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a global symbol of peace, harmony & beauty

Dove Symbolism 

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The delicate and beautiful little dove bird is an enduring and global symbol of peace, harmony, beauty and love.  

The coo of the dove is heart-melting!

It's as if there's a wee bit of magic in the coo that is just too sweet to resist, and upon hearing it the walls of the heart come tumbling down and the doors fling open, letting love flow in and out.

Dove Spirit Totem Power Animal Meaning & Symbolism | Dove is a global symbol of peace, harmony, love and hope.

Doves are from the animal family Columbidae!  Explore more on Wiki

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Spiritual Meaning of Dove 

As a breathtaking symbol of new beginnings and blessings for peace, love and the fulfillment of dreams a flock of Dove's are set free at a wedding or other festive ceremony.  

All in a sudden rush the Dove's take to the sky, as everyone lifts their heads to watch the burst of freedom ~ and you say to to yourself "there they go, they're free, off to follow where their hearts lead them".  

The Dove's departure is a spectacle of something magnificent that makes us believe that with hope, dreams do come true, and the angel spirit of the Dove whispers "never give up hope".  

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Mourning Dove Video

Here's a gorgeous video capturing the Mourning Dove cooing and feeding ~ enjoy!

Dove Spirit Animal Powers & Medicine

Dove Spirit Animal Meaning

The Dove is the quintessential peacemaker.

If the Dove is visiting you, she is coming to aid you in your peacemaking efforts, to help repair an important relationship.

The Dove can come as a symbol of starting a journey of spiritual growth and renewal, to let you know that you are not alone on your journey and that Great Spirit is at your side each step of the way.

Doves often appear in pairs, and these two Doves represent the delicate balance of love, compassion, fidelity, understanding and generosity in a relationship.

Dove Totem Animal Meaning

If Dove is one of your totem animals, you are an ambassador of peace.

Those around you are naturally drawn to you and come to you for comfort from the storm, to find peace and understanding.

You can use your soft words just like the gentle coo of the Dove to soothe others and give them a sense of hope. 

When Dove is your totem you have a love for words, a love to sing, you might love poetry, and you may be on a life path to bring peace into the world with your words.

You may be a musician and have a gift for a wind instrument.

Native American Dove Symbolism

To the Blackfeet Nation of Native Americans the Dove was a symbol of protection, and the feathers were worn in battle to signify a safe return. 

The Pueblo Indians often wore the feathers of the Dove in ceremony and attached the feathers to prayers sticks. 

Dove Symbolism ~ In Christianity

The dove symbol began as a symbol of peace when Noah sent out a dove to search for dry land.

As the waters of the flood receded he sent out the dove and it came back with an olive branch in its beak. 

This is how Noah knew that the waters that covered the Earth had dried up.

The Dove is often depicted with a rainbow, because after the rains had ceased, the Dove flew through the sky filled with a rainbow, and thus began the promise of hope and renewal. 

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What does a Dove Tattoo Symbolize ?

The dove tattoo symbolizes a desire or commitment to peace that comes from bringing a new reality into your life and into the world through your own heart.

The Dove tattoo is a symbol of creating a new reality of peace, beauty, hope and harmony. 

The Dove is a  wonderful symbol for working with the law of attraction to create the vision and let it expand outward - as you visualize states of peace, beauty and harmony, then you are creating an opening and allowing that reality to come into the world.

The Dove tattoo is a beautiful representation of the idea that what you focus on expands...  and acts as a reminder to direct your mind to beautiful things, to bring beautiful things to the world.  

Dream Symbolism of the Dove

When you dream of the Dove it could be message from this spirit animal to help you find harmony and true peace within yourself. ,

The dove comes as the symbol of the peace we all seek to find.

Dove symbolism represents finding a "new world" within yourself. 

To dream of the Dove you are being shown to harmonize all aspects of yourself.

To do this, you have to begin to see the beauty in your own heart.

To connect with the wisdom that the Dove is offering, meditate on your own inner beauty and all of the loose disjointed parts of yourself will begin to fall into harmony.

The Dove comes in a dream and shows a glimpse of finding your innermost beauty, a special reason for living and a lasting peace, but to receive it you must do your part and begin seeing all things through the eyes of hope and possibility..

Dove is a messenger of love, peace and hope

Dove Symbolism ~ by Presley Love

Sources & Reference:  Presley Love is founder and author of, she is a professional intuitive and energy healer, using her gifts and divination arts to channel messages from the animals and nature spirits.  additional inspiration and reference material:  Carl Jung: , Nature and National Geographic 

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