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Cat Symbolism...      Magical and Oh So Very Independent

  "Cat is fanciful and ever so independent.   Cat is a powerful totem when you are in need of independence and self confidence.  Cat moves in elegant and beguiling ways, lending to her mystery and her magic.  Cat knows the ways of the magic realm, whenever you do magic or ritual work Cat will come to your side having been drawn to the energies, staying near... bathing in the luxurious energies".   by Presley Love

Cat Meaning ~
And The Power of Pampering Ones Self

Cat totem medicine teaches one to celebrate your independence... go to the beach and lounge luxuriously,  nap under an umbrella, sip on a tall cool drink, and just allow yourself to "be".

The Cat offers us an elegant symbolic reminder  to just "be".  

Cat represents having a finely tuned sense of self care, self pace and self nourishment, take time to yourself, to pamper yourself with pure delight... just like a Cat!  

Practice being just like the Cat spirit animal symbol,  do it with style and grace,  offering no apologies or excuses ...  

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Cat Symbolism & Medicine Powers...

Cat totem brings the gifts of:  just being, 9 lives, affection

Cat shares the spirit animal energies of:  independence, exploration

Cat teaches the animal magic of:  spell-crafting,  mind reading

Cat Tattoo Ideas

kitten symbolism

Telepathy & Intuition
makes Cat Symbolism truly magical

cat totem

A symbol of curiosity for all things
~ great & small

cat symbol

Cat ~ utterly, delightfully independent 

Symbols and Charms of the Cat...

There are many magnificent spiritual significances of the Cat ... along with it's affinity for magic!  Cat is the premiere example of becoming more independent,  Call upon the symbolic meaning of Cat and his energy when you feel the need for independence...

Cat is a phenomenal companion, as he comes to you for pets and affection he looks deep into your eyes and you feel a connection of the heart and soul.  He will want to contribute to the household bringing you a mouse, a bird or whatever he can catch.  Cat meaning of this is that this is his way of delivering dinner for the family.  Be sure to always show your appreciation for his gifts... you can dispose of his contribution when he is not looking, if you do dispose of it while he is looking he will give you the look of bewilderment and confusion and even hurt, so always say thank you so he knows that his efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Curiosity is also a charm of Cat symbolism, he loves exploring,  particularly new environments,  he will seek out every nook and cranny until satisfied that he knows he has discovered the lay of the land... or the house.  He will open and explore the drawers, the cabinets and the closets until fully satisfied that he has uncovered all that is to be found.  This is superb symbolism for exploring, explore your options until you find the answers. 

Learn the art of saying "No",  from the Cat Power Animal...

Cat power animal has learned the art of saying no!   When Cat doesn't want to do something it just doesn't happen no matter how much begging, pleading or even bribing... Cat just says no!  This is gorgeous symbolic energy of embracing your ability to quit pleasing others... Cat says "please yourself darling".      With the ability to just tune out anything or anyone that is getting on it's nerves,  we can call upon Cat symbolism and he will assist and and encourage us to do the same.

Cat spirit animal knows what he likes and what he doesn't,  and he knows what he wants and when he wants it.  He's been referred to as being finicky ~ Actually it's all about refusing to accept or tolerate what doesn't fit or feel good in his life.  Call upon Cat spirit animal and he will guide you and show you the way to master this empowering ability. 

Mythical powers and Magic Symbols of the the Cat

The Cat is all about magic, and performing death defying feats!

The Cat symbol owns legendary status for it's mythical powers of escaping danger and near certain death, this is why the legend says that the Cat has 9 lives, as it always seems get another chance.  His ability to escape harm and injury is absolutely uncanny.

Totem Powers of Affection and Independence from the Cat

Despite his reputation for being finicky, aloof and independent,  Cat is actually very affectionate and will curl up in your lap, or next to you in bed and purr just being next to you.  Because of his love of affection, he has great healing abilities, he heals emotions, fears and loneliness.   Therefore affection is one of the greatest gifts and symbolism of the Cat.   

One of the most powerful and ancient symbols and influences of the Cat is it's association with magic. Cat has many magical abilities... heightened awareness and senses,  mind-reading, a significant spiritual meaning of the Cat is being a "familiar" to those who practice magic... spellcasting and ritual work.  

The meaning of Kittens....  

The symbolism of kittens is to be adorable, hugable, cute and mischievous and to play - play - play all day long filling the heart with pure delight!

Call upon Cat symbolism for all of your practical, and not so practical magic

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