Koala Symbolism ~&~  Meaning
breathe the breath of eternity in the moment

Koala Symbolism. . .   Koala guides us on a mystical journey where we step into our dreams and feel the magic of the Universe flowing through our innermost being.   Koala speaks the message " slow down" and step into your true power,  walk into the realm of the inner mystic, experience the vitality of creative expression.  

When to call upon the powers of Koala Medicine. . .

Koala is the perfect Spirit Animal for Artists and Writers who need places "sanctuaries" to slow down, to be in touch with the calm mystery of creation.  Allow yourself to fall into your own world... to be hypnotized by the beauty of nature, let the nature spirits and devas intoxicate you with their stories and legends, so that your creative expression is something that captures the adventure of unknown lands and the tales they have to tell. 

If you are attuned to Koala totem powers you are highly adaptable.  You like finding hidden spots where you can be alone with your thoughts.  You have favorite haunts where the food is comforting and soothes the soul.  You will be a night person, your powers and artist abilities awaken at night ~ embrace this, this is the doorway to another dimension of being.  You will be drawn to the moon and the water, both having cosmic powers of intuition, where the magic carpet of imagination whisks you away to worlds of wonder near and afar.

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What is the Spiritual Meaning of a Koala ~

Koala Meaning revolves around sanctuary and mystical self discovery ...   Koala appears for you inviting you on a spiritual sojourn to a retreat hidden in the forest, where you will renew your spirit and get in touch with the inner mystic. 

Koala leads you up a big tree where you find a hidden abode and as you step into this sacred space,  peace effortlessly fills your being.

Koala prepares an ancient brew of eucalyptus tea, the aroma fills the air and cleanses you from the inside out. 

Koala is a sage, his energy is warm and knowing.  Koala has learned the art of being present in the moment, and in his midst your vibrations begin to shift.  You are coming into tune with the Koala.

Koala begins to play a wooden flute, and the hypnotic music leads you into a deep meditation.  You sense a far and distant land, somewhere you once lived before, and when you lived here you believed in magic.  Your senses awaken as it seems you step into this enchanted land.   

Memories awaken of dreams that you had for your life, Koala encourages you to explore these dreams, to step into them ~ to feel their essence and to feel the fullness of your dreams manifested.  You breathe in the knowledge and wisdom imparted in energy of this space.  You see the steps that were taken to make the dream a reality.  Everything slows down as you now experience this reality in slow motion, absorbing the air that is filled with pure potential.  

Quartz crystal is the perfect stone to align to Koala symbolism and to tap into our mystical inner powers.

koala meaning

Koala symbolism captures our innermost hearts, as we gaze into the eyes of truth, we feel the mystical spirit of something eternal... we are transported to an infinite realm of wonder and mystery

Koala Symbolism & Spirit Animal teaches new perspectives

Koala has come to teach you the importance and significance of the power found within, in the quiet space of breath among the trees.   New breath brings new life and new perspectives to your life and your dreams as you allow yourself time to sit with Spirit and renew your inner powers. 

Koala teaches to slow the breath, see your vision, to see it unfolding step by step.  Slow down.... taking each step methodically and rhythmically.  In this space you find that you get lost in the enjoyment of what you are doing, and it is the doing it that is the reward that your soul is seeking.  

Steadily, as you step into this new well of power your progress happens at a natural and fulfilling pace.  Without the hurried pace, stress melts away and you see the manifestation of your creative vision unfolding before your eyes.  You feel guided by the great spirit of Koala as you fall into your natural state of being. 

Panda, another beautiful Spirit animal teaching the lessons of slowing down

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~:~  Koala Symbolism  ~:~  Mystical Koala Meaning  by Presley Love

Koala reminds us of the mystery and power of our inner potential

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