Native American
Thunderbird Symbolism

Thunderbird Symbolism . . .  

There are many tales and legends about the breathtaking Thunderbird, some believe that it is a remnant of the dinosaur age, the mighty flying Pteroadactyl.    Thunderbird is said to be as big as a small plane.  

There are tales of this mighty bird swooping down and taking people.  It is the Native American peoples who have named this bird the Thunderbird.

In Native American legend the Thunderbird is the symbol for the creation and power of fearsome storms.  

These storms can be tornadoes, hurricanes, rain, thunder, lightning, blizzards and other weather phenomena associated with the wind, the air, and the sky.   

Thunderbird carries the same powers as the Norse God; the God of Thunder Thor.

Thunderbird has the capacity to wield the creation or direction, intensity and length of a storm. 

It is electromagnetic energy that surges through the storm which is what gives these storms their legendary powers.  The Thunderbird represents the culmination of all of these powers.  

Thunderbird intrinsically understands electromagnetic energy and he absorbs it from the atmosphere, it empowers him and gives him understanding into the forces of nature.

Thunderbird Symbolism ~&~
The Power Of Lightning

Thunderbird meaning can be understood from the perspective of his awareness of the essence of lightning, which is electromagnetic energy discharged from the Earth.

It is this power that holds all things together at the molecular level.

Thunderbirds' course across the sky is not arbitrary, but rather precisely calculated.

He senses the electromagnetic power in the air and follows the network that it creates around the Earth.

He causes storms to happen by following these currents. He can go for long periods of time without food on this energy.

He connects to the Earth through the essence of lightning and knows where the rain must fall, and when.

His understanding of this power even effects land masses and causes tectonic plates to shift.

His purpose is to understand the forces of nature through the essence of storm creation and keep them all in balance.

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Powers & Principalities of

Native American Thunderbird 

Thunderbird Totem Powers:
Storms, Thunder, Lightning

Thunderbird Medicine Powers:
Panoramic View, Dominion, Destiny

Thunderbird Magic Powers: 

Thunderbird, Native American symbol of a bringer of the storm

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Thunderbird is frequently depicted atop a Native American totem pole, with wings spread wide he is proud and sturdy.  A symbol of endurance and an emblem of supreme self empowerment he represents a force to be respected, honored and reckoned with. 

Thunderbird Symbolism ~&~ 

The Panoramic View

Another aspect of  the mighty Thunderbird is "panorama" or panoramic view.

What does that mean? It means, getting the big picture of your life, or, your life's purpose, of seeing how all things fit together, how everything has a rhyme and a reason, how for everything there is a time and a season.

Thunderbird soars above the Earth higher than any other bird, according to legend.

This amazing bird of epic proportion can see for many miles in every direction, and can be heard swooping through the skies. 

Because of his connection with the Earth, he knows what is happening upon the Earth no matter where he looks.

Thunderbird is drawn to energy dynamics, and  always follows the path of the most dynamic energy, that is the reason for his incredible power.

This dynamic energy is what has evolved the Thunderbird into a skillful and powerful hunter.

Thunderbird comes to teach us to tap into the energies of the forces of nature that surround us and are available to us at all times.

In the same way that Thunderbird can have a view of all there is, he can also have a pre-view of what is to come because he is so in tune with where he is at any given moment, he can see "ahead".   

Thunderbird as a totem guide shows us that we can tap into this very power and get a panoramic view of our lives.   We can view past and present and see where that path is leading us, and we can alter our path to go in a more favorable direction, this is the auspicious power the Thunderbird power animal shares with us. 

If we can do this, we can find our life's purpose by following the path of fluid movement and dynamic energy. . . .  that which makes our hearts soar and brings us into alignment with our life purpose, which ultimately is to find our inner power source.

In this way Thunderbird spirit animal is a symbol of creating our own destiny.

Thunderbird Symbolism ~&~
The Meaning Of Dominion

As we delve deeper into Thunderbird symbolism we find that he boldly represents "dominion", which is to own your power.

The Thunderbird came to know his power by being connected to the Earth and all creation through the energy that holds it together, which is electricity -- the pulse of life.

Yes, just like the electricity that runs all our modern technology, so too, does it run through all matter. 

The Thunderbird understands this fact and goes about "experiencing" this flow of electricity through his body, and senses the connection to all things.

This "connection" to all things, is his power. Thunderbird has the gift of being able to sense the nature of anything, and tap into the unknown by sensing the electrical signals and frequencies in his environment.

This ability allows him to analyse anything and know the nature of it, to discern the intention, that is his power, and he owns it like a crown. 

Thunderbird Symbolism ~&~
The Meaning Of True Control

The Thunderbird symbol also represents the true nature of control.

There are different aspect of control, but the true control, which leads to destiny, is control of your own mind, which Thunderbird knows very well.

Thunderbird  totem animal knows, that the thoughts that pop into his mind are no coincidence, and he investigates them until he has detected the pearl of truth that they symbolically represent.

Thunderbird understands that thoughts are "not" random, but rather, they are symbolic representations of the subconscious attempting to speak to use of deeper power.

Thunderbird analyses these thoughts and reveals a network of knowledge that leads to the infinite unfolding of his destiny.

Thunderbird Symbolism
bringer of
Thunder, Storms ~&~ Lightning

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