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     The Magic of the Golden Egg

Goose Symbolism . . .  Goose spirit animal carries the magical totem powers of synchronicity.  In flight  goose has to synchronize itself with the communal mind of the entire flock to survive. The flock becomes one mind as it travels the long journeys on the thermal winds.  The synchronization of the mind is one of Gooses greatest powers.  It is from this power of synchronicity that they draw their strength and abilities of endurance.  As goose synchronizes the body and motions in flight to other geese in the flock, it also synchronizes its mind.  It therefore can partake in the experience of the other geese, and gain strength from it, creating a group mind for the benefit of all geese in the flock.

Goose and the magical powers of the Golden Egg

Goose symbolism points to what you treasure the most.  It was the goose that laid the golden egg in the fairy tale story of Jack and the Beanstalk. As you know,  Jack aspired to greater aspirations in his life, so to find his treasure, he had to climb the beanstalk, encounter and battle the giant to gain the golden egg he so desired.  This symbolism gives the goose great courage to face his adversaries, and fears of the giant.  

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Goose Spirit Animal Medicine

Goose Symbolism and Totem Powers
Perception... Golden Egg. . .Breaking Boundaries...  Mental Calm

Goose Spiritual Meaning
Mind Power...  Spiritual Territory...  Communion

Goose Animal Magic
Mind Travel... Treasure Hunting... Synchronicity ... 

baby geese

The baby goose imprints on the first moving being that it sees, a baby goose is very trusting in mind and heart when it is born and it models the behavior of whomever it imprints upon, following their instructions without question, until it moves on after a year or so to create it's own family....  the Goose is one of the rare species that mate for life

Goose shows you the way to your hearts desire

The magical powers of the goose spirit animal show us gooses ability to lead you to your hearts desire, or, your treasure. 

If the goose is communicating with you, and showing up for you in synchronous ways it is because you are finding, or nearing your purpose in life, that which gives you bliss. The goose will gather other geese to him the more you listen to your heart, and the message will become stronger. The more geese in the flock, the higher and faster the flock can fly, and nearer to your treasure and hearts desire you become.  

Keep your mind and your eye on your Golden Egg, for in time... when the time is right, and if you have been climbing the beanstalk as Jack did (taking the actions, and conquering the fears),  it will surely come to be.

Goose symbolism and it's legendary mythical history

Goose has a fascinating history in legend and lore.  Goose is a prehistoric bird dating back to 12 million years old, to the Miocene period.

Goose is tremendously territorial, and is quite vocal in letting anyone know it's boundaries.  Cross the boundaries of the Goose and your are quite in danger of getting bit.  A group of Geese will make quite a dramatic scene, garnering the attention of anyone around if you are so bold to enter it's space.  The only way you can get near a Goose is to bring it an offering of food, and still it is ever so aggressive, and don't expect a thank you from the Goose, it has merely allowed you entry for a time to observe it closer. 

Goose was considered to be quite sacred to the Roman Goddess Juno of Rome.

The quill of a Goose feather has long been the preferred writing instrument, as the quill is put to paper the imagination awakens and intuition flows just as the ink flows onto the paper.  New dimensions of mind are entered as the writer travels though time capturing stories of past, future and present, carried on the wing of the Goose  This is the aspect of mind travel, use the quill of a found Goose feather to open new portals of creativity, to have the vision of intuitive foresight.     Support the Audobon Society

goose symbolism - goose spirit animal

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