Crystal Meanings pg 2
The Spiritual Meaning of Crystals 

Crystal Meanings...  pg 2   Crystals hold mysterious energies and ancient earth secrets, that cannot be seen but can be felt.  How wonderful is it that we can absorb and work with Crystal vibrations for healing, magic and enlightenment?  

Crystals for Healing, Magic and Enlightenment 

Working with Crystals is an ancient art, crystals, gemstones, minerals and precious stones have all been used for healing, enchantment, meditation, contemplation and magic for thousands of years.  Crystals have been worn as talismans, carried as amulets, worn in crowns and used in ceremony and ritual for just as long. 

Crystals can be worked with to invoke or absorb the energies necessary for creating inner peace, love, freedom, abundance, protection and most any quality one desires to align to, you just need to know the crystal to work with.

There is no wrong or right when working with crystals, whatever crystals or stones you are drawn to are the stones that are right for you, just pick the stones that you feel a connection to.

To go into deeper meaning of crystals one could research what part or parts of the world the particular crystal comes from, the regions from which crystals grow or are created inside Mother Earth could lend significant additional spiritual meaning. 

Crystals are mystical beings having a history we will never know, that is part of their beauty and mystery, as time goes by I find myself more and more enchanted by these beautiful wonders of nature. 

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crystal for healing and magic
crystal grid for enlightenment
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≈♥≈ Diamond ≈♥≈ 
The spiritual healing energies of the Diamond precious gem is to serve the energy of the soul
≈♥≈  The magic symbolism of the Diamond signifies and gathers energies of prosperity

≈♥≈ Dioptase ≈♥≈
The mystical and symbolic qualities of the Dioptase crystal can be used to heal  strength and bring good fortune 
≈♥≈  The magic aspect of Dioptase is the magic of believing and manifesting blessings

≈♥≈ Emerald ≈♥≈ 
Emerald as a mystical stone represents infinite spirit, and renewal of spirit
≈♥≈ The magic essences of the Emerald precious gem invoke creative powers, and abundance
≈♥≈  Emerald stone is excellent for healing the heart

≈♥≈ Fire Opal ≈♥≈ 
The Fire Opal signifies illumination and inner fire of the spirit 
≈♥≈  The magic of the Fire Opal gemstone summons sexual magic, and can be used for healing intimacy issues

≈♥≈ Flourite ≈♥≈
Flourite crystal energies represent focus
≈♥≈ Magically the Flourite can be used for psychic protection

≈♥≈ Garnet ≈♥≈
Garnet gemstone conveys the spirit meaning of inner fire and unleashing of power 
≈♥≈  Magical properties of the Garnet can be used for awakening the Kundalini  ≈♥≈  For healing Garnet is excellent for circulation and depression

≈♥≈ Gold ≈♥≈
Gold is a long standing symbol of wealth and ruling power 
≈♥≈  Gold holds the magic powers to attract desires, and can be used for manifestation

≈♥≈ Green Jasper ≈♥≈
Green Jasper crystals hold the spiritual Earth energies, grounding to Mother Nature 
≈♥≈  For magic the Green Jasper is excellent as an oracle

≈♥≈ Green Tourmaline ≈♥≈
Green Tourmaline crystal meanings are excellent for spiritual healing relationship to nature and tapping into the wisdom of nature
≈♥≈  The magical aspects of Green Tourmaline are natural charm and charisma

≈♥≈ Indigo Sapphire ≈♥≈
The Indigo Sapphire holds the spiritual meaning and healing powers of intuition 
≈♥≈  Magic powers of the Indigo Sapphire crystal are telepathy

≈♥≈ Jade ≈♥≈
Mystical healing qualities for Jade are peace and tranquility
≈♥≈  The magic element of the Jade gemstone is divination

≈♥≈ Jasper ≈♥≈
Jasper gemstone spiritual powers are for allowing and creating a happy heart 
≈♥≈   The magic of the Jasper is for receiving a message from spirit

≈♥≈ Jet ≈♥≈
Jet crystal conveys the metaphysical healing energies of faith and silence 
≈♥≈  The magic energy of the Jet gemstone is astral travel 

≈♥≈ Kunzite ≈♥≈
Kunzite gemstone spiritual energies heal the wounded heart, and invites the spirit of love 
≈♥≈  For magic the Kunzite crystal represents a sword of light and truth

≈♥≈ Kyanite ≈♥≈
Kyanite mystically represents ideas, and awakening intuition 
≈♥≈  The magic properties of Kyanite stone can be used for dreams and visions

≈♥≈ Lapis Lazuli ≈♥≈
The metaphysical energy of Lapis Lazuli crystal is eternal protection 
≈♥≈  The Lapis Lazuli magic and spiritual meaning is seeing your divine path

≈♥≈ Laboradorite ≈♥≈
Laboradorite crystal meaning is all about healing and understanding the aura 
≈♥≈  The magic for Laboradorite gem is prophecy and foretelling

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