Flamingo Symbolism
mastering your life force energy

Flamingo Symbolism . . .

Flamingo enters the scene telling the tale of the ancient enchantment of the sea, where the waters are alive with mystical and mythical creatures.

In tranquil pose the Flamingo is a symbol of inner reflection and introspection teaching the art of self mastery of movements and thoughts; known as chi energy.

Flamingo teaches the discipline of harnessing these powerful forces of chi energy that move within and through all things.   

This energy called chi or ki is the presence of life-force energy. 

In her graceful pose of balance, the Flamingo elegantly displays that she is trained in the self discipline arts.

Flamingo Symbolism & Meaning | Flamingo Spirit, Totem & Power Animal Healing and Magical Attributes | Dream Symbolism of Flamingo

Spiritual Meaning of Flamingo

The Flamingo is a gorgeous bird that graces the waters of warm tropical lands.

With her tranquil presence Flamingo exudes the spiritual essence  of love, and has a magical influence in matters of the heart.

Flamingo represents being pure of heart, and has the power to bring healing of sorrows, sadness and a broken heart of lost love or star-crossed lovers. 

The healing color of the Flamingo is Pink,  which helps to guide in matters of love, bringing patience when it is needed, or helps create a forever bond. 

Flamingo is a sterling symbol of the joyful expectation of love and happiness.

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Symbolic Meanings of Flamingo

Totem Powers of Flamingo
tranquility, self mastery, healing

Spiritual Meaning of Flamingo
pure heart, nurturing of soul

Flamingo Animal Magic
auric sensitivity

Flamingo Signifies Grace, Gratitude, Tranquility, Refinement

Diving further into the signs and symbols of the Flamingo we find:

There is an energy of generosity flowing from the Flamingo that you can sense in her body language, it is a generosity of her Spirit.  

The movements and calm repose of the Flamingo symbolizes refinement, in having refined artistic expression through words, dance or art.

Flamingo brings nurturing to the soul, and extends an invitation to visit the ocean ~ perhaps to a beach you've never been to before. . . to dip your toes in the water, to pose gracefully on the sand, and to  detoxify in the breath of the salty sea air. 

Symbolically the stance of the Flamingo represents grace and agility and the ability to stand on your own - and to stand up for yourself.

Spirit Animal Flamingo

The Flamingo spirit animal symbolizes refinement, in having refined artistic expression through words, dance or art.

When Flamingo appears as spirit animal he sees within you a talent that needs your attention ~ this is your personal magic! It is a soulful expression of who you are at the core, and through this art you become and experience more of who you are - and who you were born to be. 

The question from Flamingo is "Darling one, what is distracting you . . . why do you play hide and seek with this beautiful magic that is waiting to be borne through you"?   Much of your happiness and hearts fulfillment waits through these doors.

Spirit Animal Flamingo is at your door, he comes to nudge you, to watch you bloom like an orchid in the morning sun.

Flamingo Totem Animal

When Flamingo is your totem animal you are quite possibly a healer of the hearts, you have great compassion and can listen with discernment and discretion.  As a healer you may work with light and water as healing elements.

Others seek out your counsel for your comfort as well as your words they have come to trust. 

You like a peaceful sanctuary as a home, you enjoy pastoral beauty and long to live at the beach if you don't already. 

If you travel to the beach it is a spiritual pilgrimage, and you may collect items from the beach to work with in your healing, or you may also collect them to give as healing amulets. 

The sound of the ocean heals you, reverberates through you, cleansing you.

Just like the Flamingo totem, you love everything that the beach has to offer and you experience a deep camaraderie with the elements and living creatures of the sea.   

At the waters edge you experience your greatest healing epiphanies, as the water nurtures your spirit you are able to reshape ideas like a sculptor.

The Flamingo totem animal has a gift of auric sensitivity, and shares this gift of "seeing auras" with those who has chosen the healing path. 

Dream Symbolism of Flamingo

If you have dreams of the Flamingo it can be a sign that you need to "stand alone", to stand in your power. . . to learn independence and embrace self sufficiency, encompassing the aspect of mastering your life force energy. 

When you have full command of your life force energy no one can take it from you or make you feel helpless ever again, this is what it means to stand in your power.

You may be dreaming of the Flamingo when you need to learn discernment or discern deception in matters of the heart, again this touches on self mastery. 

When you dream of the Flamingo is can also be a sign from your soul that you need to spend some time at the beach to open your heart to hear your soul song.  

Flamingo exudes a generosity of Spirit

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