Dark Night of the Soul

The Dark Night of the Soul. . .  ~ by Presley Love   There comes a time when many of us encounter a time of great change.  It is a changing of the guard, it is the letting go of the false self and a reunion with your authentic self.  It is most definitely challenging and painful.  If you’re feeling very very stressed and can’t seem to find your center,   most certainly you are passing through the “dark night of the soul” ~ hang on and fill your time with anything that gives you peace and empowerment.  This is a time when you are asked to go deep within, to heal wounds, anxieties and fears of the past or future.

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What is the meaning of the Dark Night of the Soul

What is the meaning of the dark night of the soul. . . ?   Our spirit self has become weary of the negativity, the games, the politics and is seeking a return to love and truth.  When this happens we begin to face our shadow, that aspect of ourselves that is not in alignment with higher truth.  It is usually quite painful as we reconcile our past and reach for something sacred.  We feel unworthy to step into a new level of being when we have so many guilts from the the past.  Forgiveness of ourselves is difficult, and takes time.  The hardest thing is letting go of our own misdeeds, to others and to ourselves.  This is the dark night of the soul.  Healing wounds of the past, healing mistakes of the past, letting go of temptations that would lead us into darkness.

To come into alignment with the Great Spirit one must be willing to create new ways of doing things with full knowledge that all deeds are recorded on the soul chart and must be accounted for.  When going through the dark night of the soul we begin to see the records of our past, and we must now begin to be fully committed to a new way of doing and being.

During this process you may find yourself crying or feeling lost frequently,  this is your emotional body desiring reunion with the soul self. 

Luxuriate in divine healing energies

Affirmation:  I luxuriate in Divine Healing Energies. . . 
thinking of nothing else,
the energies are free to do the Divine work of healing

~ Open and Allow ~

What Spirit is asking of us in the dark night of the soul

When you want change, great change you must enter the dark night of the soul.   You are being asked to live at a higher degree of integrity.  You are being asked to love yourself despite your past, and this may be the hardest part of the journey.

You are being asked by Spirit to find your power right here right now with the resources that are available to you in this moment, and taking one step at a time, be it a baby step or a giant leap, just keep moving in the direction that feeds your soul.  If you are doing what feeds your soul, you are on the right path.  If you can find joy in this, you are living a life that is in alignment with your highest good.

You can begin by doing what lights you up, doing what fills your soul, by listening to the inner guidance that was always there even if you didn't heed it's messages in the past.  You are being asked to set aside all of this to make room for the new.

How to know when what you are doing is the right thing


You will always know that you are doing exactly the right thing when these 2 things line up:

1.  It feels good and fills you with joy

2.  It is good for you and is the greatest good of all

That's all, as long as you do this things will begin to shift.   The more you do it, the quicker things will shift.  

Spirit is asking you to share your authentic self and your authentic gifts with the world, with an open heart, for the greatest good of all.. 

On the journey of the dark night of the soul you're not quite sure where you're headed, and that can be scary.  But if you stay on course the path will be lit before you and just as the ships on the sea travel the vast oceans at night they are guided by the stars to show them the way to go, and they truth in faith that the dawn of the morning light will rise.  You too, must trust that you are being guided to your highest and best good, your highest and best noble self, and that self will live a happy and fulfilled life filled with inspiration and creativity and high vibrations.

Your life purpose is different from everyone else.  Only your heart can tell you what it is.  But the big clues are in what makes you feel love… if you love what you’re doing then that is what you are meant to be doing at this time.  Enjoy it, and let the pressure and expectations go.  Do what you’re doing like you’re creating a gift for God/Goddess and you will be filled with light!

Do what you love and the path will become apparent, but be patient things were not meant to manifest instantly or even too quickly, (don’t be fooled by the LOA idea that everything should happen in the blink of an eye just for the wishing of it!!) for if they did, and we did not have to work for our dreams, we would have no appreciation for them when they manifested ~ the sense of deep meaning  and connection to divine guidance would not be present.  It may take years to accomplish your dreams, enjoy the path … that is most important.

If you can enjoy the path of creating your dreams as much as having them come true, you have found the Secret!

Exercises for Peace and Healing on the Dark Night of the Soul


Imagine a Genies Lamp. . .

Meditate on the blue mist coming from the genie’s lamp, and let the mist speak to you, as a messenger from Spirit reminding you of what brings joy and happiness into your heart and soul, of that which makes you shine… then go do it, for this is what you were meant to do!


Meditate on Highest Self. . .

Imagine your highest self, the embodiment of your best most noble and authentic self.  Connect to that feeling, immerse yourself in that divine and pure essence.   Do this daily so that you can call upon this essence when you need it, for it is you after all in your highest form.  This higher self can be your guiding light, it is in constant communion with the Divine Source, just be open to it.


Prayer.  Prayer always brings relief.


Ask for the Angels to come to your side and be with you, and before your request is finished you will feel the loving and gentle energies of the Angels at your side.

See the list of personal values to determine where you are guided to set your intentions and boundaries

Remember, the dark night of the soul is a transition,
and the birth of your higher self is happening

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