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Cat Tattoo Ideas. . .   Cat tattoos symbolically represent all things clandestine and mysterious, but in a good way!  It is like keeping a secret that is special to you that no one would understand. It is about being clandestine about things in your life that are your personal power.

These things should never be shared with anyone because they are sacred and of a higher spiritual nature. If you share these precious details about your life with someone, no one will feel the depth of conviction that you feel about it, and their disbelief may dissolve the power you have access to; by way of doubt.

Cat Tattoo Ideas ~ Whimsical, Playful, Cute & Cuddly Tat Designs for Creative Inspiration


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Whimsical cats in playful and precocious poses. . . 
Did you know that Cats were worshiped by the Egyptians, who held the cat as a gift from the Divine ~ just sayin' they have had great powers throughout our known history

cuddly tribal cat tat idea, the pose that melts our hearts

Adorable cat tattoo ideas: vintage cats prancing and frolicking in the snow with umbrellas ~ oh my ;)

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 Cat Symbolism & Meaning

Cat Tattoo Meaning ~ Stealth and Secret Powers. . .

Cat tattoo meaning is about an aspect of the clandestine, and that is, stealth. To be like the cat, is to be stealthy in what you do. No one needs to know what you are up to. Some people just simply like to divulge everything about their lives, and they don't know that they are giving away their power. The power that you feel when you are clandestine about your life is a spiritual relationship with the Creator that needs to be honored by being kept a secret.

The stealthiness represented by the cat tattoo idea is necessary to becoming successful at anything. Large corporations keep their company secrets, a secret, and so should you. There is no telling what you may become, or what you might achieve in life, but if you are giving away all of your secrets, the road to success will be long and difficult. The cat means keeping your power to yourself, greedily if necessary.

Cat tattoo symbolism represents knowing what your power is, and knowing how to protect it. What are some forms of power, and how do they come to you. All power is a form of revelation from the universe. It is a divine communication between the Spirit of God, and you. These revelations can come in the form of dreams, visions, a feeling, a premonition, or in something that someone says to you. Whatever form the revelation takes, it should be cherished, because it is a priceless gift from the Creator to you on a personal level.

The cat tattoo symbol signifies that you have to protect the investment that the universe is making in you. When creation speaks to you on an intimate level, you have to remember that it didn't come from you, but from a divine source. That is why you need to keep the information clandestine. That knowledge is between you and the Divine. The Creator is personally sponsoring your destiny by sharing these inspiring thoughts with you. In time, you will see how valuable you are, and it will come to define your character. It will be the secret of your success.

The cat tattoo idea also conveys the meaning of "a seeking of personal power". If you watch a cat for very long you can tell that they are all about personal power. They are very territorial and are always seeking anything that makes it feel more powerful. They mark their territory, they tend to be territorial towards other cats and are always bucking for position. The way they walk and investigate things is a sign of a constant search for power. Have you ever seen a cat stalk another cat or a bird or insect? That predatory instinct is an acknowledgement of its personal power.

How would you translate cat tattoo meaning into human terms?

The human search for power is a very sophisticated one, but it becomes more powerful when made simple. That is why Buddhist monks are such powerful people. They have found inner power and are not searching for it in some external means. Once you find your inner power, it just keeps on growing, as long as you stay focused on it. You cannot find your inner power unless you come into contact with the divine. You will need to reach out to the Divine Creator to receive your inner power, but once you have it, cherish it and nurture it. The cat "greedily" protects its power, and so should you!                         related:  more tattoo ideas  | tarot card meanings |  tattoo history

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