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Spiritual Meaning of Crystals:  Malachite thru Wulfenite 

Crystal Meanings. . . .   
"The Crystals and gemstones that you are drawn to say so very much about you.  The colors, the shapes, the textures all reveal inner secrets, powers and magic.   Your affinity with the gemstones you are drawn to conveys significant information that will help you understand your true nature.  In this way the stones "speak to you" as you recognize who you really are... in the stones". 

Attuning to the Energy of Your Precious Crystals & Gemstones

To align your energies and attune to your Crystals ~ find their meaning, think about the instant thoughts or feelings you have when you see or hold the stones, then meditate in a tranquil space with the crystal cradled in your hand.  Think of the meaning of the Crystal as you hold it, open up to the energies of the Crystal and ask it to share the meaning and significance of any unique qualities it has, as each crystal is unique in what it has accumulated in experience, location and absorption of other energies. 

Crystals are alive with energy and beckon to us to honor and be loving custodians while they are with us.  Crystals are ancient mystical beings holding the transformative energies of the Earth, just imagine the stories they have to tell of where they have been and what they have witnessed, this alone makes them mystical and wise.  Being hundreds of thousands of years old, crystals are in our care for just a very short moment in time. 

 Quick Crystal Cleansing Tips

Crystals need to be cleansed, charged, and have access to the sun and moon energies.

For most Crystals cleansing is done by bathing them in spring water, however some stones do not do well with water so be sure to do research on your specific crystals to make sure that you do not unintentionally do them harm.

After using Crystals for energy healing or mystical work, your crystals will need to release the negative energies they have collected and allow them to be recharged by the sun and the moon.  Simply allowing them to bathe in the energies by placing them on a window sill.   Full moon is used for charging, New Moon is used for releasing.

Another way to cleanse your crystals after working with them is with the smoke of incense.

Always say blessings of gratitude to your crystals at the close of your healing or mystical work, this energy exchange is a necessary component of balance, honor and respect.

These are just a few of the popular ways to care for and cleanse your crystals, and always remember to cleanse your crystals with the nurturing energy of love.

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Crystal Meanings  M ~ Z


varied gemstones and crystals
gemstone and crystal meanings

  ≈♥≈  Malachite  ≈♥≈ 
4th/Heart Chakra Stone ...   The healing energies and meaning for the Malachite crystal offers healing support for positive change and self love
  ≈♥≈ Metaphysically and spiritually the Malachite is known for 3rd eye clear perception   ≈♥≈ The magic of the Malachite is used to invoke the muse

  ≈♥≈  Moonstone  ≈♥≈ 
6th/3rd Eye Chakra & Aura Essence Stone ...
  The spiritual healing essence of the Moonstone crystal meaning is quintessentially a stone of feminine energies, excellent for fertility   ≈♥≈  Work with the Moonstone crystal for connecting to Goddess energies  ≈♥≈ Magically the Moonstone amplifies intuition and feminine mystique

  ≈♥≈  Moss Agate  ≈♥≈
1st/Root Chakra Stone ...   The Moss Agate crystal is excellent for working with the energies of the land, known as the gardeners stone for its mystical ability to bring forth an abundant crop  
≈♥≈ Metaphysical aspects of the Moss Agate gemstone is grounding  ≈♥≈ Work with the magic of Moss Agate for attracting the earthly energy of your desires

  ≈♥≈  Molybdenite  ≈♥≈ 
6th/3rd Eye Chakra Stone ...   Healing energies and spirit essence of the Molybdenite crystal
is bringing truth to light   ≈♥≈ The metaphysical realm of the Molybdenite is intuition ≈♥≈ You can work with the Magic elements of Molybdenite gemstone to receive messages from the stars 

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  ≈♥≈  Obsidian  ≈♥≈ 
1st/Root Chakra Stone ...   The healing energy and meaning of the Obsidian crystal is to dispel negativity, promotes detachment
  ≈♥≈  The spiritl aspect of the Obsidian gemstone is to bring cooling energies, and aids shifting energies, change and re-focusing  ≈♥≈ The magic property of the Obsidian in most excellent for astral travel

  ≈♥≈  Opal  ≈♥≈ 
 All Chakras & Aura Essence Stone ...   The Opal crystal meaning includes healing powers of purifying, acceptance and allowing   ≈♥≈ Spiritual and metaphysical aspects of the Opal amplifies the power of the spoken word   ≈♥≈ Magical energies of the Opal gemstone invoke the messages through oracle cards, and to recall past lives

