Sparrowhawk Symbolism ~&~ Meaning
the heart of a warrior, the vision of a mage

Sparrowhawk Symbolism

When I tap into the energies of Sparrowhawk symbolism, I'm shown the vision of a tiny little jet-fighter on a mission of epic proportions!

The Sparrowhawk is indeed the embodiment of a fierce warrior in a rather small package.   

The Sparrowhawk has super-keen senses, and flies like a jet-fighter, honing in on a target with laser precision. 

Sparrowhawk symbolizes that you can never really know the essence of the inner power that dwells deep within another being.  

Sparrowhawk Symbolism & Sparrowhawk Meaning | Sparrowhawk Spirit, Power & Totem Animal Medicine & Magic

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Sparrow Hawk is one of the smallest birds of prey,
an adult male is 12 inches tall with a 22 inch wingspan

Sparrowhawk medicine teaches the art of focusing on your 
highest objectives, filtering out all negativity that could lead you astray and drain your precious energies

Spiritual Meaning of the Sparrowhawk

The spiritual meaning of the Sparrowhawk symbolizes the need for the ability to be able to tap into the spirit of a "warrior" at any time, with only a moment's notice.  

The Sparrowhawk is surprising silent as she jets through the skies, her eye has tuned into a target and she is on a mission. 

You can draw great inspiration and power from this little totem animal when you need to hone in on a particular idea to achieve an objective. 

Sparrowhawk is the sublimely perfect totem to channel to call on the warrior Goddess within. 

Harness her super-powers when you are stepping into the role of spiritual warrior - when you need the art of refined discernment in knowing how to proceed, particularly when something very big is at stake. 

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Symbolic Powers ~&~ Medicine of Sparrowhawk

Totem Powers & Medicine of Sparrowhawk:

focus, timing, patience

Spiritual Meaning of Sparrowhawk:
whole hearted belief, fearless Warrior Goddess

Magic Essence & Powers of Sparrowhawk:
visionary, the ability to see through secret realms

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Sparrowhawk Spirit Animal

When Sparrowhawk comes to you as a spirit animal, he can be coming to bring the message that many things that you want are already within your grasp even if you can't see it clearly. 

Many of the Sparrowhawks treasures are hidden well in the protection of the trees or bushes. 

He must eliminate distractions to see into this realm that appears to be secret. 

Once he does this, his perception is amplified and he can begin to see the faintest movements in this secret world. 

So the Sparrowhawk spirit animal can be a sign of these two things; one to be aware of what can be observing you even if you are attempting to be cautious and even secretive.

The other sign coming from Sparrowhawk symbolism is that of needing to practice on where you put your attention, and once you decide you will need to learn the skill of eliminating the distractions. 

Sparrowhawk Totem Animal

When the Sparrowhawk is your totem animal, you were born with the skills of a practiced hunter. 

Things may seem to come to you easily from the perspective of others, but your skill as a hunter has been practiced and passed onto you from your ancestor tribe.

Honor your gifts as a hunter, honor your ancestors and the spirit of animals in your magic and all of the skills they have shared.

In doing so you will always be blessed with the gift of the hunt.

Sparrowhawk Power Animal

You can call upon the Sparrowhawk as a power animal when you feel that you need help in determining where to put your focus. 

Do you feel scattered, flitting about?  Sparrowhawk is your go-to animal guide to help you find the precision of focus that you may be struggling with. 

Or, maybe you're too passive to get what you truly need, well some of that Sparrowhawk super-power to ignite a flame of electric magic ferocity will do the trick. 

Another great totem power of the Sparrowhawk is the ability to sense timing. 

The Sparrowhawk has acute timing, that has been sharpened by patience. 

So many times what we need most is the sacred art of patience and timing.  Without proper timing we can make a mess out of a good plan or idea.

Sparrowhawk eloquently teaches that to get to the hearts desire, timing and patience must be diligently followed and practiced. 

Sparrowhawk also comes with the reminder of wisdom that once  we have observed how timing and patience positively effects the outcomes in our lives, it becomes easier to put these skills into practice when we have something big and wonderful that we want to manifest.

A beautiful symbolic lesson from the Sparrowhawk is that as we practice, so we become. 

there are several species of Sparrowhawk, learn more about any of them on wikipedia

Dream Symbolism of Sparrowhawk

When you dream of the Sparrowhawk, you are dreaming of making a significant breakthrough in your life. 

The visions you have been working on are ready to emerge into physical reality.

You are ready to challenge whatever has been holding you back! 

When Sparrowhawk appears in your dreams or meditations he is showing you just where your warrior spirit-power is. 

Observe your hearts desire with supreme focus, see and feel the essence of it's life-force, and breathe life into it. 

Sparrowhawk is a fighter and he goes after he wants, unapologetically!  He believes in himself and his training to acquire whatever his little heart desires!

I love what morningstar shares about Sparrowhawk Medicine & Magic:

"Awareness that opportunities that seem small on the surface have the potential for great growth and expansion over time. This Hawk helps us to see through to the heart of events and synchronicities that are trying to lead us to our greater goals and higher good. So often we ignore the smaller things in life because we can't see how they could possibly be of much use to us or help us to resolve a problem. Yet when we soar high above to see where they fit in the larger scheme of things, we see how they are a jumping off point that if it were not presented to us and pursued, we could not reach that we are truly seeking".

3 words that symbolize the Sparrowhawk are:
Fearless, Timing, Visionary

Sparrowhawk symbolism by Presley Love

Sources & Reference:  Presley Love is founder and author of, she is a professional intuitive and energy healer, using her gifts and divination arts to channel messages from the animals and nature spirits.  additional inspiration and reference material:  Carl Jung: , Nature and National Geographic 

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