Symbolic Meaning of Fox
fortune, luck and opportunity

Message from the Universe

The Universe says:  You Are Given the Fuel to Manifest Your Desires
All that you desire is within your grasp.  Upon your creation you are given by Divine Providence all of the Fuel you need to manifest your desires, however it is ultimately up to you to to determine how you will use the fuel you have been given.  You can use it for creative manifestation or for folly, it is all up to you -  See it, feel it, touch it. . .  manifest your desires ~ ♥  Presley Love  ♥ ~

Symbolic Meaning of Fox...  by Presley Love  

"Fox symbolism holds the magic of pure luck and brings the energies of mischief and opportunity.

 Fox totem loves to play reminding you to make time to play ~ forgetting your worries". 

If you are lucky in all that you do, alas the Fox is at your side, if however you are in need of luck and a spot of good fortune . . . the Fox is your go to animal totem.

Fox Meaning ~

Fox is a magical totem of Luck  & Fortune . . .

Fox is a Fortune Hunter, Delivering Pure Luck to those who dare to venture deep into vast and unknown territories,  those particular territories which hold our innermost fears . . .

Alas, Fox symbolism holds the meaning to have luck beyond luck, and to have fortune bless you.   Think of winning big in Vegas, or winning the lottery - this is luck beyond luck, this is a blessing of cosmic forces. 

There are those who are born with the the luck of the Fox, these are those who are called the "golden child",  those who seem to have favor on their path in every venture.  The blessings of Fox shine upon them in all that they do.

So dear friend, if you want sheer luck in your venture or conquest . . . Fox magic is most definitely the totem spirit animal you want to call on!

And... if you've already been blessed with luck  . . .   Luck of an extraordinary kind, be sure that Fox has been at your side every step of the way with you on your adventures! 

Fox as a Symbol of Play

Fox is a playful sprite, nimble, quick in a flash you see him and in another flash he is gone ~ adding to his charm and magical allure.

Another meaning that is most certainly attributed to the Fox is that he is oh so charming in his mischievous ways, you can't help but find him irresistible and quite entertaining, and he seems to know it full well, he finds great pleasure in entertaining you, it's all part of his well laid plans to get his way, to trick you or take your loot!  

 Fox Spirit Medicine...

Fox symbolic meaning and totem gifts of :
cleverness, agility, play, feminine empowerment

Fox brings the spirit animal energies of :
mischief, magic, opportunity,

Fox brings the animal magic of :
charm, curiosity, luck

fox kit symbol of play

Symbolic Meaning of Fox ~ mischievous and lucky

fox totem
red fox totem

please support the Fox all Wildlife at WWF

Exploring the Symbolic Meaning of Fox...  

Lets' dive deeper into the symbolic meaning of Fox and it's connection to luck and good fortune.

For thousands of years the Fox has been considered very lucky symbol, but is it luck or is it skill to plan out just what you want in the most opportune way and strike at the very best time? 

Indeed, this kind of luck has a bit of help, the kind of help that takes skill of observation, trust in ones own abilities and the learned knowledge of timing. 

Ah yes, something for you to ponder in your thoughts about luck and the symbolic meaning of Fox.

Luck is sometimes called "Lady Luck" . . . and a Frank Sinatra song with the phrase states it's perfectly "Luck, be a Lady tonight".    I think the Fox is the quintessential symbol of Lady Luck, so elegant, oozing with charm and to top it off has Luck to spare!

The Japanese name for Fox is Kitsune ~ the symbolic meaning of this word is good fortune!

Fox as an Imitable Sprite

Fox spirit guide is a fascinating power animal... being both very keen in all that he does and balancing it beautifully with the love to have fun while working.

Further symbolism of the Fox conveys that he is a trickster, he can distract you with play and folly and just when you're not looking ~ run off with with your prize... faster than you can say "where's my ........"?

Symbolic meaning of Fox ~&~ the Svengali Effect

Because the Fox totem animal is so very clever and quick he is renowned for magic ~ he has a Svengali effect, enchanting you with his ways. All of this makes Fox the supreme opportunist! 

With all of this magic, of course the Fox is the preeminent symbol of the Sprite!

On top of it all, Fox simply adores being mischievous, she delights in it, she reminds you of an adolescent just getting a taste of independence and showing you who's in charge, at every turn testing your wits and your boundaries, all the while with laughter a smile, and the twinkle of an eye!

Fox Spirit Animal Brings the True Spiritual Meaning of Playtime...

Fox loves to romp through the fields and the snow, he reminds us to enjoy our life and to play in the outdoors as much as possible. While not hunting, the Fox is adventuring and ever so curious ~ thoroughly enjoying his day.

Fox is a reminder to everyone to Love what you do and to do it with enthusiasm.  

Fox is a symbol of being Light - hearted.


Symbols of  Beauty
and the Symbolic Meaning of Fox

With a very gorgeous coat, sporting a debonair demeanor and dashing good looks, along with a little flirtatious swing of the hip,  Fox totem wants to remind us to be beautiful and stylish, celebrating our inner Foxy ~ ness!  

Anytime someone gives you a compliment of how gorgeous you look... yeah ~ give a nod to your Fox totem!

Fox is an excellent symbol to ward away jealously and envy, particularly for females.  Once a female steps into the power of who she truly is, she becomes a symbol of reigning success.   
Fox embraces this authenticity, and wears her authenticity like a crown.

Fox ~&~  the symbolic meaning
of what it is to be a Vixen ~

The name for the female Fox is Vixen. 

For us humans, a vixen has always had the reputation of being a dangerous femme fatale.  Having the ability to lure in males and send them away just as quickly, without a second thought. 

The reason for this association is that the female Fox animal sends out a scent to lure her mate when she is ready to mate, her mate who is the same mate year after year picks up her scent and faithfully returns to her. 

After mating however the female sends her mate away again, to raise her young on her own. 

She will beckon him again to return only when her kit has grown and left her side, and she is ready to mate yet once again.  She is so irresistible that he returns year after year.

The Vixen makes the rules of the relationship!  The Vixen has a message for today's women;  know your worth, define your boundaries and the right man will find you beyond Irresistible!

The Symbolic Meanings of the Red, Gray, Silver & Arctic Fox

Red Fox  ~  The Red Fox carries with it the symbolism and totem powers of passion and energy, in touch with the primordial Earth spirit, having confidence that the Earth supplies for all of it's needs. 

Gray FoxSilver Fox  ~  The Gray Fox also known as the Silver Fox is symbolic of being debonair, svelte and in good taste.  His discreet manner is that of nobility and refinement.  The fur of the Silver Fox is almost iridescent as it sparkles in the sun, capturing the essence of wealth and good fortune.  

Arctic Fox  ~  The Arctic Fox is a sign of magic amidst the ordinary,  capable of invisibility with the cloak of snow surrounding it, magic is most definitely afoot when the Arctic Fox appears for you.

Symbolic meaning of Fox totem... to be Mischievously Lucky & Clever !

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