Heron Symbolism & Meaning 
symbol for an abundant sea

Heron Symbolism. . .

The Heron is a majestic beauty flourishing in the intuitive realm where water and land dance together creating the ebb and flow of a wondrous spectacle. 

Water in it's perpetual motion kisses the shores and brings gifts from the depths and from other lands, here at the edge of the water the Heron finds her perfect existence. 

The Great Heron symbolizes the unity of two elegant energies; land and water.  

As the water moves against the edge of the earth, with every gentle caress matter is broken down creating the foundation for new life to begin. 

The Heron is a sign of an abundant sea, for wherever you see a Heron at the waters edge you can be sure that there is a plethora of life swimming in the waters, or diving in the sand or mud.

Heron Symbolism & Meaning - Spiritual significance of Heron, Heron as Spirit, Totem & Power Animal - Dream Meanings of Heron

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If you are seeking sacred serenity, Heron is the bird to guide you on a journey to find calm, soothing and healing waters for your sabbatical.

Spiritual Meaning of Heron

Heron is drawn to beautiful resplendent places in nature that one goes to to find solace and renewal of spirit ~ this is his habitat.

This is where he spends his days wading in the transformational waters of marshes, lakes, streams rivers and oceans. . . where an abundance of aquatic life thrives.

The Great Heron exudes a graceful energy of peace and serenity, and his movements are elegant and effortless, symbolizing a rare understated and profound state of self awareness and confidence.

Another spiritual symbol from the Heron is patience; the quintessential ingredient to manifesting a desire one longs for, or creating great change.

To this end, the Heron has learned the secret to the power of focusing on just one thing at a time, considering all other thoughts as distractions of folly from the intended goal.

Heron is quite a remarkable symbol for enduring patience and knowing precisely when to make your move.

Like an alchemist, he weaves the power of focus with the patience necessary to see the desired results come to pass. 

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Heron Signs, Symbols & Totem Powers

 Symbolic Animal Powers of Heron:
Serenity, Focus, Patience, Healing Waters

Spirit Animal Gifts:
Self Awareness & Self Truth

Heron Animal Magic:
Full Moon Magic ~ Communion  

Types of Heron Birds: 

Great Blue Heron
Great White Heron 
Little Blue Heron
Tri Colored Heron
Yellow Crowned Night Heron
Black Crowned Night Heron
Green Backed Heron

Spirit Animal ~ Heron

The symbolic meaning of the Heron spirit animal shares the deeper meaning of the rhythmic fluid dance of courtship. 

The Heron has an incredibly beautiful courtship dance, which speaks the story of allure, intrigue, mystery and romance, which is the blossoming of a love that can stand the arduous tests of time and hardship.

Symbolically, the Heron brings a blessing for a new relationship, particularly for those who take the time and have the patience to engage in the full rites of courtship.

It is the allure of the dance that builds attraction and fascination, and keeps relationships exciting and dynamic.

The dance in it's mystical movements can release old patterns and past fears for relationships that need healing. 

It's this very same dance that allows new ways to express yourself, to let inhibitions fall away, and lets the real self step in.

It is this juicy energy that fills the Universe with creative possibility, the conquest of the seemingly impossible and new life. 

Heron Totem Animal 

The Heron as a totem animal has the qualities of a healer. 

Let go and open your mind to greater possibility, look closely at the choices you are making, know that you have the power to make your life whatever you want it to be.

Heron is associated with the healing colors of blue, white, grey and black.

The healing aspects of the Heron are truth, nurturing and communion, and a connection to the infinite mystery. 

When observing the Heron you will notice that they tilt their heads to the sky and call out, speaking to the heavens above. 

What a beautiful reminder to us to surrender to Great Spirit when we need comfort or guidance, for in complete surrender we find the strength to take the next step in whatever we are being guided to do.

Heron teaches to stay balanced and grounded within yourself.

Dream Symbolism of Heron

Heron may be inviting you to a courtship of a new journey of love.

When Heron comes to you in a dream it could be a meaningful sign about a relationship.

As Heron symbolically represents a beautiful courtship, it can also convey the discomfort of a relationship. 

Often relationships can become very toxic, painful and a source of anxiety. 

Many times we get into relationships to learn an aspect about ourselves that we just can't seem to learn any other way. 

It could be that you've drawn this relationship to you to so that you could become consciously aware of your own power. 

It is said that on the other side of fear is your greatest power.

Heron is in your dreams to help you recognize the truth of this relationship.

Heron animal wisdom speaks that if you are in a relationship that hard on you emotionally, it may be time to let go and move on.

Heron comes with the message that endings pave the avenues for new beginnings, and just as the Heron thrusts it's head back and raises a call to the sky, you can do the same and ask "what is it that I truly want for myself"?

When you tap into the door of your heart and ask this question in full surrender you can learn to embrace self truth and you can come to fully understand your love and intimacy needs.

As you let go of old wounds and traumas, you open yourself to something beautiful and unknown.

In moving forward be true to who you really are without bargaining for what feels good in the moment, and you will be rewarded. 

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