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Dove Tattoo Ideas, Symbolism & Designs. . .  

The dove tattoo idea symbolizes peace, but it also means beauty and harmony. The dove symbol began as a symbol of peace when Noah sent out a dove to search for dry land. As the waters of the flood receded he sent out the dove and it came back with an olive sprig in its beak. That is how Noah knew that the waters that covered the Earth had dried up. Beauty is one of its attributes because of the rainbow that appeared in the sky, and harmony because the Earth was finally in harmony again after the flood.

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Dove Tattoo Meaning  ~:~  Symbols of Peace. . .

Ever since that time, or at least in modern times, the dove came to symbolize peace. Peace is something that we all strive for but few of us find these days. The dove tattoo reminds us to seek out peace whenever possible. Many people seek to find peace in drugs and alcohol and many other negative ways, but peace can only be found in your heart. Others think that they can find it by removing themselves from society and becoming a hermit. Even so, they fail to find it. Peace can only be found when you are at peace with yourself.

Dove Tattoo Ideas  ~:~  Inspirational Dove Tattoo Design Ideas

Vintage Dove Tattoo Idea

Vintage Dove art makes an exquisite and timeless tattoo idea


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Symbolism of the Dove Tattoo ~ Seek Beauty. . .

Dove tattoo symbolism also means beauty. It represents beauty in all things, and to seek the beauty in everything around you. This can be a hard thing to do since there is so much ugliness in the world. It takes an act of faith to seek out beauty, and some effort is involved. It seems like the more technological the world becomes, the harder it is to see the beauty in things because we are so distracted. But there is beauty still in the world, you just have to want to see it.

Dove tattoo meaning also represents harmony. There are different forms of harmony. There is harmony in your self ( inner harmony ), there is harmony in relationships, harmony at work, harmony among groups of people etc. Anywhere that you find chaos and disruptions there exists the potential for harmony to grow out of that. Harmony can be achieved no matter what the circumstances, but to truly achieve it, it takes people that have found it in themselves.

When you find harmony in yourself, you will finally find true peace. The dove tattoo is the symbol of the peace we all seek to find. It represents a "new world" within yourself, like Noah found in the Earth after the flood. But how do you find that peace? As I have said, you have to harmonize all aspects of yourself. You have to see the beauty in your own heart. Meditate on your own inner beauty and all the parts of yourself will come into harmony. It is then that you will find a lasting peace.

Dove Tattoo Ideas Symbolize New Realities. . .

Dove tattoo ideas convey the meaning of peace, but how do your really find that peace? I'm sure that many people have asked shamans and spiritual leaders the same question, but can it truly be found in this world? In this world there will be chaos, but in your heart, you can have peace. How do you do that? It is when you remove yourself from the cares of this world that you find peace. All too many times we are caught up with the struggle in this world, but we don't have to partake of that struggle. Buddhist monks spend years separating themselves from the cares of the world. We are in the world, but we don't have to be of the world!

The dove tattoo symbolizes a peace that comes from bringing a new reality into the world through your own heart. That reality of peace, beauty, and harmony can only come into the world when we put ourselves in that position! Think of all the minds in the world right now and what they are thinking. Most of them are thinking negative chaotic thoughts. But what if you yourself could bring a different reality into the world? If you could truly meditate, and come into the state of peace, beauty and harmony, then you are allowing that reality to come into the world. What you focus on expands, so direct your mind to beautiful things and you will be rewarded.

Guest post by tattoo artist Reiden

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