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A treasure of the Ocean, Ancient symbol of Spring

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Spirit softly whispers Splendor:
have you taken a pause today, a moment to glance upon the beauty that surrounds you, the fluttering leaf on the tree, the melody of a song bird, the crystal blue that fills the sky?  Within this moment magic is happening all around you, just pause and observe  
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Parrot Symbolism :  The most popular questions about the symbolic meaning of Parrots:

Meaning for Green Parrot
Parrot Symbol
What does a Parrot Symbolize
Meaning for Macaw Parrot
Symbolism for Parrot Feather
Meaning of Quaker Parrot
Bird Symbolism

Spiritual Meaning of Parrot . . .       Parrot spirit animal is the wise teacher of the power of your words, spoken or not spoken, for even the silent words in your mind are driving you forward, having dominion over your choices and the paths you take.  Parrot reflects to us the immense power of our inner mind.  Parrot spirit animal shares his wisdom; to take care in the words you speak and the secret thoughts you carry.   

Princess Parrot ~ the darling of the ball

Symbolism of the Parrot . . .  Parrot is symbolic of truth telling...  speaking from the center of the heart.  As Parrot speaks back to you the words you have spoken, you hear your own words with no filter.  This is a powerful reflection of self, as  you are able to recognize the truth of your own words and what you are communicating or you will be reminded of the secrets that you are keeping, or the untruths that are being told.  Parrot is a great teacher of communication and brings guidance and assistance in your ability to communicate that which you really feel.   

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Parrot Totem Powers ~&~ Meanings

Parrot Totem Powers:  Voice, Clarity, Affirmation, Luck

Parrot Animal Wisdom:  Truth, Reflection, Power of Thought

Parrot Animal Magic:  Spell~work, Manifestation, Incantation

Spiritual Meaning of Parrot:  Winged Messenger, Positive Energy

Parrot - an ancient symbol of Spring & A treasure of the jungle

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Parrot is an exotic beauty ~ adorned in elegance,
enveloped in mystery

Parrot is an ancient and enduring symbol of color magic

Parrot is a very sociable bird, he gets lonely when he is left alone, he adores riding on your shoulder and accompanying you on your every adventure and quest

Meaning for Green Parrot ::  Green Parrot can offer aid in healing, helping you hear aspects of your health that require being ready to hear and heed information about what will lead to healing or improved health.

Parrot Symbol ::  In Feng Shui a Parrot represents positive energy and blessings of good luck.  A parrot figurine, a parrot painting , a parrot charm can all be objects that bring the energy of the parrot into your world.

What does a Parrot Symbolize ::   A few other aspects of Parrot symbolism not mentioned above are:  Keen Surveillance, Observation, Fact Collecting, Tattle-telling  . . .  A Parrot is as vigilent as a watch dog, and will  skreech when alerting you of someone approaching.   And, with a Parrot the cat is out of the bag!  So you will want to be sure not to tell your secrets in front of the Parrot, as you can count on the Parrot to echo your secrets to those you may want to keep your secrets from, and at the most in-opportune of times!    

Symbolism for Parrot Feather ::   The found Parrot feather is tool that can enchant the magic of the spoken word, where the voice of the cosmos and your inner voice sing the songs which draw the energies of manifestation into your midst --- repeating repeating just as the parrot until the vision takes form.

Parrot Symbolism ~&~
Parrot Spirit Animal Energies & Medicine

Parrot ... is the gorgeous winged messenger that reflects back to you your words. Take pause and consider the words and how you speak them, do they convey the true self, the best self, the best you have to offer.  When you offer your best to the world, the Universe responds in kind and offers its best to you.   Parrot so beautifully teaches the idea that words are so powerful that they have the power to create our reality.    This is predominant for the Quaker Parrot Symbolism.

Macaw Parrot Symbolism encourages you to dream all that you can be with no limits.  Dream big and know that this or something better, something wonderful and magnificent is finding its way to you.   Something is always on it’s way to you, of that you can be sure and it is the power of your thoughts that helps to shape what it is.   Parrot will love to ride on your shoulder and show you the secrets of the magic of believing.  For once a desire becomes a belief the manifestation is sure to follow. 

For all Parrots, Parrot is the perfect example of the power of affirmations, Parrot will repeat, repeat repeat as mentioned in the animal magic of the Parrot feather above.   Affirmations have been used in magic as incantations since the dawn of our kind.  An incantation is a combination of words spoken as a command, calling something to you from the mystical universe.  There is a true magic of believing, and harnessing that power comes with gaining mastery over your thoughts and your spoken words.  Parrot symbolism reminds us that we all have this power, but we must learn how to use it.  In conclusion the Parrot teaches you Choose your words wisely.  Craft your story so that it has a positive spin, and your are sure to find the power held in the tapestry of words.

~ Parrot Symbolism ~ by Presley Love

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