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Spend one day. . .  to pause, to reflect, to think upon the question: "what is it that makes me truly happy and fulfilled"?  Do you know the answer to this question - without hesitation?  Spirit asks you to take a day, find a journal and prepare your answer, what you discover here will be your personal doctrine of what sets you free and ignites the flame within. 
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Bear Symbolism...   

"Bear invites you to embrace your power, the power of your Spirit". 

Bear power animal has a mystical energy of supreme strength and fearlessness, carrying an aura of dominion and authority, and because of this the Bear totem is legendary for raw power and fierce strength.

Bear Meaning ~ the Ancient Medicine
and Powers of Bear...

Bear has many secrets to share, other symbols and medicines just as extraordinary as his power, and even a bit mysterious...

We are breathless and captivated by his presence when we see him from afar, but to happen upon him in the woods, ah that is not for the weak of hearts.   Nor is it safe to try to encounter a Bear in the wild. 

A Bear can reach the speed of 50mph, and can navigate the most difficult terrain of a mountainside with ease.  Keep this in mind, Bear is an animal that demands respect of it's territory, to the death if necessary.

To meditate upon meeting the Bear in the woods, he shows us the depth of power she/he possesses, and humbles us to remember the laws of respect and boundaries, for we would never entertain the idea to cross the boundaries of respect with this ancient symbol of power. 

Bear totem animal teaches the laws of boundaries, both for self and for others.  Bear does not hide his intentions, his only agenda is to maintain his territory and boundaries.  

If you are trespassing his boundaries it is you that must leave.  This is powerful medicine if Bear is your totem or if you are seeking his spirit animal energies. 

Through myth and lore, Bear is also known as the cave bear, a spirit animal of protection.  The cave is symbolic of ancient mysteries, and a womb of many secrets, among these secrets is the secret of inner power.

Bear totem will lead you on a journey of introspection, into the deep caves and caverns where he will guide you to sit with yourself, to meditate in stillness. 

It is here in the cavern with the Bear Spirit that you must learn to be comfortable alone with self and Spirit, until the moment that visions begin to play upon the fields of your mind.  This is the vision quest where your true power will come to you in vision and in dream-time. 

 Bear Medicine & Totem Energies...

Bear brings the totem gifts
of meditation, sweet delight

Bear symbols and spirit animal medicine
strength, ferocity, protection

Bear meaning & shamanic magic 
  dream-time, vision quest

bear totem with cub
bear meaning

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I encourage you to take a moment to watch this video about the Bear, I love the insights that Laura Daligan shares with us

The Mysticism of the Bear Spirit Animal ...

The Bear is also a symbolic totem of a deep long sleep, and invites you to take a long meditative journey to discover self and the calling of your heart and soul...

Bear totem is your protector in the dream world, be it a vision quest or a dream in deep sleep.

You can also call upon the protection of the Bear totem to chase away the spirit energies that cause nightmares as Bear  is the Dream -Time Protector.

Further Bear meaning shows us that the female Bear is the epitome of a ferocious yet gentle spirit, here the phrase "mama bear" comes to mind, and we are reminded that she is a wonderful mother but will protect her cubs with all of her strength and might.

Spirit of the Bear is to enjoy the journey... symbolizing rest and retreat  

The Bear spirit animal likes to spend most of it's time alone, meandering the forests hunting for berries and enjoying the delight of honey and berries. 

The meaning and symbols of Bear are inviting you to enjoy the journey, to truly delight in the sweetness of all of life's little enjoyments. 

Bear will travel where he needs to go to get the resources he requires, he knows the land well, and he senses the turning of the seasons as he is drawn to the river to fish to provide him the nourishment he needs for his hibernation, at the end of summer.

Bear knows when it is time to rest and retreat. 

Bear gathers the nutrients he needs to sustain him for the long winters rest, the dream-time of winter hibernation. 

Bear has many travels in his dream-time, Bear symbolism invites you to travel the vast Universe in dream, meditation and vision quest.

Bear Symbolism is inviting you to unleash the essence of your inner power.

The Bear totem animal is symbolic as the ruler of his/her domain, his/her land.... and as big as she/he is, /she/he can come upon you in silence, can smell your fear and you will have to lay down and play dead for the Bear to pass you by.

