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Penguin Symbolism...   by Presley Love   "Penguin has an indomitable spirit, taking on the challenge of living in extreme conditions that most others could not survive.  Penguin expresses it's heart and joy diving and swimming free in the ocean..."

Penguin Meaning

Symbolically, the Penguin animal totem holds an energy and has a depth of feeling that spans the depths of the deepest oceans, it is this aspect of  feeling that gives the Penguin symbol the magic of clair-sentience.... which is the sensing and feeling realm of intuition.

Penguin totem animal captivates our attention and our imagination always dressed to the nines in his tuxedo, and her in her formal attire... this brings us back to a time when dressing elegantly in our finest threads made all of our outings special and memorable occasions.  Penguin totem reminds us how much fun it is to dress up, how good it makes us feel ~ more positive and confident in all that we do, helping us to lead with our best self.  This message from Penguin spirit animal is also a symbol of the importance of making first impressions... there are times when looking our very best is of great benefit... it can mean the difference in how you feel when meeting someone new or going on a date, or how you are received and perceived if you are applying for a new job, or a promotion.  

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Penguin Symbols & Totem Medicine Powers...

Penguin brings the totem gifts of: elegance, epiphanies 

Penguin shares the spirit animal energies of: duty, survival, epic journey 

Penguin teaches the animal magic of: clair-sentience, imagination 

penguin spirit animal

Penguin symbolizes layers and depths
of feeling and intuition

Emperor Penguin with Chick
penguin chick
rock hopper penguin

Symbolic Messages from the Penguin Totem...

Penguin symbolism will also appear to bring counsel of seeing things in new ways. Although Penguin cannot take flight in the air, that has not stopped them from flying...   they fly and tumble in the water in an elegant expression of their inner spirit flying free.  This is gorgeous spiritual meaning from the Penguin totem of finding new ways to do something.  Penguin leaps off an iceberg into a whole new world, and flies through the waters ~ this is symbolic to us as taking a quantum leap of trust, using imagination accepting new ideas and exploring possibilities.   Penguin symbol calls to us to never give up, to let our imagination open new gateways and to take flight into new dimensions of our being. 

Penguin totem animal and symbols of love and commitment

A beautiful offering of the spiritual meaning of the Penguin totem animal is the example of real lasting and enduring love, and commitment... as most Penguins mate for life, and when the male finds a female he is interested in courting, he brings her a pebble as a token and a sign of his affection... doesn't this just melt your heart!

Penguin meaning guides us to strength and fortitude

When the Penguins become mates and after the female Penguin lays an egg, it is the male that sits on the egg and keeps the egg warm and alive for months while the female makes an epic journey to the sea for food.  When the female returns it is a time of great excitement and celebration as the babies are being born and instantly recognize their mothers.   Penguin spirit animal lives a life that requires a level of inner strength and fortitude that is beyond admirable and speaks to the lesson of living through struggles and making it through to a time of great celebration.

The Special Magic of Penguin Spirit Animal...

The spiritual and metaphysical meaning for Penguin symbolism is .... "Epiphanies" .... in the months spent in extreme conditions, the male Penguin keeping the egg warm and the female taking her epic journey to get life sustaining nourishment ~ this is time spent with inner self reflecting for both individuals... it is in this time that profound epiphanies are experienced.  Know that on your journey... spirit will bring you the epiphanies that you need when you least expect it, as you surrender to allow things as they are here and now.

Another gorgeous animal representing elegance is the Peacock and another magical totem symbolizing endurance is the Polar Bear

Penguin symbolism conveys...    Depth of Feeling 

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