Blackbird Symbolism

Blackbird Symbolism. . . 

There is something so very mysterious about the Blackbird.   The symbolic meaning of Blackbird speaks of the Great Mystery.  

His flight beckons the telling of the story of the mystery of the Universe, unfolding as he sings his song. 

Blackbird teaches that life is a great mystery and we can never know how it will unfold before us. 

The Blackbird is a significant symbol for those on a spiritual path, reminding us that we must trust that each day and each choice will be fruitful and give us more insight into the mystery of our own existence, and the paths we chose to take.

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Symbols & Meanings of the Blackbird

Powers of Blackbird
Sacred Messenger, Feminine Energy

Symbolism of Blackbird
Water, Summer, Boundaries

Magic of the Blackbird
Cosmic Knowledge, Astral Travel

Blackbird Symbolism ~ the mystery unfolds

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The Beatles sing a beautiful song about Blackbird, it speaks of finding your power, and the moment you awaken to the mystery of who you are, here are just a few lines:  


Blackbird singing in the dead of night...

Take these broken wings and learn to fly...

All your life, you were only waiting for this moment to arise...  

Blackbird Lyrics

Blackbird Symbolism ~ A Sacred Invitation to a Cosmic Journey

We each have a deep longing to know the mysteries of the cosmos as we sit in the cool midnight air looking up to the stars. 

We long to know where we came from and what is out there. 

In our minds each of us imagine so many different things, each holding the spark of possibility. 

Blackbird teaches the symbolism that the idea of all possibilities, unlimited possibilities are within the realm of reason. 

Within the realm of infinity, all things are possible. 

Our greatest quest on a personal level is to come to know the mysteries, the mystical meanings of our own purpose. 

We wonder. . . Is there a divine calling for me and what can it be, and if I fulfill this calling what will I feel, what will I experience, what will I then know? 

Blackbird takes us on a journey up into the stars, to see the mysteries of the Universe. 

Flying through the cosmos, pausing to take in the magnificence of the beauty held in the close up views of galaxies, planets and stars. 

We are each made of this wondrous stardust. 

The mystery of it all, calls to us again as we wonder where did all of this come from. 

Will I ever meet the creator?  Thousands of questions about the great and grand mystery.

Blackbird symbolism teaches the loving lesson to embrace the mystery, to find rapture in the unknown. 

The mystery is always there for us.  Pondering it brings us closer to our spirit, closer to who we really are.

Blackbird sings a song that moves us to feel our way into the mystery. 

In this mystery we seem to glimpse our highest potential.  

When we fall deep into the spirit of mystery we feel and sense our belonging to all things.

Blackbird will appear in your life as a beacon to know yourself in the midst of the sacred mystery.

It is in the silence of quiet moments with self that you fall into the field of the great mystery, and when you fall here, you find yourself.

You find what you are made of, what feeds your sacred soul, and you awaken to the call of your spirit and your purpose here in this deep grand beautiful mystery, and you know that one day when you are ready, in this lifetime or another all of the mysteries will be revealed to you, and you will truly be home.  

~ Blackbird Symbolism ~
Set your Spirit Free in Flight with the Divine Mystery

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