Repeating Numbers ~ Delivering Divine Messages

Repeating Numbers - What are the numbers are telling you? 

 Meaningful messages and synchronicites are being revealed in the numbers, bringing confirmation to your instincts and intuition.

The Spiritual Meaning of Repeating Numbers. . . 

So, the same numbers keep popping into your awareness, and it definitely feels like somethings up!

What's happening?

What exactly is the significance of numbers that are repeating and frequently showing up in your midst? 

What are the messages embedded in the secret code of numbers telling you? 

Meaningful messages and synchronicities from the sacred numbers go far beyond coincidence

The Universe is trying to get your attention!

The Divine Significance of Repeating Numbers

Just like everything else numbers have a frequency.

Numbers have a very powerful signature vibration, inherent in this vibration is an energy that becomes available to us if we understand how to interpret it and apply it.
When numbers appear in repeating sequence, it's very powerful, and the Universe is asking you to take notice, it's offering special assistance to you!

A few years back, on the very auspicious date of 12.12.2012, while in contemplative meditation, I asked the Universe the deeper meaning and spiritual significance of repeating numbers and in the twinkling of an eye the meanings for repeating numbers were effortlessly and lovingly revealed.  I am blessed to share my sacred teachings with you. 

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When you see repeating numbers, there are 7 sacred power - vibrations that are all happening at the same time! 

  • The spiritual meaning of the actual number being presented amplifies
  • Synchronicity
  • Harmony
  • Alignment
  • Higher Vibration
  • Higher Order
  • DNA is in sympathetic resonance and activates higher awareness and consciousness

For example : the  repeating number of 12 on the date of  12.12.12   reduces to become a *9* in numerology
( 1+2+1+2+1+2 = 9)   or 12+12+12 = 36  also reducing to nine: 3+6 = 9

Nine in numerology holds the power of  Spiritual Transformation, transcendence at the highest level of change and acceptance.

So the message being transmitted for all on that day was about awakening, self awareness and ultimately spiritual transformation. 

Here is how the 7 sacred powers came into resonance on 12/12/12:

  • This date was indeed a very magically powerful day, with the sacred powers of 9 being beautifully amplified
  • There was an electric energy of synchronicity as millions meditated upon the possibility of a universal transformation.
  • Within the air you could feel the harmony of unified hope.
  • An alignment to higher purpose was being experienced.
  • Higher Vibrations were calling to the soul, resonating truth.
  • We were and are all being called to a honor and be of a Higher Order, an order that brings enlightenment.
  • For those that attuned to the message of this day, our DNA responded to the call, and is growing to the fulfillment of this message.

If you tune in to the number Nine you can feel the energies coursing through your Being like a symphony !!
Once you do that, then tap in deeper and feel each of the 7 vibrations listed above all happening in synergy, as you acknowledge the divine mathematical formulas of the Universe ~ that are flowing through everything! 

Just align your thoughts and your desires to the powers being offered by the vibration patterns, and you will begin to unlock the messages and magic awaiting your discovery. 


repeating numbers - art by Presley Love

When sacred number patterns reveal themselves to you, the Universe is showing you a sign, and you know that you are in divine flow... most definitely  the Universe is conspiring on your behalf!  

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Divine Repeating Number Sequences

When you see these repeating numbers, particularly again and again in a short time frame, there is definitely a message or an energy attempting to get your attention!

111 = 3  

The Inner Power of SELF is revealing itself to you, wanting to awaken

222 = 6  

Sacred unions and partnerships will open new spiritual gifts and powers

333 =

A sacred path of discovery is opening to you

444 =

Angels are in your midst, your dreams are being assisted

555 = 6  

The path of creativity...  creative manifestation will prove fruitful

666 =

Intuition is awakening the path of a new journey, spiritual growth unfolds 

777 = 3  

Your Lucky Star is shining... The path of luck is unfolding before you

888 = 6  

Divine Abundance is close upon you, trust your inner guidance

999 = 9

Spiritual Devotion brings forth your greatest gifts, stay true to the course

1010 =

The path of Your Destiny and Divine Calling comes into view

1111= 4  

The spiritual of the quickening is now, divine insights and revelations abound

1212 =

Let your imagination run wild! The hour of high magic is upon you, an invitation to conspire with the magnificent energies of the Universe

123 = 6  

Go baby Go, Get Started Now!  Unleash your magic in the world, this is the perfect time

321 = 6  

A sure signal that the countdown has begun, divine abundance is being delivered to your door

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