Sacred Flower Oracle Card Readings
~with modern & Victorian meanings~

This page features instructions for "How to do your own Flower Oracle Card Readings".   Flowers offer sacred messages from nature spirits.  The messages from the flowers will touch your heart and speaks to your soul.   Flowers are like kisses and winks from heaven, and this is for everyone who loves Flowers, and wants to create a special relationship with them. 

Messages from the Universe

Spirit whispers. . . To thine own self be true

No one else knows what is right for you, you alone must feel it, only the Divine spirit knows what you need and it whispers to you at all times  ~ to thine own self be true ~  . . .    ♥ Blessings  Presley Love  ♥ 

Flower Oracle Card Readings ...   On this page, I'm sharing a simple system I created to read the messages hidden in the flowers all around you. 

Flowers offer sacred messages from nature spirits, the flower symbolism touches your heart and speaks to your soul.  You can now use the flowers you've just received or just gathered from your garden to do a flower oracle reading.  The flowers themselves are the oracle messengers. Do a sacred flower reading for yourself or another without the cards!    

How to do a psychic reading with your flowers

You find yourself wanting to know the deeper meaning of the flowers... or you want to receive a message from Spirit about a current situation.  

There are flowers that are calling to you...  these are the flowers that have a message for you, so whatever flower you are drawn to in your garden or in an arrangement, is gently singing a psychic message.

You can also do a psychic reading based on the flowers in your garden or in a beautiful flower arrangement you received or got as a gift for your yourself   I get flowers for myself at least once a month, I like to put them in my bedroom to bring a luxurious spa feeling to my personal space, I also like flowers at my bistro table where I can see them from the kitchen and from the front door as soon as I come into my house, it makes it feel so cozy and inviting.

So, let's get started:

1. Determine the name of each flower** (scroll down for instructions) that you want to include in your psychic reading

2. Look up the meaning of the flowers in your bouquet or the flowers you select to reference from your garden

3. Look up the colors of the flowers, the colors will lend great significance in your reading

4. Write in a journal or on a piece of paper the meaning of each flower

5. You will begin to see how it has a message for you about this situation

6. Make notes about the psychic insights you are getting

7. Each flower meaning is part of the whole

8. Tie it all together to see the bigger picture of your reading

9. You will most likely feel very strong intuitive hits, you may receive epiphanies that will help guide you through the difficulties of the situation, at the least it will show you what you need to focus on to help you emotionally and intellectually

10. Use the information you receive in your psychic flower reading as a "base of strength and resolve", reminding you where you power is in this situation

11. Consider getting a professional psychic reading to confirm your own intuition, this is a good baseline on how you can begin to trust your own intuition, and any good psychic will encourage you to develop your own psychic skills

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~>  Compliment your Flower Oracle Card Readings with Crystal Meanings

Which Animal is trying to get
Your Attention?

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Spirit Animal Quiz

bird of paradise flower oracleBird of Paradise ~ story teller
amaryllis flower oracleAmaryllis ~ personal magic
fuschia flower oracleFuschia ~ overflowing abundance

**Instructions for finding the flowers, pictures and meanings  

Yes you can do your own simple flower oracle card readings... without using a set of cards., but using your flowers instead.

All you need to do is find the meaning of your flower on my flower pages.  There are currently about 100+ meanings of different flowers.  Simply scroll through the different flower symbolism pages to find "your flowers".  Flowers are listed A~Z. 

~>  Add a power animal to your reading 

Doing psychic readings with flower symbolism is a great way to understand the blessings of Mother Earth and her mysterious and divine energies.  

I hope you enjoyed Flower Oracle Card Readings, I thoroughly enjoyed creating this for you.

✫ ° •❥✫  ~•♥•~  © Presley Love ~•♥•~   ✫ ° •❥✫ 

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