Ladybug Symbolism & Meaning
With the heart of a child your dreams come true

Ladybug Symbolism . . .  

"Ladybug is the perfect symbol for lady-luck. 

The Ladybug brings luck and abundance wherever she goes. 

When you see the Ladybug make your wish known to her, and when you see her fly away you will know she is off to grant your wish."  

If perchance you see a Ladybug and a Chipmunk near each other, magic is in the air... you can be sure that indeed the Universe is conspiring on your behalf in the most serendipitous of ways.

Ladybug Spirit, Totem, Power Animal Symbolism & Meaning also known as Ladybird - a symbol of good luckLadybug also known as Ladybird

Ladybug Spiritual Meaning. . .

Ladybug Symbolism ~ delight, happiness, and playful spirit all share in the meaning of the Ladybug. 

Upon appearing in your midst, Ladybug brings an instant sense of pure delight. 

Children squeal with excitement when they see a ladybug, and closely inspect it with big open curious eyes particularly when it lands upon them. 

The Ladybug represents the childlike nature in everyone... from 2 to 122.

You know it is a sure sign of bringing blessings of abundance when Ladybug frequents your garden. 

Whenever you see the Ladybug, she is extending an invitation to find a garden, play in the dirt, plant some flowers, and delight in the magic of nature and how things grow from the rich fertile earth... 

Ladybug is also a symbol of taking action on your dreams, as with her very presence she hints at planting the seeds of your dreams.  

She will bless your dreams as well as your garden, plant your dreams where they will get plenty of sunshine and feed them with praise and just like the flowers in your garden, your dreams will begin sprouting and growing and surprising you in the most delightful ways.

The red shield and big black dots that cover the Ladybugs wings announce to the world that she is proclaiming her unique and playful spirit for all to see, to bring smiles on her way to wherever her heart leads her in the next moment. 

Another meaning of the black dots on the Ladybug is to count your blessings, and show your gratitude with grace and style.

The spiritual meaning of the Ladybug is spiritual devotion.  Ladybug will help you discover your true self and what makes you most happy and fulfilled.   

For those on a spiritual journey, Ladybug is a sign to take inventory of what fills your heart, Ladybug symbolism signals the way to follow your bliss.  

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Ladybug Spirit Animal Medicine

Ladybug symbolism & totem powers
Good Luck, Blessings, Dreams

Ladybug spiritual meaning
Spiritual Devotion, Finding True Happiness

Ladybug animal magic
Granting Wishes

Ladybug symbolism & meaning - luck & magic abound!

             Sweet tidbits about Ladybug Meaning 

The red sheaths with the black dots that cover and protect the wings of the Ladybug, symbolize protecting what is most valuable to you.  With wings you can fly free, free to create the dreams that are meant for you alone to realize and make come true.

Ladybug is also commonly called Ladybird!

Pssst, here's a little secret for you, did you know that there is a species of Ladybug named: 
the 7 spotted Ladybug,
oh yes it's true, just like the ladybug in this picture she has 7 magical spots!  Ladybug teaches us to call upon the seven directions (sky, earth, north, south, east, west, center) to step onto the path of true freedom of spirit.

When Ladybug is your Spirit Animal... 

When Ladybug is one of your totem animals you believe in the magic of the Universe, you believe in magic just like a child. 

You have experienced it, you have a knowing that cannot be taught in a class or read in a book. 

You know the ways of magic and how to conspire with the Universe. 

You have an innate understanding of the blending of elements and words ~ bringing forth the manifestation of your desires. 

Some might say you are lucky, and indeed you are, but you know it's more than luck... it is the power of "believing" that is your magic. 

When Ladybug walks with you as your Spirit Animal Guide, you know that inner happiness is the most rewarding of all things beyond measure. 

You delight in the small things, and children are drawn to you, you have the heart of a child and have childlike wonder for all things in nature. 

You have found your way, the way that is uniquely yours, you have found how to be happy all by yourself without the distractions of unhealthy relationships or work environments. 

When you have found your full power, you will spread your wings and bring blessings and hope to others, and your words will be like a magic incantation helping others find their own way. 

Do not rush on this path, you will know when the time has come.  

Call upon the Ladybug as your power animal when you have need of being a healer of hearts, (your own or others) and when the heart is healed one can pursue the dreams that have been dormant, like seeds that have been waiting to be placed in the soil. 

When Ladybug is your totem animal you were born with the happiest and most energetic of hearts, you bring sunshine and laughter wherever you go.  Your very nature is of high vibrations and your raise vibrations wherever you go.

Ladybug symbolism in your dreams
or in your midst...

When Ladybug symbolism appears in your dreams, or frequently in your midst through movies, images etc.,  you have been given an invitation to play in a beautiful abundant garden where dreams come true just for the asking. 

Use your imagination and see the scene of how it unfolds for you, 

Something magnificent deep within is waiting to be born through you, something that brings fulfillment and happiness to your soul. 

Ladybug is saying... luck is on your side.... just believe and I will help you.

Ladybug is also a powerful totem of healing, Ladybug speaks:  "healing energies surround you... release your worries and let healing energies flow".

With Ladybug in your dreams look into the number 7, for you may be able to tap into the magic of the Universe in fortuitous ways.

Ladybug Symbolism ~ 

have the heart of a child and...  just believe

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