Mockingbird Symbolism
minstrel of a song for the soul

Mockingbird Symbolism

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  "oh little Mockingbird, you sing so dearly the song of my soul, so sweetly is the song of my enduring heartbeat, the song of my innocence and fragility.  When I hear you sing oh Mockingbird, how I weep, for your song is an ever present reminder of who I really am, and where I'm really from, sweet Mockingbird do sing my song".
~ Presley Love

Mockingbird Spirit Animal symbolizes singing the song of our soul. . .

Symbolism & Meaning of the Mockingbird in the movie; To Kill a Mockingbird

In the movie "To kill a Mockingbird", the mockingbird symbolizes innocence, and the loss of innocence.  In our hearts we always long for a return to our innocence, because our true innocence is who we really are.  

This is why babies are so absolutely beautiful, they come into this world only knowing innocence, they radiate with a love that is pure, and they have a knowing of things from a higher realm, they are reminders of where we have all come from, and reminders of where we long to return. 

We are on a winding path in this lifetime, and the modest little Mockingbird hears our heartbeat. . . the song of our soul and he sings it so perfectly that in that moment we have a glimmer of a memory of that paradise so divine.   

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Mockingbird Symbolism
& Significant Powers

Totem Powers:
Understanding, Innocence

Medicine Powers:
Soul Songs, Frequency ,Healing

Magic Powers:
Influence, Telepathy  

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Mockingbird Symbolism
& the Gift of Telepathy 

Every spirit animal has their special magic, and for the Mockingbird it's that extraordinary magic of telepathy.   Most animals are quite telepathic, and if you have a dog or cat you know just what I mean, but the Mockingbird takes it to a whole other level. 

The mockingbird spirit animal is quite adept at mimicking his feathery friends, but he not only mimics the sound of other birds, he is also capable of transmitting mental frequencies through those sounds.

This ability allows him to be able to communicate to other birds that are not of his specific species through telepathic communication.

The frequency that mockingbird transmits through the sound of other birds and creatures carries information about his particular species so that other species of birds can understand him better as well.

Mockingbirds main message in these data transmissions is, " I would like to know you, and learn from you".

He has developed this ability to mimic another birds call through thousands of years of studying other birds and their actions.

He is very curious about other birds such as an anthropologist studies races of humans, and in mimicking their songs, he comes to understand them better.  Just as when we learn to speak another language, we come to know others better, by having a deeper understanding.

Mockingbirds power animal lesson for us is that there is no end to understanding when you realize that you can learn something from anyone if you take a little time to listen to them closely.

In fact, in counseling sessions it is a very common practice to repeat back to someone exactly what another has said, this is so that both parties know that they have been "heard", and nothing is lost in the translation of our predetermined ideas.

Mockingbird Symbolism
& The Importance Of Networking

The mockingbird animal totem understands the human concept of networking, and probably more than humans do.

The mockingbird bases all of his networking efforts on favorable frequencies.

Mockingbird identifies these frequencies through the sounds that other birds make.

Mockingbird understands that the order in which frequencies are discerned unlocks the matrix of his DNA.

The mockingbird knows that DNA is structured in a perfect sequence, and in order to evolve mockingbird responds to other birds by mimicking them and duplicating their DNA signal which adds to his genetic richness.

In other words, mockingbird knows how to manipulate and advance his own DNA through the mimickery of the frequency of other birds.

Mockingbird Symbolism & Mythology

The mockingbird spirit animal is a spirit of the purest intentions.  Mockingbirds influence is based in the intention of goodwill.

When mockingbird hears the call of other birds, he analyzes their mental, emotional, and physical status and decides what is the best answer to meet their needs.

Mockingbird is capable through his voice to mimic the call of a bird in need and modify that call with the answer that the other bird requires.

So it is that Mockingbird is a master healer, through the gift of his voice and he shares his gift from the Universe to the other birds, and all creatures who hear his call.  In this way, Mockingbird is a shaman to all who seek his counsel. 

Mockingbird uses this gift of healing generously and wisely as a token of thanks to The Universe. 

I hope you enjoyed my intuitive interpretation of Spiritual meaning of Mockingbird & Symbolic Mockingbird Meaning © Presley Love 

Sources & Reference:  Presley Love is founder and author of, she is a professional intuitive and energy healer, using her gifts and divination arts to channel messages from the animals and nature spirits.  additional inspiration and reference material:  Carl Jung: , Nature and National Geographic 

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