibiscus flower vibrates to the sacral and heart chakras.

Honeysuckle Flower...
The Honeysuckle flower symbolizes the flames of love and tenderness for an old flame, a first love, a love that will never be forgotten.  Perhaps this love reappears in your life, for a time or to stay.  Like the wings of a Butterfly, Honeysuckle sings the song of sweet love, and reminds us that if you let love be free it will return to you if it is meant to be.  Honeysuckle flower corresponds to the solar plexus and heart chakras.

Hyacinth Flower...
Hyacinth flower is a symbol of forgiveness and compassion, letting the past... be the past and moving forward and not letting anything or anyone hold you back from creating the life you want, the life you were meant to live.   Hyacinth flower vibrates to the throat chakra.

Hydrangea Flower...
The Hydrangea flower is a symbol of creating your destiny.  Like a parachute, riding the winds you control the direction you go... alas you control your destiny with what you choose to create, and how you respond to the winds of change in your life.  Hydrangea flower is in tune with the 3rd eye chakra.

Flower Meanings List for Flowers beginning with  "I"

Iris Flower...
Iris Flower has the meaning of being captivating with timeless eloquence and graceful beauty like the tiny dancer Elton John sings about, she is a ballerina telling her story in mesmerizing dance on the gentle breeze.  Iris flower is in accord with the crown chakra.

Flower Symbolism List for Flowers beginning with  "J"

Jasmine Flower...
The sweet Jasmine flower symbolizes unspoken elegance, comfort of the soul and demure beauty.   Close your eyes and it's fragrance will wisp you off to exotic lands and warm summer nights.  Jasmine flower corresponds to the crown chakra.

Flower Meanings List for Flowers beginning with  "L"

Lilac Flower...
Fragrant enough to fill up a room, the scent woos you to come in closer, and slip into another time, when everything moved a bit slower.  Lilacs are a symbol that Spring has arrived and old fashioned romance is flourishing in the air, take your time and let romance blossom slowly.  Lilac flower opens the heart and 3rd eye chakras.

Lily of the Valley Flower...
The Lily of the Valley is symbolic of forever love.  It also symbolizes something delicate, simple elegance and dreamy.   This tiny little treasure is the flower Kate Middleton chose for her beautiful and simply elegant wedding bouquet when marrying Prince William  April 29, 2011. Lily of the Valley flower holds the blessings of the crown chakra.

Lisianthus Flower...
The Lisianthus flower is a symbol of gratitude and appreciation.   Being grateful and thankful for the smallest blessings, naturally opens you to the gifts of new found avenues of abundance.  Lisianthus flower is attuned to the the crown chakra.

Lotus Flower...
The Lotus flower has a deep spiritual meaning of enlightenment, the Lotus rises up through pools of mud to grow to be the full expression of something beautiful and complete unto itself.
Lotus flower is in tune with the crown and heart chakras.

Lupine Flower...
Filling the fields with merriment and joy, the Lupine flower symbolizes happiness, and brings one the inner strength to recover from trauma.  The Lupine also brings the message that new opportunities are discovered when one finds the way to have a positive outlook.  Lupine flower corresponds to the 3rd eye chakra.

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