The spiritual meaning of Bear Symbolism

Bear is a great spiritual teacher and a legendary symbol and totem.

It is a great honor and responsibility to have Bear symbol walking beside you ~ teaching you humility and how to access your greatest strengths and spiritual powers.

Bear Totem medicine teaches that in order for you to get what you want you must overcome your fears, laying down your ego so that your inner power of vision can prevail.

The Bears strength is mythical , because in one swipe Bear can lay end to man and animal alike.

Symbolic Meaning of Different Bears

Each and every bear carries a unique symbolic meaning, because each is unique in Spirit and each bear has distinct needs for survival, diet and terrain.  

Some Bears live and thrive in the mountains, some near the sea, some live in the coldest parts of our planet. 

When you contemplate the meaning of the Bear, think about where and how the bear lives, what the Bear needs, how the Bear might "feel".  

Connecting to the Bear in these ways will give you deeper understanding of what the Bear is speaking to you, and has come to teach you.  

Meditation, introspection and illumination are traditional symbols for bears in general.

What is the message that Bear animal presents to you in your vision quests?

Black Bear Symbolism

The Black Bear is found traveling high in the mountains. Black Bear is a symbol of living off the land, being resourceful.  Another medicine that Black Bear symbolism shares is the gift of aromatherapy as it can smell the cache of honey from miles away.

Brown Bear Meaning
The meaning and symbols for Brown Bear are the ability to appear from nowhere, and to stand your ground, the Brown Bear roams the mountains in the Alps, and is now a symbol of the Alps.

Grizzly Bear Meaning
Grizzly Bear symbolism is that of coming out of the cave and facing your deepest fears, Grizzly Bear has the medicine of a valiant warrior.  Grizzly Bear is known for it's prolific fishing abilities in Alaska, meaning Bear medicine is a powerful totem for creating abundance for oneself and bountiful provisions.   Grizzly Bear can be a good medicine for a fisherman.

Kodiak Bear Meaning
The Kodiak Bear has a presence of a warrior.  The meaning for Kodiak Bear totem is ferocity, and is a symbol to beware; as it is among the fiercest of animals one can encounter.

Koala Bear Meaning
The Koala is not actually a bear, but we call it that so much that it does have significant energies as a Bear Spirit Animal.  The Koala Bear totem animal is a beautiful symbol of nurturing, gentle spirit and of the bond between mother and child.

Panda Bear Meaning
The adorable Panda Bear is a symbol of knowing the virtue of patience, and balance of yin yang energies

Polar Bear Meaning
The massive Polar Bear totem animal has an affinity for water, and ice and of being invisible --- being hidden in plain sight.  There is a symbolic message and meaning of certainty with the Polar Bear, and he/she is a survivalist of the truest sense.

Sun Bear Meaning.
Sun Bear symbolism brings the medicine and meaning of observation, caution, foresight and wisdom

Teddy Bear Meaning
The Teddy Bear is a symbol of love and affection, taking away the pangs of loneliness as well as as protection.  Every child loves to sleep and carry with them their favorite teddy bear, and recent studies have shown that 30-40% of men take a teddy bear on their business travels

Bear Cub Meaning
A Baby Bear is called a Cub.  The Bear Cub symbolizes being fiercely loved and protected, knowing that Mama Bear will protect and defend  relentlessly and with indomitable strength, force, might and spirit this gives the Bear Cub tremendous courage and confidence, something that it will carry with itself for it's entire life.

Mama Bear Symbolism
Mama Bear knows her strength well, she has been given strength and courage beyond compare.  She will fearlessly overtake a male when necessary to protect her cubs, these are her innocent treasures and her greatest  gifts from the Great Spirit of Bear,  She continues to give rebirth to the legend of the Great Spirit Bear with every cub that is born to her, and with every cub born the energy of Great Spirit Bear glows brighter.

Sleeping Bear Symbolism
The sleeping Bear is a sleeping giant, If disturbed, the sleeping Bear awakens and his protective instincts take over and his ferocity unleashed, it is best to let sleeping Bears sleep, take heed do not test yourself against the Sleeping Bear. 

Bear is fearless, an indomitable spirit and force

Bear symbolism reminds us of our fierce inner power 

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