Symbolic Meaning of Raccoon
& the Spiritual Meaning of the Raccoon
Be fearless and go after what you really want ❤️

Symbolic Meaning of Raccoon..   

Raccoon symbolism and spiritual meaning includes the traits and energies of secrets, Robin Hood, bandits, masks, fearlessness, curiosity, family devotion, nocturnal, night vision, exploration, a trickster... and more!

Raccoon symbolism and meaning, Raccoon spirit, power, and totem animal

Ohhh my, is the Raccoon a pirate under that mask?? 

Well, with a perfect mask one might believe that he/she is the great spirit animal for the pirate!!  Perhaps we should ask Johnny Depp what he thinks!!

Ah but alas... the Raccoon brings more than the symbol or image of the masked bandit to mind, indeed!

With so many mystical symbols and totem animal powers he has much to teach about how to go after what you want, what you really want! 

Not to forget, "he is ever curious and playful while on the hunt for his next raid... in your garden"!!   

Raccoon shows up as a reminder to be playful in your quests, and to hunt for your treasure like a bandit, never give up on what you really want!!

The energies of the Raccoon spirit animal is nocturnal in nature,  just like the Owl. 

The Raccoon usually waits for the cover of night to do his fetching.  So, are you a nocturnal creature of the night?  If so, tap into and enjoy your personal magic in the quickening between dusk and dawn.

He will come under the cloak of darkness to get his booty ~ his loot, or to do his work at night like dare I say... Batman! 

This can be a very powerful message to keep your "million dollar ideas" close to the vest lest others will take the loot of your ideas for themselves ~ some things need to be kept secret until you are ready for the big unveiling. 

As the Raccoon is one of the totem animals of the night, and the magic of the darkness it naturally invites the question; 

Do you dream up your greatest ideas at night? 

If so, your powers are connected to nocturnal energies, so begin exploring these ideas and the create the most ideal options to get what you want, be clever and stealthy like the Raccoon!

Raccoon power, spirit and totem animal, raccoon spiritual meaning

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The symbolic meaning of Raccoon, curious and playful raccoon, perhaps a bit of a pirate spirit

 Raccoon Spirit Animal ~ the Medicine & Symbols

Symbolic meaning of Raccoon :  Curiosity,  Exploration

Raccoon brings the totem energies of :  Night Vision,  Devotion to Family

Raccoon brings the spiritual meaning & magic of :  

Keeping Secrets,  Masks,  Connecting to Trees

Raccoon symbolism and meaning, Raccoon Spirit Animal, Raccoon family up in a tree

The symbolic meaning of the Raccoon teaches the craft of exploring

every nook and cranny ~ every conceivable option!

Raccoon as a playful Totem...

Raccoon is the picture perfect playful and adventurous bandit, and ever so adorable with his mask!   What a fun spirit guide he is.

The Raccoon can also bring a message that we sometimes need to wear different masks ~ sometimes you’re a boss, sometimes you’re a mom, sometimes you’re a coach … you can wear many masks just in one day ~ they are all versions of yourself.  Raccoon energy is to embrace and love the many aspects of yourself!

Spiritual meaning of Raccoon, protecting your dreams and your family

Up in a Tree

Like a clever spy, the Raccoon and her family hold tight in the limbs of a tree.

From here in the cover of safety, they spy, they plan and they conspire... waiting patiently for the opportune time to come raid your garden, to feast upon any delicacies that might be found or scouted. 

And when we catch a glimpse of them up in the tree we say "ohhhhh look, aren't they cute, huddling up in the tree".  We are captured by their cuteness!!  

And when they look us in the eye, we swoon!  They do have a special charm about them don't they?!

So, the Raccoon has a special association with the trees, being a spot of safety and also being a fantastic lookout post!

Raccoon symbolism and meaning, adventure, curiosity, protecting self and family

Raccoon Spirit Animal Meaning:  Explore Your Options

Raccoon spirit animal shows us that he is a specialist in exploring every option looking for his treasure aka his dinner!!  This shows us a very powerful lesson in teaching us to explore our options when we want something and to explore and leave no stone unturned.  

He loves to spend his time fine dining with his family ~ perhaps in your garden! 

The Raccoon totem reminds us to eat raw … or at the very least add a delicious banquet of fruits and veggies to your meals.  

As mentioned earlier, the Raccoon loves to spend his time in trees, there may be a Raccoon in the tree just outside your front door and you’ll never know it if you don’t see him scampering up to his favorite “lookout spot”.  

This visit from the Raccoon could be a clue that you'd enjoy spending time or even better spending the night in a tree house, or at the very least spend some time lounging under a big shady tree!!

Be fastidious and clean

The Raccoon as a symbol of cleanliness. 

Raccoon washes her/his face and hands often, they are supreme symbols of keeping yourself clean, refreshed and looking your very best.  

Raccoon spiritual meaning

Putting Family First

Even though the Raccoon cannot escape her image as being the quintessential bandit, the Raccoon has the most incredible family priorities and values.

When the Raccoon has found dinner for the night, the parents will allow their young to feed first, and only when the young have finished will the parents have their meal!  

This is the most loving and generous attribute of the Raccoon, truly showing his/her devotion to their family.  

My encounters with the Charming Bandit Raccoon...

One of my favorite memories of the Raccoon is when I lived in a house at the edge of the forest, there were lots of Raccoon’s sharing the neighborhood!  

I remember one night not long after moving into the house... it was about 10pm and I walked into the family room, the lights were dim and I was closing down the house for the night getting ready to go to bed... that's when something caught my eye at the sliding glass door... I took a double take and realized that there was a full grown raccoon standing on his hind quarters, front paws on the glass and he was peering inside …  he stood at least 2 and half feet tall... he wasn’t frightened at all, and he was as curious about me as I was about him!  

For several minutes we shared a spot of pure magic.  Was he a bandit peering in seeing if the coast was clear, looking for a way to get in?  Was he looking for a way in to get some real loot from the kitchen?  Yeah I think so!  I've since heard stories of Raccoon's frequently finding their way inside to have a gourmet meal.  

After this encounter this Raccoon and his family felt comfortable and welcome at my home and came by often for a late night dinner ~ as I started leaving veggies and other Raccoon delights out for them on the deck.  

I've since moved from that house and I'll admit I miss the visits by him and his family, and whenever I see a Raccoon I remember him and his family fondly.

Also, since Raccoon has called to you, it will benefit you to look into the teachings of the the Bear and Panda... as they will help you have deeper understanding of your query - - (they are actually distantly related to the Raccoon!)  

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Symbolic Meaning of Raccoon... 
Raccoon reminds you to be curious
and explore your options

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