  ≈♥≈  Orange Jasper  ≈♥≈ 
2nd/Sacral Chakra Stone...   The Orange Jasper
crystal meaning and healing energy of embracing abundance   ≈♥≈ Metaphysical attributes of the Orange Jasper crystal are good for healing and building relationships   ≈♥≈ Orange Jasper taps one into the magic of cosmic portals

  ≈♥≈  Petrified Wood  ≈♥≈ 
1st/Root Chakra Stone...    The energy of Petrified Wood (not a gemstone ~ yet a treasure nonetheless)  is aligning to authenticity 
  ≈♥≈  Spiritually Petrified Wood is a natural channel to ancestor wisdom, healing wounds from the past   ≈♥≈ The magic of Petrified Wood is psychic protection

  ≈♥≈  Pearl  ≈♥≈ 
7th/ Crown Chakra Stone  & Aura Essence Stone ...   The Pearl is known as a gem for the healing energy of inner peace  
≈♥≈ The Pearl is a spiritual tool to create natural flow and rhythm, and the divine feminine spirit  ≈♥≈ The magic meaning of the Pearl is Ocean energies, connections to Atlantis and Lemuria

  ≈♥≈  Peridot  ≈♥≈
4th/Heart Chakra Stone ...    The Peridot
crystal meaning is an excellent healing purifier, and is good for digestion   ≈♥≈  Peridot crystal helps to attract abundance and prosperity ≈♥≈   Magically the Peridot works with the energies of opening doors, sacred relationships, marriage, and sacred contracts

  ≈♥≈  Pink Tourmaline  ≈♥≈ 
4th/Heart Chakra ...  The Pink Tourmaline meaning opens the heart to self love, and to the healing energies of  letting go 
≈♥≈ Piink Tourmaline represents soft nurturing energies,  opening the heart, and the precious love of a child   ≈♥≈ The magic of the Pink Tourmaline is the stone to connect to the fairies

  ≈♥≈  Pyrite  ≈♥≈ 
3rd/Solar Plexus Chakra Stone ...    The meaning of Pyrite is known as fools gold, and as the healers stone,healing energies offer emotional strength and harmony 
  ≈♥≈ Mystical aspects of the Pyrite crystal are memory and concentration with the qualities of creativity and charisma  ≈♥≈ The magic of the Pyrite gemstone is confidence and the magic of believing, and developing psychic abilities

  ≈♥≈  Prehnite  ≈♥≈ 
Chakra Balancing Stone ...    Prehnite crystal meaning has the healing energy and represents profound spiritual love, most excellent for balancing the chakras
  ≈♥≈ Mystical qualities of the Prehnite are to connect to the Angels  ≈♥≈ Magically the Prehnite is the stone for the protection of Angels

  ≈♥≈  Quartz Crystal  ≈♥≈
Chakra Programming Stone...   Chakra Cleansing and Strengthening Stone ...  One of the most powerful spiritual crystals is the Quartz, it has the capability of being programmed for specific needs 
≈♥≈  Metaphysically the Quartz stone carries and transfers knowledge, and is known to bring good luck   ≈♥≈ Magical Aspects of the Quartz are manifestation, cosmic ordering, and known as a sorcerers stone

  ≈♥≈  Red Jasper  ≈♥≈ 
The Red Jasper
crystal meaning is grounding, passion and sexual energy  ≈♥≈ Metaphysically  the Red Jasper gemstone creates a shield from negativity  ≈♥≈  Magical aspects of the Red Jasper tap into the mystical aspects of the forces of nature 

  ≈♥≈  Rhodochrosite  ≈♥≈ 
The meaning for Rhodochrosite healing is all about relationships, soothing the heart and inviting softness and compassion 
≈♥≈ Spiritual and mystical energies of the Rhodochrosite opens divine perception  ≈♥≈  The magical nature of Rhodochrosite is claircoginzance  

  ≈♥≈  Rhodonite  ≈♥≈ 
4th/Heart Chakra ...  The meaning of the Rhodonite crystal bridges personal power and matters of the heart, decreasing anxiety
  ≈♥≈ Spirit aspects of the Rhodonite gemstone brings the awareness of the hearts calling  ≈♥≈ The magic of the Rhodonite attracts the energies of true love and soul mates

