Quail Symbolism & Meaning
each step of the journey brings purpose & progress

Quail Symbolism . . .

In observation of this adorable little troupe of travelers ~ the Quail, I find them to be perfectly enchanting!

Yes, I call them a troupe because I find them so very entertaining!

Quails are always seen in family groups trotting around together, and where one goes, they all go. 

These little feathered families like to roam looking for seeds on the ground, and even through they can fly, they prefer to travel on foot. 

I always enjoy catching a glimpse of these little darlings scurrying from a garden across the street to my flower garden, where I have a pile of small boulders with lots of hiding spots in the crevices and tunnels.

They love this great escape when they want to take cover, and whenever they know they've been spotted ~ they all run for cover! 

Quail Symbolism & Meaning | Quail Spirit, Totem & Power Animal Attributes | Spiritual & Dream Meaning of Quail

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A few facts about the Quail
Quail is part of the Pheasant family, with a wide variety of species, the Quail is between the size of a Robin and a Crow.  In a group the birds are called a covey or a bevy, and the female lays from six to twelve eggs with the eggs hatching in about 18 days.  The hatch-lings are ready to walk just as soon as their feathers are dry.

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Spiritual Meaning of Quail

The Quail presents itself to you to take you on a journey that delves into the spiritual symbolism of purpose and progress

The famous quote from Lao Tzu "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step", is so sublimely spot on when understanding the aspects of progress and purpose presented from the animal guide Quail.

The spiritual meaning of Quail can be a sign for you to take a close look at "where you want to go" or "where are you heading"? 

Is where you are heading where you want to go? 

Take time to contemplate these ideas, for they represent your life story and ultimately the purpose which you give this life.

With one step one can begin a life-changing journey, and with one step after another great distances can be traversed or great feats can be accomplished, and it all begins with one step. 

The Quail is a symbol that any action in the direction of purpose is to be considered sacred progress, and moving forward creates momentum, and unexpected opportunities and blessings arise on the journey. 

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Quail Symbolic Meanings ~&~
 Quail Animal Medicine Powers

Totem Powers of Quail Symbolism:
family, harmony, togetherness

Quail Spirit Animal: 
purpose, progress, grounding

Quail Animal Magic:
brings a shift in prevailing energies

Similar to the Roadrunner bird, Quails do fly, however they typically choose to travel on foot . . . and travel they do!   These little birds travel miles and miles ~ on foot!  But when it comes time to migrate, they take to the air.

Quail Spirit Animal

When Quail is your spirit animal, the message he brings you is about being grounded, or finding what grounds you. 

Quail symbolism embodies the idea of "Enjoy the moment, enjoy the process". 

There is a great lesson in learning to enjoy the journey just as much as you look forward to arriving at the destination, and tapping into Quail energy you will begin to sense this on a spiritual level.

This is where purpose and process become intertwined, and all that you do gains importance from the perspective of "experience", and "creating experience". 

The goal being to be rich in experience ~  and this comes from one who is grounded, and can see that this is indeed the richest that one can become in life.

To be rich in all moments, this is the dance of the soul.

Quail Totem Animal

The Native Americans ascribe the totem powers of family to the Quail.   

With the Quail, family is first and foremost.   

The father Quail leads the way and they all follow his lead, with mother bringing up the rear.

For their dedication to raising the little ones, Quail are significant symbols of family, togetherness, and harmony.

Dream Symbolism of Quail

To dream of the Quail can be significant message that you are changing your priorities, and becoming more purpose driven.

Dreaming of Quail can also be a sign that you need to protect yourself and your family . . . what are your vulnerabilities?  Is someone trying to "flush you out to take advantage of you"?  Be like the Quail and make sure you stay on guard, until the danger passes.

Well known for their exotic mating rituals, to dream of the Quail can also symbolize the awakening of new sensuality.  

Quail Symbolism & Meaning by Presley Love

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