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Swallow Symbolism 

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The spiritual meaning of the swallow reflects upon  the undulating nature of fluidity. . .  and fluid motion, the swallow is very aware of the "fluidity" of the air.

She feels the moisture in the air like a dolphin feels the moisture of the ocean and she obtains a kinetic energy from it.

When you see a swallow fly, she glides through the air, cuts sharp corners, dives and soars very much in the same way a fish flows through water.

This connection that the swallow has with the moisture in the air, is her power.

Swallow is a very sentient being, sensing her surroundings through the moisture content of living things.

Second only to the air we breath, we require water, and swallow has evolved specifically to be able to fly based on the moisture content of the air.

This air borne water is the life in all that exists, and swallow can sense that life through the air she flies in. 

Swallow Symbolism
~&~ the Prowess of Mental Sharpness

  • The swallow symbol is akin to mental sharpness
  • Her mental acuity has to be very keen in order to fly with such precision
  • Of all the birds, swallow is the most adept at flight, she is the daredevils on wings
  • Swallows mind and her agility in flight are directly linked

It is as if the intricate movements of the swallow actually improve her mental sharpness much as the art of tai~chi improves mental awareness in people.

Swallow is a master of movement and flows in perfect harmony with her chi force, which is the living energy that flows through her body and in all living things.

Swallow flies deliberately, knowing that every movement of the body either increases her life force, or decreases it.

This awareness of movement in flight, is what gives swallow her mental sharpness and her keen agility. 

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Spirit Animal Swallow
~&~  Her Totem Powers

Swallow Totem Powers: 
Fluidity, Mental Sharpness

Swallow Medicine Powers:
Agility, Beauty In Design

Swallow Magic Powers:
Joyful Movement

Swallow Spirit Animal, an enduring symbol of a promise to return

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Spirit Animal Swallow Symbolism ~&~  The Mastery Of Agility

Agility is often equated with the physical body, but swallow symbolism represents agility of the spirit.

Swallow symbolizes the connection to Spirit and being motivated by Spirits impulses.

All the animals are motivated by Spirit, but none so much as the swallow.

Swallow "feels" the essence of the Universe flowing through her body, which gives her agility in flight.

Every move that swallow makes is inspired by the energies of Creation. 

Swallow is streamlined, and is the most aerodynamic of all the bird species and this characteristic evolved over centuries by being synchronized to Spirit flowing within her.

 Swallow Symbolism ~&~
The Intrinsic Beauty Of Design

From the very beginning that the swallow totem animal came into being, she was enamored with the beauty of all things.

Swallow is fascinated with the intricate design and perfection of so many diverse creatures that live upon the Earth.

She honors that diversity and the beauty inherent in nature itself, by being true to who she is and taking notice of all the beauty that has been bestowed around her.

Swallow is very aware that all things in the Universe were created for a specific reason and are perfectly designed to fulfill that reason or purpose. 

Dream Symbolism of Swallow

Through constant meditation on the divine beauty of all things, swallow became beautiful and elegant herself, as the saying goes what you meditate on you become.

Whatever you focus your attention on is either food or poison for your mind, soul, and spirit, and it is this understanding that has transformed swallow into the graceful beauty she is today, choosing only to give attention to the marvels and abundance.

This is the medicine that swallow has come to share in your dreams, she teaches us to be very particular as to what you give your attention to, and always remember you can turn and fly away from anything that does not feed your spirit, or does not feel good, this is the first step in becoming true to ourselves.

Swallow Symbolism ~&~ Understanding Joyful Movement

The swallow symbolizes the epitome of joyful movement.

Swallows flight patterns are based on her connection to her source of power, which is The Divine Spirit in all of creation.

The nature of Divine Spirit is the essence of infinite joy, the joy of a child.

This joy pervades all created things and swallow understands this joy and flows with it and never strays from it, it is her spiritual sustenance.

This is why swallows movements are an ecstatic expression of that divine and blessed joy.

Swallow overflows with this energy and it determines every move she makes, she is a reminder and symbol that when we tap into Spirit there is an infinite sea of hope and joy that we can experience. 

That which gives swallow joy, determines all of her actions, and actions are the fluid representation of her connection to Divine energy.

Seafaring Sparrow Totem Powers
A symbol of hope and a promise of a return

Sparrow is also an enduring and honored symbol among sailors, who would often get a tattoo of a sparrow to convey the message of hope and the promise to return to their loved ones. 

It's interesting that sparrow is a symbol of a promise to return, because every year large numbers of swallows take a mass migration of 6,000 miles from Goya Argentina to "return" to the Mission of San Juan Capistrano and begin nesting. 

A festive celebration has been in place to celebrate this return of the swallows on March 19th every year since the 1930's to the mission.

You can learn more about the return of the swallows to the San Juan Capistrano Mission.  

I hope you enjoyed my intuitive interpretation of the Spiritual meaning of Swallow& Symbolic Swallow Meaning © Presley Love

Sources & Reference:  Presley Love is founder and author of UniverseofSymbolism.com, she is a professional intuitive and energy healer, using her gifts and divination arts to channel messages from the animals and nature spirits.  additional inspiration and reference material:  Carl Jung:  carlyung.net , Nature and National Geographic 

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