  ≈♥≈  Rose Quartz  ≈♥≈ 
4th Chakra & All Chakras ...   The Rose Quartz
crystal meaning is known as the love stone, work with the Rose Quartz to bring love to all of your chakras and your aura, good for compassion, kindness and gentle nature  ≈♥≈  The spiritual and mystical quality of the Rose Quartz is transcendence of consciousness   ≈♥≈   The magic of the Rose Quartz is that it can bring in wisdom from the realm of angels, and helps to heal old traumas and relationships 

  ≈♥≈  Rubellite Tourmaline ≈♥≈
The meaning of Rubellite Tourmaline is a heart healing stone 
≈♥≈ Spiritual nature of the Rubellite is self realizations for growth  ≈♥≈ The magic of the Rubellite is ceremonial initiation

  ≈♥≈  Ruby  ≈♥≈  

The meaning of the Ruby precious stone is pure passion and enduring love  ≈♥≈  The metaphysical and mystical aspect of the Ruby carries the energy and secrets of Camelot, and star crossed lovers  ≈♥≈ Magically the Ruby is a diviner of truth

  ≈♥≈  Selenite  ≈♥≈ 
The Selenite crystal meaning is clearing old patterns and removing energy blocks
bringing peace and tranquility ≈♥≈  Selenite is a receiver and transmitter of thought energy ≈♥≈ The magical nature of the Selenite gemstone is spirit level  communication and telepathy

  ≈♥≈  Sapphire  ≈♥≈ 
Spiritual healing of the Sapphire precious gem cleanses all aspects of being 
≈♥≈ Metaphysically the Sapphire represents infinite realms and higher mysteries  ≈♥≈ The magic of the Sapphire is binding energies and intention in spell-casting

  ≈♥≈  Silver  ≈♥≈ 
Silver is precious metal with the meaning of intuition and higher mind 
≈♥≈ Spiritually Silver holds the healing energy of the divine word  ≈♥≈ The magic of silver is mystery and divine light

  ≈♥≈  Smoky Quartz  ≈♥≈ 
The meaning for Smoky Quartz crystal is grounding and movement 
≈♥≈ Smoky quartz gemstone represents mystical forces    ≈♥≈ Magically the Smoky Quartz is a shamans tool for journey to the Spirit world

  ≈♥≈  Sodalite  ≈♥≈ 
The Sodalite
crystal meaning is healing meditation    ≈♥≈ Spiritual aspects of Sodalite is expansion of awareness   ≈♥≈ The magic of the Sodalite is transmutation of energies

  ≈♥≈  Snowflake Obsidian  ≈♥≈ 
The meaning of the Snowflake Obsidian crystal is the crystallizing of ideas and creativity 

  ≈♥≈  Snowflake Obsidian stone opens latent talents   ≈♥≈ The magic nature of the Snowflake Obsidian is time travel

  ≈♥≈  Topaz  ≈♥≈ 
The meaning of the Golden Yellow Topaz carries a strong vibration for attraction... attraction of relationships, and manifestations of your personal desires
≈♥≈ The White Topaz is a stone of clarity and transmuting lower energies into peace and love, with the intention of Divine will and the greater good of all, White Topaz has the potential to manifest money  ≈♥≈ The magic of the Topaz stone is psychic visions and clairvoyance

  ≈♥≈  Turquoise  ≈♥≈ 
The Turquoise stone carries a strong healing vibration, purifying and absorbing negative energies  
≈♥≈  Spiritually the Turquoise is a symbol of truth   ≈♥≈ Magically the Turquoise is a stone of second sight

  ≈♥≈  Tigers Eye  ≈♥≈ 
The Tigers Eye crystal meaning is healing balance of energies
  ≈♥≈ The spirit nature of the Tigers Eye is transcending peace and flow   ≈♥≈ Magic of the Tigers Eye is Camouflage

  ≈♥≈  Thunder Egg  ≈♥≈
The Thunder Egg is a symbol of hidden treasures and wealth within 
≈♥≈ The mystical aspect of the Thunder Egg is used as an amulet for protection while traveling ≈♥≈ The magic of the Thunder Egg is a shield of defense

  ≈♥≈  Watermelon Tourmaline  ≈♥≈ 
The Watermelon Tourmaline Crystal meaning removes imbalances, harmonizing and inviting complimentary energies
≈♥≈  The magic of the Watermelon Tourmaline stone is the protection of angels

  ≈♥≈  Wulfenite  ≈♥≈ 
The Wulfenite
crystal meaning symbolizes healing and reclaiming your spirit self, your authentic self ≈♥≈ The mystic energy of the Wulfenite Crystal is psychic protection

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