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"Peacock symbolizes and personifies grace and dignity, like that of royalty.  

Effortlessly beautiful and captivating in every nuance and move. 

The unfolding of the Peacock’s tail feathers is as elegant as a ballet dancer, sensual and exotic, telling a story of romance, attraction and allure".   

Peacock Spirit, Totem Animal Symbolism and Meaning

Peacock Meaning… 
Be Bold, Be Feisty & Be Fabulous Darlings

Peacock ... is a gorgeous messenger of dreaming all that you can be with no limits ... embracing infinite possibility.

Peacock will love to stroll along your side  and tell you the secrets of believing that anything you dream is possible.

With Peacock as your animal guide, he will tell you the power of believing that all things come in perfect timing, just trust in the process and allow the Universe to do it's magic working on your behalf. 

The Peacock also is referenced by the name Peafowl.

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Peacock Symbolism | Spirit Animal & Totem Medicine

Peacock brings the symbolic powers of
  dreaming, prosperity

Peacock shares the totem animal energies of
  grace, dignity , self expression

Peacock spiritual meaning & spirit animal magic of:
   perfect timing, word magic

Peacock Totem Animal ~ The Peacock represents the symbolsim of splendor, pride, eloquence to name but a few. . .

Peacock species and facts 

Proud as a Peacock,
and rightly so...

 The exquisite motto of the Peacock says: 
If you got it flaunt it!

Peacock Spirit Animal … Totem of  Universal Magic

With Peacock as your spirit animal you will  love the high magic of conspiring with the Universe.  

Communicating with the Universe from your heart space, letting your imagination create the perfect vision of what you want, and calling that which you desire into form. 

These are the elements of infinite possibility, these are the energies that ignite you into action and set you on fire. 

With Peacock energies you are unstoppable… albeit with overflowing grace and dignity.

Peacock wears a beautiful array of colors, feeling the freedom and delights of self expression, in the style of an Empress. 

Peacock can guide you to express yourself with beautiful adornments of jewelry that reflect your personality and spirit. 

Peacock an Eloquent Symbol of Self Expression

As Peacock displays her ardor for luxuriating in the dance of self expression, it is in this dance  that Peacock opens up the 5th chakra, the chakra of communication. 

Communicating what you think and feel in the most authentic and beautiful ways reflects the energy of the Peacock. 

Communication with yourself is the most important communication you can have, this is where transformational  conversations begin... with yourself. 

Peacock symbolism exemplifies the idea that you must be willing to learn to be truthful and honest with yourself, as well as others in grace and dignity. 

Peacock Spiritual Meaning & the Essence of Positivity ...

You will find great power in focusing on the positive aspects of yourself, that which makes you indefinably unique and beautiful. 

You will find deep wells of untapped inner power in letting go of negative commentary and conversations about yourself, your beliefs and expectations.

This is the spiritual meaning that the Peacock power animal exudes and  speaks to your heart. 

Have frequent conversations with yourself that are healing, speak the words to yourself that have the affirmative power of healing and transformation.  This is the art of the magic of the universe, that opens the law of attraction. 

Peacock Symbolism & the Power of the 5th Chakra...

Peacock is ever prosperous and has learned the path to prosperity and abundance. 

With power emanating from the 5th Chakra, the Peacock teaches that your words have great influence over your prosperity, indeed having the power to create or repel prosperity. 

Peacock power animal guides you to only speak the words of prosperity and possibility, and in doing so you begin to influence your world, the world around you and the outcomes you desire.  Chakra Animals

Special Magic of the Peacock Power Animal...

The special magic of Peacock symbolism reflects the message of "Perfect Timing". 

You are a beautiful and exotic expression of Spirit, and in taking this message of perfect timing to heart you will experience a new sense of freedom that lets you pursue your dreams without unrealistic expectations... knowing that what you need and desire all show up in your life at just the right time.... when you are ready

Crystals that work well with Peacock totem medicine:

Chrysocolla, Turquoise, Amethyst see more about these crystals ! 

Native American Meaning of Peacock

Native American symbolism for the Peacock is connection to the stars and the heavens, like a heavenly body.   Peacock is also a legendary symbol of beauty and dignity to the Native Americans. 

To the Hindu's the Peacock symbolizes patience and kindness and is a hallmark of benevolence, and spiritual providence. 

Peacock Spirit Animal symbolizes "be proud of who you are" . . .

Dream Symbolism of the Peacock

What does it mean when you dream of the Peacock?

Right below the surface of something ordinary is the longing for the emergence of something extraordinarily beautiful. 

When you dream of Peacock, you are ready to be on full display of brilliance in your career or in your love life, you just need to take a deep breath and connect to the part of you that chose to take this path in life.   Look beyond the struggles that has brought you thus far.

Dreaming of Peacock is a confirmation that streams of treasures and riches flow to you in a stream of abundance when Peacock is your totem animal. 

If Peacock has just arrived in your life, so too is the path of prosperity now opening to you ~ but you must meet it half-way.  

You must be proud and confident ~ like the Peacock.  For the blessings you dream of to come to you, you must know that it is meant to be, and that as you rise your head to receive it, the blessings will begin to arrive in your life. 

Just like the Peacock, don't be afraid to "shake your tail-feathers", don't be afraid to embrace your gifts and who you really are ~ Peacock says "Darling, be extraordinary, forget everything that has ever held you back, and begin now".

Take a look at this lovely video about the Peacock Totem ~ enjoy!

 Peacock, A Mystical Symbol of Conspiring with the Universe 

Peacock Symbolism ~ by Presley Love

Sources & Reference:  Presley Love is founder and author of, she is a professional intuitive and energy healer, using her gifts and divination arts to channel messages from the animals and nature spirits.  additional inspiration and reference material:  Carl Jung: , Nature and National Geographic 

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